Places to meet women?

sup adv im trying to get myself some of that there pussy. I spent what were supposed to be the best years of my life being afraid to even approach women till literally like 2 weeks ago something snapped and now im talking to them all the time and trying to work out how to get me some. Anyways here's my problem: I live in a small town where everyone just goes out drinking at night and shit i have no interest in. I try to talk to girls out just walking around but I simply don't run into ones I find attractive often. To make things worse I work about 60-80 hours a week and most of my weekend is spent on my side business(which is important because my job has no future). I've been going after cashiers but they're all either 16 or 60 it seems. Ofcourse I don't mind 16 one bit and its legal here in canada but again its a small town lol you know how white people are(I am white myself just sick of our hypocritical degenerate culture). Ofcourse I want to play around while my dick still has sensation but I am willing to "settle down" put some kids into and try to have a happy life with the right lady, but only if I feel like shes an even marginal genetic upgrade to my shitshow family line lol. Anyways you guys(and gals?) have any ideas on how i can just happen to run into some decent ladies in a small town? Funny story I wanted to fuck the shit out of this one second cousin as a teen and she wanted me but I was too pussy to go for it. Now shes hit the wall and bleh.

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>Ofcourse I don't mind 16 one bit
h-how old are you user

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The bait belongs right in the trash can!


why is it bait? Just being real

same here, same age
don't fucking suggest dancing lessons, I don't have the time for forced hobbies

16 here same problem

I actually do jiu jitsu personally. But again the only girls are 16 or like middle aged lol. Thinking of hitting up a particular older gal anyways tho.

you're young son go tell your dad you need a car to get pussy. If he can call himself a man hell get you one and you can offer girls rides.

nothing Personal my man

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what the fuck boi? This board is called advice is it not?

yeah all my free time is spent working out

>Imagine thinking someone like you deserves adv

the fuck is your problem dude?

Worst post I've seen in a few days

worst place for advice ive ever came too and thats saying something. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

I'd actually help if you didn't cover your post in meme'd bullshit that screams "THIS IS BAIT"

I've been away from this site for a long time so I don't really get what ur talking about. I swear it isn't bait im honestly just looking for help. I guess I just like to tell stories to keep people entertained while talking.

Speaking of which lol 2 days ago my MALE coworker tried to get a dick pick off of me after I randomly mentioned that im 7 inches in the middle of a conversation. He told me that he had a girl with him who wanted to see it to decide if she wants me but he wanted it sent to HIS phone. Fucking perverts eh?

Well its funny, since I meet guys who only want to play around and have fun with other women. Its tiring me alot, so this post confuses me. What are you looking in for women?

cuddles, having fun, and sex. If I really like her I'll put a baby in her and be loyal.

uh to translate "cuddles" means I'm a lonely guy. I tend to use language that tones down my insecurities.

I also have issues with intimacy and such because my parents didn't raise me as a human being but more like a pet that they quickly lost interest in. Everybody has their issues but back to the main topic. Where I meet females?

As I mentioned our culture is degenerate and fucked. Go find a decent asian guy they tend to be more trad.

bro you wanna fuck a 16y old
the fuck u mean?!