How do I cope knowing my girlfriend puts inn

How do I cope knowing my girlfriend puts inn
less effort because she knows the moment we break up she'll instantly be with someone else because she is a woman?

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Haha. Funny.

its called hypergamy user

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You don't have a girlfriend you larping incel.

Is that true?

No, only people who don't go outside believe these things.

It is true when it comes to flings/one night stands. Not so much fo relation ships in general

How do you know this? Because incel meme diagrams must be true no matter how retarded?

make friends with more hot girls

if you chose this woman you should be able to trust her judgement. just because some toad person will fuck her, doesn't mean she's down to with fucking toad people. have some respect

Get her pregnant so the instant you break up she becomes a single mom with stretch marks

it is true. there is a small group of men (and woman) who have way more sex than the rest of the population. then there is the "average category" which covers like 80% of men and 50% of woman and then there are the incels of both sexes at the other end of the spectrum.

This would work but you'd have to keep paying alimony which sucks.

Why do you think there would be such a big difference between genders? Statistics show no such thing.

I mean, I don't believe it entirely but there must be some truth in it, right?
The majority of dating service users are men.
Most communities of adults without relationship experience are dominated completely by males. Sure, female communities exist but they are nowhere near as extreme or numerous.

There has to be at least some difference in how easily men and women can get into relationships if those are true, right?

>statistics show no such thing
Some do, some don't.
>Why do you think there would be such a big difference between genders?
Not that user but: because women can get pregnant so they feel they have to be extra picky with their men just in case. And because men have a higher libido than women so men want sex more than women do. Which means men are the ones who have to work hard to "buy" what women are "selling" and not the other way around.

Female incels don't exist.

There is a small subset of men who have absolutely absurd amounts of casual sex, then most men have average casual sex and a small percentage of them don't have casual sex at all.
For women it's a bit less extreme with most women having decent amount of sex because casual sex is very easy for women to get.

I can't believe there are still people who think this isn't true

Male incels don't exist either.

Most women aren't sluts so even when they could have casual sex they don't want to and only want sex in relationships.

>Most women aren't sluts
haha lol
Correct, they could have sex with a prostitute if they wanted to.

Yeah that's the main reason of the difference in casual sex
Doesn't take away from the fact it's still much easier for women

>Most women aren't sluts
>and only want sex in relationships.
yeah, they're just serial daters