Where can i get a girlfriend who is a friendless virgin?

where can i get a girlfriend who is a friendless virgin?

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oh, no dude, you got a control-freak problem in the making. Better date a normal girl that you will not accidentally psychologically abuse, making you both worst versions of each other.

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When will you stop creating this retarded thread every day?

why the fuck do you normalfags even come here? Jow Forums is supposed to be a place for social outcasts

tell that to yourself, beta bitch.
Maybe it will turn true.

I’m one but I wouldn’t want to date anyone that would only want to be with me because of that. Just because you’re also a friendless virgin doesn’t mean we would get along.

It's not and has never been you lying newfag.

its not about getting along, its about having emotional leverage over you.
you are supposed to worhship him and be his.

which means he has to be better at life and more handsome than you, which means you could fall in love with him.

I've dated one. She was a mess and had countless mental and emotional issues. Now stop making this thread

good thing i am more handsome and richer than she is

where did you meet her though?

Oh I see now, thank you. Even if he was handsome and better at life than me, which he probably is, I don’t think it would work out that way, and probably not for most women either.

the manipulative narcist vs the worshipping damsel in distress is a common relationship to be seen I would say

I'm not going to tell you. I've posted in these exact threads multiple times before. Stop making these threads. If you can't fucking figure it out on your own then just stop trying, it's not that difficult to figure out.

And I'm not going to encourage you date one because you want some emotionally dependent mess attached to you. It's not healthy for either party. Get some help and date someone that's not emotionally stunted

But how many of those girls are friendless virgins not in arraigned marriages?

fuck off normalfag

>everyone I don't like is a normalfag
And don't act like you're better than actual normal fags. Have sex

You keep saying it as if you are proud to be a pathetic mess that not even outcasts and highly functional autists want to be. you are a stupid kid. no doubt.


Look to the bus stops for fat girls

r9k faggots are failed conformists
you are not a social outcast, suck my fucking dick pleb. get off of my website

now that's some good advice.

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Why do you want to keep me from being happy

Maybe a mental asylum?

There is a big fucking step from social outcast to insane brainlet.

Calling someone mentally ill is not an argument and only serves to further stigmatize mental illness which prevents them fromg getting treatment
Fuck people like you

Insanity is a pretty specific term, not just mentally ill. Adding brainlet implies the person is too stupid to realize their shortcomings to even consider help.

I doubt calling a spade as spade has any drastic side effects.