Work from home

I'm a savant(very high IQ, known 3 languages,but NEET) and i need some spare cash.
i can get jobs im not prepared to because i can prepare for them in just a few days.
But;how do I start working from home in a serious legal job?
my main skills are translation, writing and my weak point is maths.
I can use my parent's bank account to get paid or open a paypal account. im from brazil and seeking jobs in USA(i can lie and say im united statian i dont care)
Should I just make a likendin account?

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you should really not think yourself as a savant.
IQ while great for certain things, like lenguage, is never a great predictor of greatness. Also unless you can keep certain appearances you are only going to piss everybody especially since you have not even proved your savant status with success.
Also, visiting Jow Forums... like your average autist with a great opinion of itself.

proved to WHOM;to you?
Also i insist on asking for advice.


How did you measure your IQ?

Use your high IQ to find a solution. Maybe you can power a nuclear plant with your naive ego.

You could do really well on upwork if you have the right skills. Start your services cheap to build contacts and a portfolio.
VAs are gaining popularity. It's cheaper for companies to have you do work on an as needed basis through invoicing than having a full time employee spending 3/4 of the day surfing Facebook because there really isn't that much work to be done.

There's a high IQ Brazilian I used to follow on Deviantart over a decade ago.
Now he's in Canada working his almost dream job. I feel happy for him.

>high IQ
Pick one.

i DEFEND my ego.

Some of the greatest scientists ever to walk the planet was drop outs. IQ doesn’t mean you are good at sitting in a class room or to use the system to your benefit. It sometimes just means you can remember shit, or be good at math etc. confusing, i know.

Lel. Give just one example of a great scientist who was a dropout.

Micheal Faraday

I think you can teach languages through webcam

Google it

Lolwut. He was taken in as an apprentice and learned science at the university and became eventually professor. He wad no dropout NEET. Try again.

He dropped out of school before that you dummy. Reading 2 lines from wiki, gz.

He didn't have much formal education before uni. But you claimed that lots of scientists have been dropouts and can't post a single one. That is called NEET coping, thinking that you are just like history's greatest scientists.

You know you can google this right? There are more. And more that fits whatever criteria you want. But have a feeling reading isn’t in your skillset.

>the wagie in his natural habitat. Behold! how he gets pissed when someone with free time and no boss confronts him

Define "drop out". Then find one great scientist that fits this criteria.
>no u hurr google it
When you resort to this it means you have lost the argument.

Your boss is your parents and the government.

A real savant would be good at math no prob.
You just know you broken spanish, spanish and english OP

As matter of fact, im a tax-dodger.
and proud of it.

Hopefully the jail cells are comfy where you live.