Bf is going to stop showing up to his $20/hr postal job because they scheduled him on 4th of july and he wants to smoke...

Bf is going to stop showing up to his $20/hr postal job because they scheduled him on 4th of july and he wants to smoke weed with his brother. My $8/hr grocery store job only schedules me 2-3 days a week and I dont have a car. Neither of us have degrees. Rent is $900 a month and I legit think Im going to have to go into prostitution so we dont get evicted. Please help.

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slap him and tell him that he can work, but you'll whore yourself out to pay rent
if he doesn't go to work, do it and throw him out of your house
if he does, then it's all aight

Sounds like you shacked up with a moron, which doesn’t speak highly for your own intelligence. Prostitution is probably your only realistic option. I hope you’re not far.

Either that or you can dump the idiot and find someone who is more responsible and *gasp* boring - maybe even not attractive. At least you’d only have to whore yourself for one person.

This. There can only be one idiot in a relationship or get used to prison, food stamps, child protective services

Time to break up.

loser bf lol

Get a better job retard

What do you think your rates will be OP?

Better he quit showing up to work than going postal.

>I legit think Im going to have to go into prostitution so we dont get evicted

stop it boner.

You should find a roommate and leave your loser boyfriend

>Please help.
sure, how much are you going to charge? I'm interested.

tell him that he can’t do that or he’ll lose you. tell him he has to be an adult and go to work

as for you, i recommend finding a second job or another job entirely. have you spoken to your manager about your hours? they might be able to bump you up

also i’m not sure if you live in a large metro area but check your local craigslist for gigs/random jobs... i do that occasionally and can sometimes find easy stuff such as focus groups

God, why can't I have a gf
I try so hard, I'm so much more reliable, and caring than these boyfriends women complain about

Because these women are low hanging fruit user. OP isn't the adorable qt you're imagining, she looks like pic related

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Post pics whore.

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Post tits.

that's fine, I just want a girlfriend so bad.

I’ll be your girlfriend, okay? W

really? are you OP?

20/hour and he gets holliday pay?
Beat his ass with his bong.

>20/hour and he gets holliday pay?
There are first world countries where this isn't the standard?

If you like america as portrayed by hollywood, treat the south like the plague it is. Don't fall for their cheap property values and "lower" taxes.

I don't know, some places seem worth a visit but actually living anywhere in the states outside of Cali sounds like a bad call, and the monotonous weather there isn't exactly inviting either.

In my midwest state the minimum wage is $7.25, then again most houses (read: not apartments) go for about ~$300-$400/month rent

Yeah, but the midwest is the new dustbowl.

Sounds almost liveable then but don't you still have pretty expensive food? As an Yuropoor, 100 bucks would suffice easy while most of my Burger friends spend closer to 200.

Then there is the whole healthcare and transportation thing.

You don't know what you're talking about, coastie tripfag.
The food has never been a major issue for me, but I live off bread and rice and ramen and the stuff I grow in my backyard garden. The real price is transportation. There is no public transportation in the midwest. None. People have to drive to get to places, and they are often very spread out. I live in the capital now, and to get back to my home town, I drive through two towns, 70 miles. It's to the point where bicycles and walking are almost unviable.

Not even close nigga
Those bitches shack uo with dudes with obvious drug and alcohol addictions, and other issues and then complain, but they always felt like "i can change him! Im so special due to my cunt"

And they come uo with mental gymnastics that he has some amazing personality and makrs her feel loved

I've been to the midwest, it was not something I'd do again.

Oh, and Steak and Shake sucks.

The midwest doesn't need or want coasties. And just remember that almost any food you eat was produced here in some way, and you'd be starving without it.

move back in with your parents
why the fuck do young people live on their own like this when they work shit fucking jobs

psilocybin spores are 100% legal to buy. buy some from sporeworks,com and follow the pf tek and sell shrooms, you can make a fortune

Every relationship should be 50/50 on bills. If he's paying his half then shutup. If he's a deadbeat then break up.

Cali produces 80% of the nation's fruits & veggies. All flyovers produce is livestock grade corn and tobacco. Enjoy your tornadoes biblebelter

>Neither of us have degrees.
Go back to school.

>he makes $20 an hour
>you make $8

which means you live in a state with low minimum wage which means his $20 an hour is like making $25 on the coast.

you're boyfriend is a complete fucking moron giving up his job. come sit on my face and ill give you $900

>calls her bf a moron
>uses the wrong your
user, come on.

Post body so we can calculate how much you should charge per hour. lmao

Either way, move back to your parents and go to a community college and do an ASN or some feminine shit since I don't think you would like doing a trade job.

I feel sorry that you're saddled with someone like that. I'd advise you to go into the military or go to a vocational school.

try prolific, apply to online work, there are listings depending on location, not sure where you are at. move away from boyfriend asap, that attitude sucks and he will never get anywhere in life if he is unable to do delayed gratification.

You are overrating to a situation that you should leave to your boyfriend as he is the man in the relationship.

You should talk to him about what you're thinking about rent and the money and how you don't think its a good idea for him to ditch work since you need the rent paid.

Talk to him about this. When you do, if hes not an idiot, he should tell you that hes got enough money to cover it or has a plan if he losses his job over skipping work.

If when you bring it up; he doesn't have a plan, he doesn't have the money, and just wants to smoke weed and say fuck the rent, THATS when you should completely go bitch mode on him to encourage he does what needs to be done.

Because lets be honest. You wont respect yourself for being with a guy that will just stop paying bills with no after action plan all because he wants to smoke weed.

>Works on a federal holiday
All you niggas posting above me got baited

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Fuck off. Sage

OP if you really think you need to get into hooking, leave your contact info and a photo. I can be a sugar daddy for the right person with the right set of kinks if you're in the US.

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