My "fanclub"

>be me, charismatic,friendly and smart, i moved into adulthood really fast and I experienced a lot of shit pretty early
>Couple months ago did a presentation about an app i created in an event
>Newspaper wrote it like "Prodigy teenager gives a talk in university"
>After this i start going into more events, getting paid in some cases
>i start having this 'fanclub' , mostly university age students that see me like top shit since i am only 20 ,no degree , speak 5 languages,etc
>They say that what i say (life lessons) are wisdom and follow it as a life style , "you need to make this into videos so i can share with all my friends" they say
>Some of these people are obsessed, it got to the point they convinced their university to let me give weekly talks on their campus, this only lead to more people
My friends suggested taking this to the extreme and extending my image as far as i can get it.
So far they are really respectful of my space (they don't come to my work or house to ask me) and i have been getting a lot of media traction and money from this.
Is there any reason not to follow this up to an extreme?

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this is your lucky break user.

grab the fame, build up a public image, network and get ahead in life.

I am wondering of this could lead to people looking at me as a cult leader or something and it fucking up my chances to get employeed

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Be careful of those who want you to fail.

You could leverage into YouTube bullshitting, maybe. At the very least into a well paying job? Skipping college is nice.. Maybe try to get one of those silicon valley fuck college grants for your next project? Many ways to leverage it but you are posting on Jow Forums so most likely none of this is true and you are fat

are you getting mad pussy, op?

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I am in a really well paying job.
I guess i could start some YouTube stuff, but what i 'teach' isn't scripted , i just go on and on for hours explaining stuff
But my current employer asked me to remove the fact that i work in x company because they don't want people getting in asking to see me

Also i am afraid this would go out of proportion and rise up into my brain to the point i believe i am above all others (really hard when people tell you that constantly)

I am getting some extra attention if that's what you ask.
Getting invited into parties in which it ends up being a circle around me talking about something funny
I am not super into sex with strangers tho, but girls do say ' how about we go into your apartment'?

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Are you a programmer?


Things that did not happen: the thread. A 20-year old dropout isn't going to be able to give any credible life advice to uni students. He wouldn't have a fan club of people more experienced and smarter than him.

OP is completely making this shit up.

retard alert

Sure, everything you said is true, you're a whiz kid with a cult following that everyone loves. And despite dropping out of high school you speak 5 languages and have a highly paid job as a programmer. All at 20 years old.

I think the fact that they see someone with less chances than them being successful makes them see things more reachable.
To me is like having a football player that is fat, makes normal people that didn't get lucky with genetics feel like their dreams are still reachable

>me smart
>me posty thread no real
>me feel good

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I say i am the exception,. Not the norm
Have been working really hard to reach this point
As a side note, i am not from america, here university degrees aren't that relevant/most people can't afford them
Didn't drop out of high school tho, just skipped uni

If you're so smart how come you're not in uni getting a degree?

Must be a real third world shithole then, how do you even get internet access?

>me too smart
>almost three smart
>me ask de tuff questions
>me gwine get to de bottoma dis one

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It was never necessary for me to be honest.
I got my first job from a recommendation and it just snowballed from there,
Changed places often, so i never stayed in a place for too long
Moved to a first world country recently, where all this is happening to me

That's even more far-fetched. In a first world country a uni degree is pretty much a must and no 20 year olds are given anything but intern jobs, not highly paid ones. How would you even get a work/residence permit to a first world country if you're from a third world shithole?

>Changed places often
Red flag for employer right there.

Have you heard of visa sponsorship?

Can I be your friend OP? Pretty please?

Sure :D

It's not something that a company would do for an unproven teenager with no degree.

>haha puny logic no fool me OP
>me kno u tell fakeytruth
>nothing get by me

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Someone sure is buttmad.

yeah I'm upset I'm not as smart as sherlockanon ITT