How do i get a girlfriend who is like tomoko. Shes all i really need to be happy in life

How do i get a girlfriend who is like tomoko. Shes all i really need to be happy in life.

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by posting the same thread over and over instead of going outside of your house and seeking out what you’re searching for (or even doing that in your house through online meeting places)

I hope you get banned though since you’re not actually looking for advice, I think you’re a bot or a lowly individual meant to spam this website with shitty threads like this for some ulterior purpose.

how we do that?
I am tired of edgy-fag here.

But user, tomoko girls dont go outside. Also im literally at the gym right now. Fucking ignorant normalfags

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please report this thread people.

Why do you want to prevent me from achieving happiness so badly?

Guys i just wanna live a happy life with a girl who is also a loner. Why do you hate me for this? We all just want to be happy

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everyone here does, dummy. we all know that we all want to be with miserable people like us

umm, sweaty its 2019.

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you're a lame animal
aspire to something, anything
contentment becomes secondary

I already have a passion for science however its slipping away because I have no girlfriend.


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get over it

>get over it
typical normalfag

you're the conformist and faggot
guess what "Chad" doesn't agonize over

It's hilarious that you lack this much self-awareness to try and call others normalfags.

Should add 'yikes' to that image.

and chill
its an annoying word they use to anger them further under the guise of telling them to calm down

>Anime only fags
She's a total normie now