Do women even give a flying fuck about guy's bodies...

Do women even give a flying fuck about guy's bodies? I've been complimented on my body many more times by straight and gay guys than girls.

Do women care about anything besides your face and your clothes?

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I don't care but I'm not sure all women are like me.

And I only care about your face and clothes insofar as they indicate you bathe and aren't a douche.

Overall, no. They care most about your face and personality. Nice body can be a small plus, but far from a must to a woman.

All say no to pretend they arent shallow about it

they do care :/ i get compliments some times, and in the way they do it; it seems they value it a lot

I will say that women won't openly say that a man has a great body but you will get more eyes than normal.

I was super fat in highschool but I decided to lose weight and go into MMA. I lost 70 lbs and got real defined, went from 250 to 180 while getting real cut. During those few years of keeping in shape I was getting more women flirting with me and actually coming up to hit on me. When I would go to the pool or had my shirt off in public, I would see women staring at me checking me out. Did they get up and say something about my body? No.

Still only people that did give me compliments during that time were as what OP said, gays and other men said things about my body.

I care. Face is nice, but can be easily changed with a few well placed surgeries so doesn't really matter that much to me.
Thevbody shows your level of discipline in doing some activity. I wouldn't date a skinnyfat or a flabby muscle-less dude because they couldn't keep up with my active lifestyle.

No. Guys get Jow Forums is so they can show off to eachother, same thing with women and makeup.

I often think about complimenting guys, but I'm worried doing so makes them think I'm interested in them. I'm not. I just think they look good and can tell they put in effort that day.

I have no trouble complimenting other women on their hairstyles or their clothing, and when I did figure-drawing I even struck up a conversation with one of the nude models who was a bodybuilder-- she had really impressive musculature and I was fine complimenting her on that, because it was something she clearly worked hard on and was proud of.

But whenever I open my mouth to say "I love your [x]" to a guy or "you look great today", I bite my tongue because I'm afraid they'll think I'm flirting.

Face > Chemistry > Height > Hygiene > Teeths > Clothes - Body

Isn't as important as you think. Just don't be fat.

> height
Dammit . I mean, body? I can understand, it shows dicipline and its very eye catching. But im stuck with the height i have and no thing in the universe outside of the diceroll you get at birth can decide on it

Then focus on the other ones and what it's under your control

>Do women even give a flying fuck about guy's bodies?
Of course they fucking do, what kind of question is this? They especially go crazy for the V shape types.

>I've been complimented on my body many more times by straight and gay guys than girls.

>Do women care about anything besides your face and your clothes?
Your wallet size

>Overall, no.
Bullshit. They did a study and women always picked guys with muscles over skinny and fat ones.

>They care most about your face and personality.
Nope, cope.

>Nice body can be a small plus, but far from a must to a woman.
Bullshit, it’s one of the most sought after traits.

I've seen plenty of hot guys I went "damn" at in my head, but I'm not going to tell him that because I don't want him to think I'm actually interested in anything more than complimenting him.

Teeth are part of your face
Hygiene is probably the most important since if you're dirty that's probably the worst thing you can be

I'd say
Face > Height > Clothes > Body
Chemistry is non measurable and depends on the others, and good clothes will help you more than being super in shape (as long as you aren't fat, obviously)

Height does not surpass hygiene and body is not last, gtfo.

More like

Body > Face > Clothes > Height > Personality

Can't argue with the digits.

>They did a study and women always picked guys with muscles over skinny and fat ones.
Well duh, if you're going to ask anyone for a preference it will be the most commonly attractive one.
>Nope, cope.
You think having a good body with a shit face is going to perform better than a good looking face with an out of shape body? Cope indeed. Women look at the face first always. If that doesn't add up, you better have a great fucking personality and body because it ain't going to happen.
>Bullshit, it’s one of the most sought after traits.
I know many gym rats who are single as shit and then questioning how that's possible because they lift. I had 2 somewhat overweight dudes in my college class last year who were getting pussy left and right. Why? They looked good facially and they had a fun vibe going for them.
I'd advise to look around you in the real world more instead of basing your stuff on Jow Forums and "studies".

Modern women are trash.

I mean I'm really into the male form and compliment my bf all the time, but I'd never compliment a guy I want with beyond "nice gains", "nice hair" and then yeah on his clothing / accessories.

>Do women even give a flying fuck about guy's bodies?
Teenage girls go crazy for it, but the older they get the more they will see in personality because muscle alone is not going to provide for a family nor is it overly interesting if that's all there is too you. But even older women admire a young man's fit body. In highschool I was compliment by many people mothers, one nearly lost her shit when she saw me for the first time. Young women aren't as open about it but a fit body is an attractive body.

How interesting, my ranking is more like this
Chemistry > Hygiene > Teeths > Face > Body > Height > Clothes
Its almost as if women aren't a monolith

There's no women on this board but larpers. Women only admit sexy body in pm.

>Women only admit sexy body in pm.
I wish we could ban all ESL

So if a guy has perfect teeth but otherwise a 4/10 face you will date him? Kek

You are a faggot.

And there's chemistry and hygenie there, yeah, can't forget those. I always rank teeth above face cus he can have facial scars, but if he visibly has no missing / cracked teeth I'd rather that than the inverse.

And you're illiterate and therefore should not be allowed on this board.

Nope, I'm the world smartest man.

You are just a retard.

>Women only admit sexy body in pm.
World's smartest man cannot speak English, impressive.

From my personal experience I think girls care more about face and style of clothing. I used to lift a good amount and I remember I'd just get compliments from guys. The only time my body got compliments from girls were two women that I had already hooked up with and one drunk chick at a pool party that said she'd get with me because of my body. Considering the time I spent in the gym these weren't great results in terms of input.

I have received far more compliments on how I dress. I think it's important for guys to be in shape but that doesn't mean you have to have a impressive body. Being on Jow Forums distorted what I thought was impressive but it seems to me that personality and style carry you a lot more with women, typically.


>faggots itt didnt realize that it's actually the compliments, respect and appreciation of other men that makes you look desiderable to women who literally can't think for themselves and need spoonfeeding from the herd

Women will not compliment you over your body (something you need to spend time and effort on) but they will over your face and height (something you are born with). It's a bit silly but what can you do, at least if you're fit other men will respect that.

I spent many a years as an angry incel and went from 16 to 22 with no sex what soever trying ro understand the magic formula. At the end of the day no therevis not a set of rules. Hotngirls can be with fat uggos. Now it can help if ur inn shape, it certainly isnt hurt you, it just gives you a wider range tho. Im a 7 on my best day and have the begginings of a dad bod. Not quite fat but going on chubby and have still banged objective 10's.

Pic is my awkward ass. THERES hOPE BOYS

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No. So long as you're not fat.

If women were attracted to big muscles we would never have evolved to lose our big muscles and become the weakest, skinniest, yet most intelligent great apes.

i can see that, you are a clever girl.
The other way around it's true too, cuz men are usually trying to do just that, so i'm picking very carefully whenever i compliment somone on something , like when im clearly occupied (working for example), or have to leave the train or something, i might just say something nice just before i leave or they leave

Females dont have the same appreciation for the male physique as any male does, heterosexuals included. They dont think about the discipline and consistency it takes to sculpt a chiseled and well defined body, they really just think HaWt and try to date such men, then get upset when they spend hours at the gym instead of being a McDonalds junkie like they are.

Its fucking crazy how shallow they are about commitment. Really their main concern is they're afraid to date a guy that looks better than them so they'll pick up someone good enough looking then slowly mind fuck them into stopping going to the gym and eating fatty meals.

i like your confidence, lookin good

This is true. They may desire it but then get mad at the intense exercise and time you need to spend away from them to maintain it. Im sure there are those women who work hard to get a nice booty who get the same shit from their bf but i doubt its as often and its not exactly the same level.

You are absolutely right

Same goes the other way round, I'm scared women think I'm trying to flirt with them when I just think they smell really nice or somrthing

That's english. Pm as in pm box.

Women are cowardly irl.

Women care far more about your personality. The ONLY reason I win at all is because I'm the funny, unflappable guy.

And I'm fucking way better at return burns than girls and they fucking love return burns.