Aidonis's depression, narcissism, and anxiety

I hate the way I look; my oversized and round nose, bug eyes, and fucking OVERBITE fuck me! and Idk what to do. I don't think I'd be able to turn to surgeons either because of how POOR I am, and I'm also lonely too; even if I attempt to start a conversation, they give me the silent talk each and every time. and I don't need nobody telling me "you're above average" because it's obviously NOT good enough; if it was, then maybe people would want to fucking talk to me, jesus, and even if I entice people on discord with distorted images of myself, they often leave me because I'm W E I R D, but what can I do?

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here's one with minimum distortion, the only being lighting

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here's one without any distortion, and that's not even it

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you look fine to me, if nobody wants to talk to you its probably because you have a shitty personality, which i can definitely see with your weird obsession with your appearance and lack of self awareness

self-awareness, but how? I don't even play the ego game, mate, and you don't even know.

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oh yes you do. youre obsessed with your appearance to an insane degree. just because your thoughts about yourself are negative doesnt mean you're not fixated on them. that's ego.

if anyone knows about self-awareness, it'd be me, just look at what I called the subject, nitwit, and I never act to ego, and have a somewhat good understanding of ego—people with high egos don't know what tf an ego is—and I never act on ego, whether or not that's my problem.

just look at my overbite yikes

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fuck me, I picked up the sentence big I'm in a rush to squeeze this all out

excessive self deprecation is still egotistical. the fact that you have no awareness of this and refuse to admit it just proves my point

stop posting pics of yourself theres literally nothing abnormal about the way you look


ok, I'm very fucking sentimental about the way I look, and I knew that even before you came here to tell me that; you're just telling me problems I already know, that I've already explored, and that never got me anywhere.

so then why did you make this thread

>theres literally nothing abnormal about the way you look
I will tell you a few: my overbite, giving me a receding chin, and crooked teeth; my big ass round nose and Jewish undertones; undeveloped face—i.e., maxilla, mandible, zygoma, etc; and my bug ass eyes, the color of then too; perhaps my hair Idk what to do with, although the thickness and hairline is better than most's.
I'm here as there's an underlying p r I b l e m here, and Idk what; I'm struggling to say. if I look all dandy and fine, then why the fuck do I think OTHERWISE, hmmm?

*p r o b l e m
autocorrect thought I was trying to say I, as in I'm, when I wasn't, the fucking nitwit

because you're obsessed and you need to chill

How many pictures of yourself do you take on a daily basis?

I would if I could, amigo
a l o t, maybe a dozen or two a day, you should just see my snap chat snaps, or whatever the fuck they call it; it's just me, because of how lonely I am, with maybe the odd one with a friend of a friend or two

Dude you sure you dont have autism or something? Ive seen a couple of your threads and you seem to obsess over your look too much.

Let me put it this way it doesnt matter how good you look, you wont impress a lot of people with that alone. People have types they look for, you might not be someone's type and that's ok. People will judge your looks AND personality, you have to take both into consideration.

You have friends, family? Ask them if you have character flaws like things they might find annoying or negative about you. These are things others might pick up, if you're dating out there you need patience man, even good looking men need it.

ok its very clear that the reason nobody wants to talk to you has absolutely nothing to do with the way you look and everything to do with your neurotic unstable personality

it's very I R O N I C was what you meant to say, nitwit
well, it all comes down to appearance in the end of the day, and I don't even like my own type, and whatnot. friends, family? no, my family is probably the reason I am the way I am and why I ended up with the friends (or the lack thereof) I have, desu

I do this a lot, or at least I used to. I’m talking about 10-30 pictures of myself a day. I’d go insane looking at all my flaws. I’d flip the pictures. It’s not good to do this. You should stop yourself or reduce the amount of pictures. You’ll stop caring as much, trust me. You feel like you look a bit better on picture #2 than picture #4, right? It’s because as you progress with the weird hobby of being self-aware, you literally enhance everything that you’re insecure about.

You're decently cute. Are you bi or straight? I can see how you could have a problem with straight girls. If you were bi you have a market with some gays.

enhance, but how is that possible? everything else sounds spot on, better than these other anons
yes yes, I wish I was gay, but I'm not; I guess I will have no choice but to settle for a tranny desu.

Well there you go, so you admit you may have personal issues, that's good. It all starts from acknowledging a problem exists.

Remember this, dont focus on comparing yourself to every man out there. Billions of people walk this earth, you have to find your place in the crowd, we all do. There's no other way OP, youll be a lot happier the moment you realize that.

Then your personality is too divergent for most women. You could looksmax into an at least 80th percentile male lookswise imo if you are tall. So if you wanna go that route then theres still some hope.

I guess you’re not at that point yet. Stop before it’s too late. You will notice what I mean by enhance if you keep doing what you’re doing.

I've identified most of my problems and ot hasn't brought me anywhere and only made me identify others with the same issue, so I don't take it to the heart or whatever. everything beyond that seems spot on from there, comparing myself with others is my worse enemy
hope is the only thing driving me forward, mate

You took a few pictures before taking these two.
After those two, you stood up and started taking more pictures, but at a different angle/pose

usually, I flip the images and compare myself to other ones, even if the other ones are of myself. I think stopping would actually benefit me, I did something similar in the past twice, and the one time I fell in love with myself again, the other was entirely different but required the same sentiment over myself; it was to do with a pair of glasses, but this is far beyond me now, lets forget about it.
your point being?

Did you like yourself better standing up or laying down?

laying down, because the light hits my face better that way, and the light just fixes everything, most notably, the bags beneath my eyes

Everything is temporary. You’ll get over this, trust me. Plus, you’re model tier.

>model tier
this guy looks like absolutely insufferable.
And his hair isn't doing him any favors to make him look less like a prick

You came here fishing for complements and all I can tell you is that you're insufferable

I thought this site was 18+

>you literally enhance everything that you’re insecure about.
do you mean make my imperfections glow? you're probably gone now, but I thought to ask now that I think of it.

thanks for the perspective and pov

The problem isn't your appearance, it's your obvious lack of confidence and bitchy attitude.

If you want to run from yourself do it in a treadmill.
Workout, be smart, and be rich those are the things that will make up for your shitty looks and personality.