I actually need help, an advice. For some reason, I started questioning my gender...

I actually need help, an advice. For some reason, I started questioning my gender. Yeah no shit that sounds really retarded when I put it in that way. I mean it in a sense that I dislike my masculine body. I always kinda wished to have a feminine one. Hell, I'd like to be a girl. I didn't noticed it until one day (two weeks ago), when I was reading some shit on transgender people on wiki. I actually found it quite relatable, yet I almost shit my pants and I actually even had a panic attack and started shaking. Please help, Jow Forums. Need an advice ASAP

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You might be trans. Jow Forums is not a good place to be while you figure out your gender. A lot of users here will say horrendous things that damage you for a long time. Tumblr and reddit are more hug-boxy, but you're more likely to get better support there than here (even if you end up not being trans, the two aforementioned sites have great resources and a large community. Tumblr is not just full of SJWs like this site thinks, though Tumblr tends to lean harder left than reddit). If you are having doubts, talk to an affirmative-care therapist or a therapist who has experience with trans clients. Contrary to what Jow Forums thinks, these therapists will be able to suss out gender issues from other issues-- they will not just simply agree with you as some ppl seem to think, and will not demean you or make you doubt yourself either. They will give you the room to decide for yourself what is best. I also suggest you find local trans support groups so you can talk to trans people about their and your experiences. Normie-tier discords are also an option but they can be a shithole.

If you decide HRT is an option, keep in mind most of the effects are reversible in the first several months, or the changes are so small they won't be detrimental. I say this having known many trans women irl before and after they started estrogen.

I know that what you are going through is scary-- this is a big revelation and changes your perception of yourself. But there are lots of people going through something similar, and it's not unusual to experiment with gender. Regardless of what people may say, there isn't anything wrong with you or you being trans, if you do end up being trans. There's nothing wrong with being trans as a phase, and nothing wrong if it's permanent.

imagine being this much of a brainwashed faggot

What is going on in your life that causes you to post the way you do? Are you feeling well? Satisfied with your choices? Working towards something meaningful?

OP asked for advice. If my suggestions are so awful, contribute your own.

Don't. Do. It. It's a rabbit hole, I'm serious. Don't go on lgbt discords, don't consume their media, don't go on the board. You will literally convince yourself you're trans. It's not a fun and easy road, there's a reason trannies kill themselves every day. And it's not just because their parents hate them and coworkers look down on them. You'll be in a constant state of denial and thinking that tomorrow things will get better. But they won't. You'll end up a bald 65 year old man in a dress.
Consuming lgbt media and looking into this more is what WILL do you in I guarantee it. Avoid thinking about it at all costs. Once you're in, you won't come out.

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it's a consumer fad with some ideological baggage
the science isn't there yet to give you an ideal body or undo your socialization or conditioning
if this is an intrusive destructive thing within you then i can't stop you
if it isn't, "don't"

This isnt necessarily wrong, especially the point abt trans ppl killing themselves because they feel it never gets better. but the earlier you transition the better results you get. Having supportive friends also helps alleviate the feeling of it not getting better. Most ppl can pass with effort. Is OP willing to put in that effort? Do they even care abt passing?

This simply isn't true.

Being a girl sucks. Go ahead and change over and get paid 30 cents less per dollar

muh .77 for 1.00 is across all boards, when taking into account similar experience, education, position etc it evens out, with women in some positions making 8 cents MORE than men

it is

i imagine looking and being treated like a freak is worse than white collar payscale discrepancies

The only reasons having supportive friends would help is because they'd lie to you and tell you you pass, but there will always be a voice in the back of your head telling you you know they're lying

>Jow Forums is not a good place to be while you figure out your gender.

this is the only part of the post that is ostensibly true.

OP should get off here and consult a professional, or the closest thing to one, and leave internet cultures of all kinds far far away when considering these kinds of things.

Citation needed bud. The only time I've ever seen anything like this is where they massively overestimated maternity pay and duration and just assumed every woman was going to get and take that, too.

>questioning my gender
Get a blood test se what sets of chromosomes you have and look up the dictionary definition of gender and follow it to the definition of sex.
Gender is literally another word for sex and sex had do do with your biology.
Fuck labels and fuck others opinions, be you don't take drugs to alter you into some fucked up thing, be you in the body you have and learn to love yourself not change yourself to fit the confides of a label. Transgender is literally a word to describe people who hate themselves so much they could not stand their own body.

plus all the ones that transition get too far into internet culture and spend hours on /lgbt/ and other retard trans boards that fuck up their perspective of reality
it's not a good look, OP

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>Gender is literally another word for sex
Gender is a concept that has prevailed in languages for thousands of years without any adherence to regarding things by their sex - usually because they don't have one. Please try not to get so triggered in the future you speak deliberate untruths.

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>Gender is a concept that has prevailed in languages for thousands
Right, give me a quote from any language the is not English that references gender. Also look up the dictionary definition of gender and stop thinking opinion is fact. One final thing I am am advocating loving ones self how could that be considered bad. What is bad is people literally fucking over their biology because they hate themselves so much. Learn to love yourself as you are and forget about people's labels and you won't feel like a feminine male or masculine female, you will feel like you.

Mate several languages use a third gender in their tense, that's exactly what I'm talking about. Gender had been used for computers and table legs, where's the definition of sex in that?
> One final thing I am am advocating loving ones self how could that be considered bad
Where did I say that anything you were saying was "bad", sorry trigglypuff. I said you were speaking untruths because saying gender = sex isn't true by any of gender's definitions, and it's oldest one (the one I've shared) directly contradicts you very simply.

>be yourself
>provided you fall into the nebulous categories I get to define you as

Why do people do this? Just say what you really mean, stupid cunt, not some retarded New Age crap disguising the fact you want people to act like you. You sound like a bitter conservative disguised as a bitter hippy. Pick one or the other and stick with it instead of this half-assed bullshit.

Ask yourself first if you are happy in life.
Do you have healthy family or friends relationships?
Have you had any trauma in your past that you haven't dealt with?
Do you think of yourself as "not masculine enough"?
Afterwards really consider what attracts you to being a girl. And get a grasp on the reality and struggle of being a trans person.

There is a lot of fucking room between "love my body" and "want to cut my dick off"; explore it. Gender is a meme either way, so rather go by exact things you got and wish you had, why and so on. Becoming content with yourself is part of growing up and statistically speaking, it's pretty unlikely that you're a full blown trannie either way.

Gender and sex really are different things and a distinction is productive, but everything else is braindead garbage.

The reason you don't like your male body is not because it's a male body, but because of the symbolic societal duties that come with it and only come with it because of the time, place and tradition you live in.

You could be yourself in a male body living out everything you think you want from the world and being happy.
-Coming from soneone who had genderdysphoria and thought about being trans, but then stopped being a coward, wemt out into the world and built a ""family"" where I can be everything I wanna be and have sex how and with whom I want.