Should i fuck my friends girlfriend?

Should i fuck my friends girlfriend?
>be me
>gf out of town
>my buddy's gf 8/10 comes onto me when we're both drunk
>we make out for a minute
>i am ashamed but my dick is not
>we're both off work tomorrow and he's not
>she invites me over to hang out
What do?

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>Should i fuck my friends girlfriend?
If you have to even contemplate this you are not his friend

You are a shitty friend if you do that. It appears that he isn't really your friend and also you are cheating to your girlfriend ? Not cool dude not cool.

Seriously, you should go to a psychiatrist and be checked for sociopathy.


If my friend can't satisfy his gf to the point of her initiating it with me? I'm sorry i think with my dick

Why you care if he can or not sastify her dude? Not your problem. A true friend and a good human will just talk to his friend about it but whatever man

You're a piece of shit. You aren't his friend. Women are whores and will fuck around. Men are supposed to be men and not thirsty monkeys.

You have no honor and no shame. You should tell him and apologise.

I’m not going to say anything bad about you because I was in a similar position one time with my best friend’s ex when they were together. Don’t do it.

How do you have a conversation with another man about him not being able to satisfy his woman? This is an honest question. He's told me about his porn addiction and how he'd rather look at porn than fuck her, and they haven't fucked in 6 months. I told him straight up that's how he's gonna lose her.

Greentext it

You realize if you do this thing, not only will you ruin to relationships you will ruin your friendship with your guy friend.

Also you're going to be that guy. The a****** who sleeps with his friend's girlfriend/dates.

I mean if one leg is worth ruining your friendship with this dude and your relationship with your own girlfriend then you guys might as well break up with your significant others and get together but obviously this isn't about really liking her it's just about that girl getting revenge on her boyfriend and you being a slime ball.

All you're talking about is sex you're not talkin about love or romance and there's nothing in here about an open relationship so I don't think you should do any of this

One lay, not leg.

I already said i was ashamed in the OP. I'm human. It's hard for me to resist. You're right though.

No, I’m watching For a Few Dollars More.
I didn’t do it though. I had a huge crush on her throughout their relationship and she knew it. The thought of her abusing my (poorly hidden) feelings for her only to hurt my best friend was enough for me to never talk to her again. I basically shut down for a couple months because of it.

I understand what you're saying. But if you could go secretly fuck a girl you've been wanting to fuck for a long time and nobody would know would you?

How did she know? I would argue having a crush on your friends gf is equally shitty. Whether you acted on it or not.

Not if I already have a gf and she was your friend's gf. Get fucked.

Do you already have a gf user?

No, but that's also because I'm a girl and not a lesbian.

However, if the situation/genders were reversed I would not hook up with another person dating a friend of mine.
if I really liked that person enough and that person liked me then we should both break up with our significant others.

let me put it to you straight you are not going to get away with this because either that chick is going to tell or you're going to brag or someone is going to interrupt you but it's coming out eventually.

This just makes you an untrustworthy person. people think the whole tabu forbidden thing is hot but really it isn't it's just another random ass skank and a hole.

So... does your gf not let you fuck? Is she just not that attractive to you?

>implying that she won't use it to taunt her porn cuck boyfriend
This will not remain secret, idiot.

Nonsense. Masculinity is about resisting temptation, not being free of it.

>How did she know?
Because I hid it poorly.
>I would argue having a crush on your friends gf is equally shitty. Whether you acted on it or not.
Are you some sort of idiot?

Yes, and we communicate through shit, sex is great. I don't know why people get so fucking compelled to cheat. Let alone do it to a friend. Jerk it off, watch porn, and shit if you have the impulse control of an ape. Don't risk relationships with your friend and gf over something stupid

I already knew you were a girl because
I won't brag about shit and if she says anything she's a liar. nothing ever happened and that's that

True, I've been playing devils advocate for this thread. Maybe i was looking for validation. But whether i got it or not, sleeping with a friends girlfriend is wrong. Good night

Because it's fun to have sex with other people?

Sure it is, but not when you have a gf already.
>b-but the thrill!!
Cheaters need to be taken behind a barn and shot. Break it off, and then fuck around. Be a sensible man, or get fucked

all is Fair in love and war

she might choose you
id say go for it if you really want her in your life permanently

if she wants a backdoor man on the side
a v o i d

Sounds like a good idea to hook up with a girl that you already know cheats on her boyfriends kek

ask her if she has cheated before?

unless shes taken WAY too much cock
(most young women havent) youre being a legit incel for determining a womens value based on whos she fucked.
no diseases? youre good
value people as something more than sex objects

That's just because I was using voice to text. It automatically ***asterisks out swears.

You sound like a fag

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That's not his point, idiot. It'S not about her having fucked around, it's about her being a cheater.

Do it

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people change partners all the time
if you want to be with someone make it clear

if you just want sex make it clear

if they like you enough they'll never cheat on you

>OP wants to fuck friend's gf
>Friend's gf made it clear she wants to cheat also
>"if they like you enough, they'll never cheat on you"
KEK. Are you honestly retarded?
Cheaters always cheat. Her and OP would be perfect together, if they don't mind getting cheated on by the other. His friend and gf deserve better

I bet ops girlfriend is fucking the friend now too

>If my friend can't satisfy his gf to the point of her initiating it with me?
They kind of have to because most guys won't go out of their way to be cunts.
Your ment to look out for mates not screw them over. If it were just some random guys girl sure go for it, be a home wrecker but if you could ever think of doing something so dishonest to someone you call a friend, you are most definitely a sub par human being.
You know what go for it and destroy not only your life but your so called friends.

OP's gf is out of town while the three of them work together. A very satisfying thought nonetheless.

>all is Fair in love and war
>she might choose you
>id say go for it if you really want her in your life permanently
Valuing pussy over mateship. Fucking failure.


im a male


same im not gonna say anything bad about anything but I am going to say

Yeah, you should do it and tell it to your friend so he can break free, leave you and his gf and start a new better season.

>Should i fuck my friends girlfriend?
I'll put it this way. If I found out one of my friends had to ask this question on some Vietnamese basket weiving forum I would no longer consider them a friend.

Yeah sorry but fuck him at that point. I can understand boundaries but if dude is literally letting his relationship rot then go for it. Every one loves that loyalty shit as if a bitch has the capacity to be owned

go for it