So about three days ago I was gang raped by 5 dudes...

So about three days ago I was gang raped by 5 dudes. They grabbed me when I was walking home at night from work and kept me for several hours. When they dumped me on the side of the road it was afternoon. I now have a sore throat, anal fissure, and some vaginal tearing. All's I've been doing is eating Italian ice and watching Netflix/lurking Jow Forums. I don't feel like going to work and I don't want to tell the police or my family. Do you guys have any good advice for my situation?

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Please tell the police not only for your own safety but for others because they will probably do that same thing again to somebody else


stop being stupid, if this isn't bait, jesus christ.

Tell the police. Do you have absolutely no sense of justice? Does it genuinely not bother you that you were raped? Does that just not register in your mind?

the fuck is your problem

Go to the hospital. It's none of works business but if you don't make up something you'll get fired.

Retard. If they rape someone else because you didn’t report them then you’re partly responsible. This is a bait thread and you’re an obese male weaboo though.

Go to the police. Sadly, I think a rape-kit is only works 48 hours after, and if you took a shower the results are even worse. Good luck.

I probably should, I'm just really anxious about it. I don't know I feel it's going to bring back memories and they'll want me to describe what happened. I was already pretty depressed before this, I don't know how emotionally capable I am.
It doesn't bother me too much if I just kinda stay home and relax
>This threads making me a little uncomfortable now though

Do you remember the location where they took you?

I assume you've taken Plan B or an equivalent, if you haven't yet then you should do that as soon as possible. You should also get tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

The system does not work well in these cases and these people know it. You're probably not the first person they've done this to and I'm sure you won't be the last. You are still in shock even if you don't know it right now. An event like this will be with you for the rest of your life in some capacity or another, it's a life altering experience.

Walking home at night is not safe, you need to either go get a ride from a coworker or buy a car. Even a bicycle will make you a harder target. You should also invest in a taser and defense training. Going against 5 people is not easy even for a trained professional. In that situation you really need the ability to use deadly force to deter something like that. A taser may work but if they're determined it could backfire as you are overpowered. There's safety in numbers and safety in speed above a walking speed. Also, if there's any way to switch your shift to a daylight shift I would do that if you can.

Past that you will have to trust your intuition, it's probably telling you what to do right now. Trust it even if it means you will have to relive the trauma again. Good luck user.

Should I go to a hospital or call the police, I'm really scared.

Reach out to support groups. See a doctor or psychologist if you can. Also everything in
The pain and fear you're feeling will come to pass. The sooner you can address the trauma, the better.

If this isn’t bait I’m really sorry op. Definitely go to the police and if that doesn’t work get a weapon and murder them. The revenge would be worth whatever sentence they give you

You already know what to do user, as I said, trust your intuition. Regardless of whatever 2 day rule there is I think it's good to defend yourself with what you have available. The nature of the world favors the brave, you have it within you to fight.

Yes, both. Police first, they will have advice for you better than we could ever supply.

Okay I'll call the police now. Thanks guys this thread helped.

It should make you uncomfortable. Youre being confronted with your own inadequacy. Jow Forums isnt a place to come for yes men. Get strong or get out.

all I can think is were they black? I need to leave this place.

It's OP and I'm doing well and am heading to the hospital to see a doctor. I just wanted to say thank you to all the anons that cared.

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Tell the cops and for your family tell them when the time is right. Dont let the 5 guys free.

>It doesn't bother me too much if I just kinda stay home and relax
i think it didn't hit you yet. call the popo for starters. they will figure out what to do from there.