How does one be an attractive male?

How does one be an attractive male?

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Born chad.

Tell good stories and jokes. Be confident but not a dickhead. Be charming but not a weirdo.

Dont listen to this guy.

its all subjective

i guess just be as healthy as you can.
ive dated real cuties even at my worst
now that i have my shit together the plot twist is i date less often

If you can tell a great story or make people laugh all kinds of people will gravitate to you. I have literally hundreds of stories and anecdotes from grandparents, uncles, work colleagues and friends that I can recite at the drop of a hat and people seem to love it.

Meeting women in RL is so fuckkng easy. So fucking easy.

1) stop giving a fuck about what they think of you
2) take a lap around the bar and talk to everyone, tell the groups of women you see “Ladies you are looking good tonight!!” Then just walk away.
3) Dance and have fun, tell other people to have fun,
4) Do another lap ask people if they are having fun tonight , remember to smile
5) Let time go by - The single women who are into you will begin to position themselves closer, strike up conversation the ice has already been broken twice, keep it light and fun, joke be silly. Ask them silly questions like “if you were stuck on a desert island and could only eat one food for the rest of your life what woukd it be?” “If you became disabled but were still able to have sex in one position for the rest of your life what would it be?”
6) the ones who are really interested ask for their number, hell in a group of 4 single girls get them all who cares remember you stop giving a fuck at 1.
7) Have good ending logistics, so it’s comfortable and easy to take one home where you are.

Op is talking about sex. Not being a clown for humans.

You don't come across like someone who is in any way qualified to dispense advice on socialising or having sex.

Protip: It's easier to get laid if people like you

jesus fuckin Christ

this is horrible horrible advice

Only looks and being evil inside get laid. Women don't care about personality or humor.


This would work with a russian accent

Incel pride worldwide bro

Im not incel. But incels are heros.

Well, my advice is to workout and get a good body so if you have a butter face at least you have something to offer the ladies...and/or gentlemen

He's right though. And bitches will literally laugh at everything you say if you're attractive.

I know a guy who has a degenerative muscle disease, he literally looks like he's been run over by a truck twice, but he compensates by having a shitload of confidence and telling jokes, usually at his own expense. I've met his last three girlfriends and they've all been solid 9's because he has the kind of personality which draws people to him. The "girls only like chads" thing is true to an extent but you can do so much to hide your flaws and showcase your positive traits if you make the effort.

Cringe and lies.

t. gamma chad

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I'm sorry my story conflicts with the miserable, self-pitying narrative you've created for yourself. One day you'll learn, I just hope you don't squander your entire youth, like I did, before you figure it out.

My advice should have ended the thread.

Well let's start with baby steps here.

There's no accounting for individual tastes. If you're an ass man and a chick is all boob, there's no way she could be attractive to you in that sexual sense. So the first step is just accepting that unless you look like Edward Cullen, you won't be universally attractive to all women on a physical level. It's honestly very freeing to know that sometimes this shit is just out of your control.

What is in your control is minimizing your unattractiveness.
> Don't be an asshole. This is somehow much harder than it seems it should be, for all of us. Some are worse than others, but we can all work on being less shitty.
> Lose weight if you're fat.
> Buy clothes that fit. Don't jump into the deepend of /fa/, that look only appeals to fashionistas. A crumpled oversized black t shirt does not cut it. As you lose weight, the desire to wear clothes that hide your frame will lessen.
> Have a job and a place you own/rent that isn't your parents home, or if you're young, be on a good trajectory in this regard.

Actually meeting people :
It's very easy to be bitter while alone on the internet, so get off the internet and into venue where other human beings are in person. Volunteer somewhere for a cause you care about on your day off. Animal shelters always need volunteers.
You might also make some lifelong friends in the process.

Final word of advice:
Don't fixate on negatives or complaints. It's not constructive at all, it just puts you in a bad mood. Dating sucks for everyone, but almost all of us still do it one way or another, and the easiest way to make it suck even more is to go into it with a negative mindset. So just don't do that. Save yourself the headache.

Edward Cullen is too skinny lol are you 12?

>Jow Forums is such a fucking bunch of normies they don't even recognise year old pasta


Based boomer

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It's between difficult if one is not born Chad but is otherwise a late-blooming normie, impossible if one is not born a normie and is among the Un-chosen (I.e. those selected by the collective female psyche as unworthy of passing on their genes).
If one falls into the first group, the adaptation from unattractive normie to attractive failed normie isn't too long with proper guidance. They have more normie or even Chad friends who can guide them towards attractiveness.
Ways a man can be attractive:
Now, some of these go hand in hand often (like intellectual and material) but sometimes they don't. It will be up to each Normieguide to determine what aspects of attractiveness this wannabe attractive failed-normie has.
Women only need to see one of the above to settle for a man.
On the flip side, a wannabe cannot have too many negatives. The Normieguide can pinpoint what aspects of the target personality need to go, and which to cultivate.
At the end of the process, the new attractive failed normie is able to secure relationships with women in the 1-6 range. If he continues the process and becomes a traditional normie, he can bump that up to 7 or 8. I have seen no cases of a failed normie becoming a Chad, but if that was possible and did happen, the guy would have access to all women (1-10).

Adding to this:
The positive points of attraction are what I already listed
The negatives are far more numerous but may include
>problematic or unconventional political stances
>problematic, unconventional, or "boring" hobbies
>too little education
>too much education in an unconventional field
>too much self awareness
>"asshole" personality traits
>"creepy" personality traits
>pure ugliness
>limited social circle size
Some of these negatives are easier to change, some cannot be changed. Where they cannot, the Normieguide must address those deficiencies by either hiding them or make up for them and balance the composition by compensating in the Positive field.

You need to be emotionally stable, and confident.
Doesn't matter if you make a mistake, just do your thing with purpose.
And if you DO make a mistake, admit it.

And for one last clarification, the negatives are merely specific manifestations of a the positive point of attraction, and so it still revolves around the Science of the 5 Points. My addition of "far more numerous" was a slip up, though I did list numerous examples as opposed to the ones

To the *positive* ones

>Don't have boring hobbies
>But don't have unconventional ones either

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have sex

Sorry I got to the root of the problem, roastie. Or are you a white knight? The psychology is simple. Materialist reductionism is all women do when judging potential breeding patterns and is all I have done here. Fuck off
Hey, I don't make the rules, just delineate

*partners* but "patterns" works too I guess

Those rules are contradictory

No, they're not. Mountain climbing is conventional and exciting, for one such example.

Oh shit

Bump. Seriously need help