I have a lovely boyfriend that's been incredible. I can actually see a future with him...

I have a lovely boyfriend that's been incredible. I can actually see a future with him. But I can't stop thinking about my ex. I can't go a single day with out looking at his pics. Not a single day. My ex is a fucking sociopath that blocked and ignored me without reason for a very long time. He absolutely traumatized me. He had come back to me last year with all this promise of making it work between me and him, and of course he disowns me again. A few months later I get with my now current new bf. He is wonderful. I have never been in this situation. What do you make of this?

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Assuming this isn't a bait thread.

You're attracted to the asshole you think you can tame. You can't and if you pursue it (physically or mentally) you'll be miserable.

Roastie logic.

user you are dead-on in this assessment. He occasionally 'pursues' me by messaging me once in a blue moon about how sorry he is and then ignores me again. I miss him so god damn much. Its like he comes to his senses for a moment and retreats to being an asshole again if I talk to much. But since I've been with my current bf I don't pursue him. I only talk if he contacts me first.

Delete the pics of the ex

Dont have any saved on my phone, its just fb

He's learned how to manipulate you and it seems you're more than willing to take the bait because you think it might work out this time. The question you need to ask yourself is are you happy that someone who clearly doesn't care about you has the power to manipulate you so easily?

Block him completely. Do what you need to in life.you already know what you need to do just do it.

Don't look on Facebook then you stupid fucking argumentative slag.

Stockholm syndrome

Don't talk to him at all.

I'm not happy with it at all. Every day I argue with myself that I am in love with what COULD hqve been, not who he truly is. He is truly a mentally ill person. No I'm npt happy with the fact that I could literally reorient my life for him and he could leave me desolate at the drop of a hat.

You sound like one of those beta orbiters that thinks a girl likes him because she shows him attention whenever she feels like she needs some.
I strongly suggest blocking him and throwing away the key. Whatever relationship you think you can have with him is doomed to fail once he gets bored.

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You're all very right. I'll always conform to reason but my mind will always be in conflict. That 'longing for him' will be innthe back of my mind because the first time he took me to all those places and waking up jext to him every day will forever be in my mind as what one of you said, stockholm syndrome.

Cunts like you is why I'm incapable of fully trusting women.

Hey it's alright. I'm in the same situation as you, and deep down I know she doesn't give a fuck about me but I still want to be with her and everytime I get a notification I check it fast because it could be her, and I'm ashamed of it everytime.

Just remember you have a logical and emotional side to your brain, they'll always be fighting eachother. You said you have a boyfriend, right? Focus on him and before you know it you'll have better memories with him and won't care as much about your dipshit ex.

Thats the most solid thing I've heard so far. Thanks user. You're right. Whem I'm with him in person everythings fine. When im alone too long these thoughts come around. Thank you for relating and understanding me

You should have peed in her butt user

He's not coming to his senses. He reaches out to play with you. To get validation. You need to cut him out completely. He isnt going to change.

You're going to fuck something good up just messing with this guy. Do you have problems with your dad? Why do you even want this guy fixed? What sort of trauma are you reliving in this ex?

Someone with a normal childhood wouldn't give this ex a second thought.


Get pregnant with his kid


Femanon. My ex did this to me too. Hes a psychopath and a loser. Block him. It's the healthiest thing to do. Your ex represents how low your self esteem is and makes you think that he'll always be there for you or he'll suddenly change. BLOCK HIM

I made a bargain with my ex. I promised not to try and change him nor want a relationship if we can still do things together and have sex occasionally. But he has to promise not to mess with my relationship. I figured out that my ex behaved badly when I was his gf and possessive and jealous if other guys talked to me but now we both come and go as we please, so far its worked.