Meet nice girl

>meet nice girl
>Like her but she doesn't want kids so friendzoned
Why do they act surprised when they end up alone

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Based and redpilled

>2019 anno domini
>Wanting to raise parasite instead of experiencing the world for the rest of your life
Lemmie guess. Your boomer parents are on your ass about grandkids?

Any guy I've met irl who says things like this did not have a snowball's chance in hell with the chick he "friendzoned", js


Good. But you should have fucked the roastie before dropping her. Or got her emotionally invested in you and then left her for extra impact

Well that's because it's social suicide to actually say it only autismos will actually say it
Also this

Great refute

If it's social suicide then why would chicks not be surprised for being rejected for it?

>If it's social suicide then why would chicks not be surprised for being rejected for it?
The hell are you trying to say
They would be surprised because its unexpected.

I said "not be surprised", because as you've said they would be surprised as it was expected. And yet OP seems to be under the impression that they shouldn't be surprised in their original comment for it.

Wasn't expected, even

Careful, I've started to suspect that lots of these women out here just say that because they're taught that the K-word will scare nice men off if they say it/admit they want it too early. And lots of young people of both genders just don't even realize how much they want a family until they actually have a decent partner, then the instinct comes to life.

If she delivers a whole spiel about how she doesn't want kids for x y and z reasons (your usual "I just want muh enjoyment and reproducing is wrong anyway" etc) with some genuine conviction? Sure, run for the hills. But if she just makes an offhand comment like she hasn't really thought about it too deeply, calling it a dealbreaker then and there is a little paranoid.

Nah she really means it plus shes older

Ironically enough, the only girl I've ever met that's adamantly against having kids has been the longest relationship of any of our friends

What's the point of dating a woman once she reaches 30? Women (90% of them) are ugly af at that point. You can stay for the kids, but just for the woman would be batshit retarded.

>staying with someone you actually like is retarded

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Why would I like her if she's getting uglier every day?

Romance is dead, having a family is long-lasting

>why would I like someone for more than their looks

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Only having children matters

Glad to know you have the authority to speak for absolutely everyone

My "authority" is the fact that most marriages for hedonistic reason end in divorce eventually and modern dating proved itself to an experimental failure in producing permanent relationships.

Cope and have kids.

pump her, explore her pipes with your tunnel snake and find the sweet spot nice and deep, then make her pregnant, then guilt her into not getting an abortion, then if she leaves u then u can tell ur kids "i loved your mom" and u win 1 and lose 1 and break even.

Is marrying someone because you actually like them and all that romantic shit hedonistic?

Sexual attraction is largely based on looks. There's also "just being friends".

Practically. What's the number one compliment in marriages nowdays? Boredom. If it's really about "love" they would stick together regardless if they're bored, yet more than 50% of marriages are flushed down the drain, more if you want to count bf/gf relationships..

Have kids