Do you approach women when you're tired? I only slept 4 hours

Do you approach women when you're tired? I only slept 4 hours.

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Drink some coffee and mention how tired you are so that you don’t seem weird, or take a nap.

I don't approach women at all.

Why do you care? If you're getting such shit sleep maybe you've got other things to fucking worry about

I hesitated for a long time, approach anxiety and probably worse than usual due to being tired. Ended up stalking a woman for a long time. When I walked past her she turned her head hard to the side. Don't know if she saw me coming and that's why. Then I stalked another woman for a long time. Just now I gave up. I don't think I can do it when I'm tired.

Just bought a can of "liquid courage" (beer). Will see if it helps.

Need advice fast

Go to sleep

No you

OP, would you want some hideous eye-crusted hambeast to come mouth-breathing up to you trying to hit on you after she only got the bare minimum of rest and time to put herself back together? No. Disgusting. Don't be that person. You're in no position to even THINK about macking on women. They'd laugh and point and whisper about you anyway. You're disgusting. You're worn out and you're game is lame, son. Take today off from being Johnny Bravo and hitting on anything with legs and have a self-care day. Get some rest. Shower. Eat a meal. You'll slay them when you're prepared for battle and not before.

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I try not to. My concentration is not that great and it's more difficuly to keep up with the conversation or suggest new topics. Also, I like to be spontaneous, and if I didn't sleep enough I can't do it. Additionally, my face looks better and I tend to laugh more.
Anyway, if I absolutely needed to meet someone that day I drink lots of coffee/sleep during the day and at night I drink a few beers

That’s a negative ghost rider the pattern is full you need to ground yourself and refuel!

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Go to sleep and abort mission. There will be other times.

For some time, I could be completely and utterly deadpan with women and crack jokes and tease them hard but only if I was heavily sleep deprived. It got to a point where I showed up to uni half-asleep just so my brain was too tired to be anxious. I never asked women out back then, it was solely to get to that level of fatigue where my brain was working so badly I was too tired to be stressed out.

I wouldn't recommend it.

Unless you're a mouse, one beer won't do shit to you.

Eat. Eat extra if you're extra tired. Don't get discourage if you feel more tired after eating, you need to use energy to refine energy.
Your brain needs the calories.

Also this.

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Fucking proud of myself that I approached a woman at last. However she rejected me. We walked around for maybe an hour but then she didn't want to go for a beer or food and when I asked for how long she's staying in my city she said she's leaving tomorrow. And she said it was late even though it was just half past nine or something. I just walked away without saying a word. I hope she burns in hell.

I remember my shortest date in my life. I scored a girl in a party. We made out and exchanged our numbers. We talked for a couple of days all day long. It was great. Then, suddenly she stopped talking that much and she took too long to answer. I thought the spark was going away so I told her to meet. When we met she was looking at her phone. I said hi and we started walking. I talked, made some jokes but she was just ignoring me or saying "oh well" and such. So I decided to fake a call from my dad asking me to go there. So I left. It only lasted 10 minutes. I should have told her to fuck off desu

This. Im pretty autistic when talking to people usually, but when Im tired or I just had a coffee, I lose most of my inhibitions and just talk like a normal person. Im pretty sure most people dont care if you say dumb shit as long as you're cool with it and dont act awkward.

Just approached a second woman. She rejected me too. I hope they both burn in hell.

Don't give up, user