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Begone, foul wenches!

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I met this girl less then two weeks ago. Three or four days in she was already calling me babe. She said some super kinky shit to me and i accidentally said i love you. Last night she says it before hanging up.
>I- i love you too lady.

Well start the clock. I'm gonna fuck this up eventually.

Hard time in my life right now, but it could be way worse

Just last week, things fell through with this girl I had been seeing. Unfortunately she was dream girl quality. I'm terrified I won't ever meet someone as cool and someone I vibed as good with as her again. I'm young, i;m 23 so that's the only hope I got

My life right now anyway is kind of a mess. I graduated with a shit bachelor's degree, and I'm waiting to go back to a community college for a program I really wanna do. Im first in line on the wait list for 2019, but I might have to wait until fall of 2020 which is killing me, and i'm still living at home

Trying to focus on myself right now and my purpose as much as I can. I handled this "breakup" better than any other situation in my past, and i'm determined to never let a girl make me feel like this again, and to never chase a girl again

If it was an accident, (which it should have been because I don't have to tell you that's a bit early for that haha), then just play it off cool. Pretend like nothing happened, just continue flirting, don't bring attention to it, that's what makes it awkward. Worst case scenario if it does come up, simply say it was an accident, move on and change the subject

I had a dream an alien came to earth and probed me and sent me back down and then these people came and were trying to kidnap me for the alien technology so the alien abducted me again and we went to Africa but it still had problems with the media stalking us so it abducted me again and we went into its spaceship and it grabbed my head and told me "don't stop looking into my eyes" and I thought (what, there's no pupils) and then it blew up the earth and used the explosion to propel ourselves into the milky way because it claimed its homeworld contacted it and was going to kill it for insubordination for exploding a planet but the tracking signal would get lost in the density of the center of the galaxy so we went there it was lit.

>probed me


Was in a deep dark depression constantly crying for 2 weeks and hardly sleeping or eating. Saturday night I was real close to going to the ER because I couldn't stop thinking about killing myself. Instead I went to work, drank a beer after my shift and finally slept for a bit. I woke up yesterday morning and felt better. I've barely thought about killing myself or cried, but I still can't sleep. Is this a normal cycle of depression? Did I just have to push through that wave?

Why no Reese edition?

Alright, this is it. There is no compensating. Just gotta take my lumps and not make it worse. I wish I wasn't such a pathetic person but that's the way it is. This was never was supposed to happen. I always knew I was a sensitive person and I tried my hardest to not let that take a hold on me and ruin everything but it did and it's too late now to change anything. Just gotta do what I'm supposed to do.

I really wish that I had been statutorily raped by a thirty-year-old woman when I was fifteen years old.

I-it wasn't that kinda probing. It was just analyzing the ratio of shared human/alien DNA and a tracking device. There was something about how much more civilized systems at the center of the galaxy is but Earth organism DNA lacked a lot of its original features from when it was passed from another system way back when, maybe a spore from a wandering rogue planet exploding or something since Venus, Mars, and Jupiter also originally had lifeforms (but they all died out), while Earth had some intelligence but it would plateau as it did with humans, bees, and kudzu.
I asked the alien about sex and it said it could lay infertile eggs but it didn't have a mammalian-like reproductive.
Anyways I'll check my sky map for what planets are up right now. Ah... Mercury and Mars is almost in a perfect line with pollux and castor... The sky is so beautiful.

Fuck off OP


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Males think like that because they hold all the power.

The age of consent should be lowered to 12, but for heterosexual males only. The age of consent should remain 18 for heterosexual females, homosexual females, and homosexual males.

fuck you are stupid.

But this is the first time that I've made this thread!

You're a cunt OP

>fuck you are stupid

What are you, gay?

How would I know what I know had I been raised in some fucking crystal palace.

That we do!

Based female pedophile.
I'm female and I agree.

I'm not a pedophile like yourself.

Taken by force, this is why you guys are all rapists.

I can just see them trying to work this one out. Lmfaooo!

The funny thing is they will never understand how its done.

I'm so fucking retarded holy shit

It's literally impossible for stupid people to understand.

It's really sad how Justin Bieber was this kid thrown into the spotlight and the prey of pedos around him. No wonder why he has emotional issues.

I hope raul dies. He is the worst poster in the history of these threads. Yes, even worse than schizo tranny.

It's the same person no doubt.

I'm not a princess, not even close, but I know what's going on to some degree.

Did you get scared of losing me as well?

Oh shit you are probably correct. There are a lot of similarities. Mods please range ban schizo trannies area

You’re not stupid.

People think it's all random, it's not random. Everything is a show, a simulation of real life scenarios going on behind the scenes.


I don't think they can ban him, probably used vpns and proxies.

I can't lose team members

So he is paying Jow Forums to shitpost? Because I am pretty sure an ass pass is the only way to use those here.


One of these days, femanon... one of these days... Bam! Zoom! Straight to the Moon!

maybe he works here, idk

Actually, I post on Jow Forums using public library computers. Which I find to be absolutely amazing because I had always assumed that Jow Forums was blocked on public library computers, or that public library computers would automatically be banned by Jow Forums.

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So then all the mods have to do is write to those libraries and tell them the time you were on and the problems you cause here. How embarrassing for you.

No, the mods are just lazy and gives no fucks

They can still ban you, its only a matter of them giving a shit. Unfortunately gioyc threads are very low priority

I was banned for writing about heroin. Pissed me off.

Easily. He actually makes himself an easier target because you need to check in to use those, and he has exposed his own race age and first initial.

I don't understand the negotiations but I do know they're aware of me.

Fuck off, Richard is the honorable mascot of this thread.


He just makes up characters. He lies. ;)

You guys can all chill out. I have now accomplished what I had originally set out to do. You may all now resume with your regular shitposting activities.

I mean Rust. Ugh, user


Uh oh, we spooked him.


No, I just spooked the one person that I wanted to spook.

I've had so many mental breakdowns, it's just embarrassing.

You spooked no one, you delusion idiot lmao

it's not random, nothing is.

>You spooked no one

Aw, shit. Well, looks like I'm back to shitposting now.

Your a spook

Don’t be rude with her. She’s dumb, but do not act even dumber.

aw cluck cluck aw aw cluck cluck aw aw cluck cluck aw aw cluck cluck bumbuddy

She's not dumb, you just don't understand.

So wasn't your mom last night

Yer grammar is so bad.

Thats your life after all.

I will not try to continue this again. I'm done here

I'm done

Shitposting requires only one hour out of my day!

Meant to say she wasn't random because we've been going at it for a while. Might be your dad who knows *sips*

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Go then

My dad probably knows everything since he is dead.

You don't even know how many angles I have to play just to exist.

Just forget I exist. I am not brave enough

He's lying. I mean. we all know that.

You know all about the law.


It's literally impossible for understandable people to be stupid.

An hour out of your day that you could be committing suicide. Shame.

It's kind of hard to "lose someone" who already had a fiance when I met them.

I basically grew up in a gay nightclub.

What do you understand user?

It's all so tiresome.

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Does Jow Forums create illusions of grandeur in people who would otherwise not have them?

The rapid spreading of information and dot connecting, when it makes people “wake up” - do they all think they are special?


>So then all the mods have to do is write to those libraries and tell them the time you were on and the problems you cause here

I'm not entirely sure how it works. I could be posting on Jow Forums from a public library computer, and then I am forced to log off after one hour. Then when I log back on using that same computer and I look at the posts I made before logging off, it almost seems as if Jow Forums doesn't recognize that I had made those posts using the same exact computer. Because the replies to my posts no longer have (You). So, how does it work? Does each and every computer in a public library have a unique IP address, and the IP address changes each and every time that a user logs on? Or does every computer in a public library use the same IP address, or what?

Also: even if I were to have myself banned from an entire public library, this city still have dozens of other public libraries, and each public library has dozens of computers.

It's the memes that make people feel special.

It's the same as a cult. A cult will use terms only other cult members know.

I understand nothing, but I am a very understandable person.

Everything is traceable. Are you really that stupid?

retards are understandable too

>Does Jow Forums create illusions of grandeur in people who would otherwise not have them?

Anyone who isn't depressed has delusions of grandeur.

>The rapid spreading of information and dot connecting, when it makes people “wake up” - do they all think they are special?

Anyone who isn't depressed thinks they are special.

You're thinking too much into it's because people aren't restricted to being kind like in plebbit

>Everything is traceable.

I agree! But I seriously doubt that I could be banned from a public library simply for shitposting on Jow Forums using public library computers. Otherwise, any dumb kid who vandalizes Wikipedia articles using public library computers would be banned from public libraries. Maybe if I decided to start masturbating in the library...

>Anyone who isn't depressed thinks they are special.

The ego is what makes people feel special. There are people that see they aren't special, they will be forgotten in a couple generations, if that long. They know they mean nothing and are depressed about that. There are also people who aren't depressed and have transcended their ego.

>Fuck off OP

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But there have been many great people in history who suffered from depression...

The ego is a myth. Freud was a quack.

It's retarded when people see the political situation for what it is and think they're "woke". You are only awake to a very small part of life. Try actually observing and changing how you behave, every single thing. Stop blaming others, take responsibility. Watch your patterns, change them. Then you might start really waking up.

And you're not funny! And you know who else isn't funny? Your mother with my enormous cock down her throat! Get it? She can't be funny because she can't speak because she has my cock down her throat!