What does the term "incel" even mean anymore? It seems like everyone has a different definition of it

What does the term "incel" even mean anymore? It seems like everyone has a different definition of it

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Let me explain. At the begining of time roasty ate apple from tree which was forbbiden. Ever since then humanity suffers from tremendous pain and pay for sins which woman made.

This until eternity.

Thanks roasties.

There is no confusion. If you have never kissed a girl, held hands with a girl, or had sex with a girl even when you tried you are an incel.

Is that supposed to have a negative connotation to it? I thought it mean you just hate women

"Involuntary celibate" implies someone else is the reason for you not getting laid, what's so confusing about the term?

Not quite. Just not getting laid would be a virgin.

>what's so confusing about the term?
Just confused why everyone seems to have an inaccurate understanding of the word I guess? Was wondering what people consider to the true meaning of it nowadays.

It means someone who identifies as an incel. That means frequenting incel forums and believing their "blackpill" nonsense. Unlike what incels try to claim a virgin male is not an incel, incels are a tiny vocal minority who mainly rage on the internet about how rape of women should be legal.

Nobody is involuntarily celibate that's why that's a bad definition.

No. Cuz virgin implies you are under 18 and have not gotten laid yet, or that you deliberately decided to not have sex. A priest is a virgin. A 16 year old is a virgin until the prom. An incel has to be over 19 (the cutoff for last chance) and then he becomes an incel.


It's what it says on the tin = Involuntarily Celibate
A man who is incapable of attracting a sexual partner.

Its another word that fell victim to people using it in mutiple ways to the point it now means nothing.

Literally, its just means dude who cant get laid despite trying. However, some people use it as a label for themselves, while others use it as a label for people they dont like. Ultimately, its just a fucking buzzword now. Disregard anyone who uses it unironically, anyone with half a brain would realize what Ive said and would choose better words to express what theyre thinking.

It's not about actually being involuntarily celibate which is indeed impossible but identifying as such.

People get laid much earlier and much later than prom. Just wanting to get laid and failing would be still a far cry from a person who deludes themselves into thinking it's involuntary. It's the difference between a "job seeker" and "involuntary jobless"

Real talk.

Women dont comprenhend hardships which man has to go throught. They dont even care. What they care about is themselves and how to kick man in guts even more. This is why this eternal struggle between man and woman will never stop until men get really mad and invent bionic wombs and robotic waifus so humanity can cull every woman on this planet and we can finally progress be technologically be spiritually.

Women are holding us down they are egoistic, stupid, self-centred, agressive and most of them are left leaning because muh emotions.

Of course there are beta men who will protect them but they are just cowards. Nothing more than pathetic men who will perish within 1second of real warfare. Literal peasants. Men of wisdom and intelligence and also pure strenght disregard women. Why? Because women sucks their energy they torture them with pointless bullshit.

Men will create their own existence not the existence which nature pushes us into. Men have their needs and nature blatantly exploits this. Be it not for our weak flesh we would already kill every woman on this planet.

This is minecraft fanfic and everything i said was done only in minecraft and dont reflect my real thoughts or i want to hurt anybody.

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An incel is someone who wants to get laid but can’t. Prime example.

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We will never reach the robotic waifus and artificial wombs stage lol, you people are naive. Oil is running out, rare metals are running out, we are a disaster away from going back in time.

Good post.
But it's not even only the betas who protect women, it's Chads too. It's always quite funny seeing them jump through hoops for bitches who would never do the same.

>Oil is running out, rare metals are running out, we are a disaster away from going back in time

And? Electric cars already exists we just switch

>rare metals
Recycling exists

Next retarded answer or question or anything.

>it's Chads too. It's always quite funny seeing them jump through hoops for bitches who would never do the same

never seen chad doing this only raging manlets.

it's a neologism for "faggot"

It's been transformed into a way for SJW's to demonize and marginalize men.
They understand "not all muslims" and "not all immigrants" but say "not all incels" and they start spitting fire.

Incel has evolved to describe virgins who blames women and society for them being virgins


It means whatever the person saying it to you means.
It's generally just a way to make fun of someone who is a virgin and unable to get sex. Basically a way of calling someone stupid and useless, because any able person should be able to get sex and actually have sex, according to the patriarchal straight cis heteronormative society we live in.

So what about someone that's kissed a girl but none of the others? What if someone has held hands with a girl and kissed her but is still a virgin? What about voluntarily celibate people?

Literally the term means someone who is involuntarily celibate, as in, despite them having a desire to have sex, they are unable to, due to any number and variety of factors.
Figuratively, which is how you most likely have seen the term used, incel can mean someone who is uncomfortable around women and avoids interaction with them or is actively malicious towards women, or is someone who seems like they might be a virgin who hates/is unsuccessful with women.

Ironically this is posted by an incel.
This is what is has become.

It was started by a woman as a support group, those guys took it and turned it into a cult that blames everyone for their problems especially women, creates basedcam and revenge porn, murders random women on the street, and rots away unti they suicide. The term originally meant as this post said here

Adding that it is something they want, which is different from abstinence or asexuality.

It is no longer the case.
These people are perpetual victims with disturbed minds and they'll never go away and never get help. If you want to witness it watch the thread, or anywhere on the internet really.

evidently s p y cam is a trigger word here

>>spastic moron who is under a delution sex is a right not a priviledge.
blames others (women) because he is too pathetic to up his game with girls by actually talking to them like a human being. instead just whinges and whines about how shit (his) life is because he cant get any
>>theme song: everybody has had more sex than me by TISM.

>those guys took it and turned it into a cult that blames everyone
and yet the original "incels" still exist
so "not all incels" still applies
not sure why you refuse to accept that not all incels are murderous shut-ins

Nope. Incels evolved to become betas who blame women for sucking at dating/hookups/relationships and therefore get not a single one. You even have people who used to be in relationships and had sex on incels.me and r/niceguys and a channel called r/nicegirls shows that in our timeline even women do struggle with trust issues.

>Not realizing eCars and pinwheels and all that eco shit does need a shitton of rare metals. A pinwheel for example needs 5t alone.

Breh come on how can you cringe such a shit out and not feel pathetic? Do you literally sit in your bedroom fantasizing about such a dystopian shit? You guys are 3th wave feminists for hentai wankers. I can't blame no woman for avoiding or even bullying you with such a mindset.

Prove it

Beta cucks like you dont need to respond. You are soilent chugging faglord who will bend to the will of women just because muh pussy. Dont reply to me again you peasant.

OwO buzzwords. Don't forget to quote Qfaggot's thesis on juice controlled vagene, ranjeep.

Told you to not to reply to me anymore and you went ahead and made this retarded post. I will ask you question beta cucklord do you have girlfriend?

Of course you dont. Dont even try to lie to me. I have answered question for you. Why are so vehemently trying to defend women? They wont give you their pussies mr white knight.

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Nice that you try keeping that conversation up, shitlord. I do have a gf and am average looking if you care. Nobody knows I'm on Jow Forums for obvious reasons.

Also nice picture. Where in my last 2 post did I even say "incel"? I'm not the one spitting buzzwords.

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An incel is usually identified by the following traits:
>low intelligence
>heavy narcissism and sense of entitlement
>severe anger issues
>blaming everyone else for his own faults
But like has been said in the end an incel is someone who identifies as an incel and believes their cultist mantras.

>this whole post with pic


Must be fun using all your logical fallacies trying to trigger people online to get your frustration out. Have fun

An incel is a red flag that anyone using the word is a redditard who needs to fuck off back there.