Okay. So i have a girlfriend who I've had for almost a year, and she's been victim to a few sexual assaults...

Okay. So i have a girlfriend who I've had for almost a year, and she's been victim to a few sexual assaults. (being groped, kissed, and touched non-consensually) Two nights ago, she was dragged by an ex-friend of hers to a house party where there was going to be drugs, alcohol, and a whole bunch of people I didn't trust, or hated. (Ex-assaulters or just assholes.) I knew something would go wrong, but i told her she could go. I should have listened to my gut feeling. I was asleep at the time. She texted me that she regretted going and just wanted to be alone with me. She also told me that she had something to tell me tomorrow, and not to let her change the subject. As soon as she got to my house the following day, she broke down in tears. She told me while she was there, people were getting really, really drunk, and she stayed rather sober. She remembers being in a room with two people: the ex-friend and and some fuckboy. The fuckboy and the friend were very, very drunk, and cannot remember what happened on that night. As she told me, the fuckboy forced himself on her. I'm never going to forget her sobbing in my chest and trying to apologize to me as she told me how he was bigger and stronger than her and how she wishes she could have stopped him. She told me that she's never going to drink again unless it's with me. That image of her brokenness is seared into my brain. My heart just hurts. She didn't deserve that. She's an amazing girl and she deserves the world. To see her sweet smile broken like that makes me wish I could kill that fuckboy. I just don't know what to do with myself. I've always been good at helping others, but I've never been good at helping myself. I'm having thoughts of murder and thoughts of suicide. I just wish I could have saved her. She's everything to me.

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Find the guy and kill him. This is my 100% honest advice coming from the bottom of my heart. Nobody should have to rise above any of it, do yourself a favor and kill him

Yeah, please kill him. He's a waste of flesh.

>she's been victim to a few sexual assaults.
>more than one
>still goes to degenerate parties
She's hardly innocent in all this, but I still concur that the perpetrators deserve death.

She was dragged to it, she didn't really want to go. Her ex-friend made her go.

Sounds like she's ridden the cock carousal and had her fun and found you to settle down with, but didn't quite want to stop yet because she knew you'd still be around.

She still went, and the fact she was (at any point) friends with someone who regularly frequents these types of places at minimum speaks extremely poorly of her judgement. That she has been assaulted multiple times, and still goes to parties like this on the behest of someone she supposedly cut ties with, tells me she's either a world-class retard or a massive degenerate in her own right, probably both.

That doesn't excuse the garbage which took advantage of her, obviously, but her own character is very suspect in all of this as well.

Report it

She didn't deserve that, no one does, you're right. That guy is scum. He raped her, I'm noticing you haven't used these words, but that's what happened. I really think you should consider reporting it.

That said, she shouldn't have gone to that party. Even if she has some issues (understandable given her background) she can be held accountable for her mistakes. I'm not saying it's her fault at all, it's not. But she should have known that going there was a bad idea. And it's important for both of you to know that, in case it happens again.

I don't think she was consciously trying to get into that kind of situation, but I've come across cases of girls who suffered sexual assaults and afterwards they develop an unhealthy sexual behaviour without being totally conscious of it. Maybe she should visit a therapist.

I'm sorry user. And don't do anything stupid like killing or hitting anyone.

> She told me that she's never going to drink again unless it's with me.

Lol who are you kidding, who's she kidding? The moment the ex friend comes around she's gonna do it again.

Are you saying your imaginary gf got raped and instead of going to the police you are posting about it here?

She's damaged goods and is forcing you to be in this situation of chaos clingers. I had the same thing. End it

This story isn't true but if it was it would be a bipolar girl playing mind games and OP should leave her since no cops = she either intentionally fucked a guy or nothing happened at all


Report it to the police. If she's against reporting the guy to the police, that means it wasn't rape and she liked it but wants to hide it from you. This is the only answer OP.

She cheated. Dump her.

You sound like a cuck and your judgement is probably way off.
>Victim of a sexual assault?
Fair enough, can happen.
>Several assaults
That's suspicious. Either she puts herself in dangerous situations willingly or just covers up her shitty actions by blaming others.
>she was dragged
It's not like she was forced at gunpoint. Holy shit, how can people be so easily influenced.

You realize this is the same bullshit story women have told men for ten of thousands of years after they slip off to party without their mate and fuck. They still want to come home and lay low for awhile until they get the itch again and slip off to party and fuck.

I know OP, you think she is something special and you are something special to her but its not true.

She's a party girl that fucks around and you are a fool.

Lmao at all the cucks in this thread believing her.
That bitch got shitfaced, put some pills under the tongue and got rawdogged by a Brad.
But after she realised that everyone will know how good he fucked her and how many times she came on his dick, she needed a backup plan to save her betabux provider and - more importantly - save face.

Would you go to a party where you know there will be people that resent you, want to molest and rape you, and do all sorts of weird shit to you?
Who the fuck is that dumb?
And who the fuck starts drinking alcohol and maybe take drugs while in that situation?

Even if what she said is true, you should dump her because she's a gargantuan fucking dumbass and that spells big trouble in the future.

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Would you meet a black guy you only knew on SM in a dark park at 3 am? White girls will do all kinds of shit for some dick.

>few sexual assaults. (being groped, kissed, and touched non-consensually)


She's a ho, I said that girl a ho, ho, she is a fucking ho.

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>oh user I feel so sad that I went to a party and got fucked in all my holes by all those hateful men that used to rape me >:(( how could this happen to me

jesus christ how naive can one person be, ditch the whore you fucking retard

Hahahahahhaha this has to be bait and a bad one at that. On the 0.000001% chance that you're frank with us, fucking send her on her way asap

Dont listen to this incels
As a girl who as been sexually abused
Is true that u can resist and even if you know something is wrong you are way to scared to do anything ...poor girl

This souds fake but anyway. You are both idiots. Honestly I could not live with a girl so naive and weakminded to go back to her tormentors. And you sir are a dumbass.enjoy being her dad

>Is abused
>Maybe even raped before

>Willingly goes with her 'friend' to her supposed ex-abusers

My mother warned me about whores like this.
Too bad they didn't send you pictures for proof OP because now you'll have to decide for yourself what kind of woman she is, and by doing that what kind of man you are.
My advice; judge people by their actions.