Gotta situation

Gotta situation.
I asked my girlfriend to go to a concert. The performer is someone she really likes, so that's why I asked. I'd be ok going with her if she liked it.

I tell my mom about it and she says it would fuck over the relationship. She says the girl will just be thinking the whole time about how I fail to live up to the ideal dreamboat man that's performing on stage and how I'm inferior to the music star, etc. It seems a little cynical but plausible.

So, do I make up some excuse ("I have to go away that weekend" etc) in order to call off the concert plans? We haven't bought tickets yet.

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Your mom is a retard, ignore her clearly shit advice OP.

Shucks bro, I wouldn't cancel. If she's serious about you and level-headed enough, she'll enjoy the music, and more importantly, your company. Go for it.

That's what I thought.
My only misgiving is that by the time of the concert we will have only dated for 5 months.
Am I getting ahead of myself here?

Went to a concert with a friend of mine, ended up dating them. This was an artist she realllly liked.
If I had to guess it was probably the darkness, romantic music, and close proximity that did it.
Go for it OP

nah, show your girlfriend a good time my man, unless she gets invited backstage to get railed and snort coke with the rockstars you and her will have shared a positive experience. It's good to have positive feelings associated with you in any relationship.

If you show her a good time she'll love you for it. This is some psychology shit man, trust me. Literally the only way this can go wrong is if she literally ends up talking to the guys playing. Or gets hit on by other guys and is receptive to their advances, but if she's that wishy washy it really is better for you to find out now, because she definitely won't be sticking around.

what he said

Yeah, OP's mom is likely from the era of band van groupies and hard drugs. She knows nothing of the current stage culture.

Your mum sounds fucking nuts, OP. No offense.

It's just a concert. You could have been dating for 5 days and it would still just be a concert.

You'll listen to some music, have a good time and she'll be grateful that you pay attention to her hobbies and interests.

Wow your mom is harsh lol

Your mom is based and wise but if your relationship can't handle her fantasizing about a celebrity it's not great

On the other hand it is a little cucked if her main interest is how hot the guy is

on the real this right here

Your mom is insane op

You're not ahead of shit, this is fine

+1 for this user

What a miserable thing to say. You should probably take the things your mother says with a huge grain of salt after this.

who are you fucking? your gf or your mom?

Take her. The music has subliminal messages that make her want to have sex after the concert

I mean, who's the performer?

what kind of mother do you have? goddamn what a way to crush your offspring's dreams lol

Mom likes planning weddings and having grandchildren.
When Mom sees your relationship she sees a chance to plan a wedding and have grandchildren.
Mom only cares about the relationship insofar as it can produce the things that Mom likes.
A successful relationship, in Mom's eyes, is one that produces a wedding and children. If you guys don't get along, it turns sexless 1 year after the kid, or maybe even ends in divorce, those are just secondary factors to Mom.
Thus, Mom is more interested in manipulating your girlfriend than finding out if she's actually a good girlfriend.
Just something to keep in mind.

The girl will have a good time.
She will associate the good feeling with being with you.
She will feel good about you.

Wow you’re mom is dumb. Like legit fucking stupid.

Best reply ITT.

I figured this out because my own mom keeps trying to set me up with these random girls from church.
She gets mad if I say I don't like the girl and angrily demands I explain what's wrong with her. If I say she's just not attractive to me, and/or we have nothing in common at all, she calls me shallow even though
>you're both Christian, you're the same race, you're both single, and you both have jobs, you're perfect for each other!!!!1
is as deep as her Boomer thinking goes.
Her own marriage has been pretty unhappy overall but somehow I'm supposed to follow the blueprint she used so I can have an equally unhappy marriage?