Future dating advice

Looking to get attention from women, I just had a breakup and I need to fill the lack of attention I had from my ex with damn near cheap attention for a bit (yes, I'll specify I'm not looking for anyone to date.). Once I'm done being a hoe-bag and want an actual girlfriend, how should I go about getting a genuine females attention? I'm looking for a girl who's traditional, but will also enjoy hours at the gym with me. Please help /adv

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Ah yes, ask on an anime board full of incels about dating. Outstanding move. Pic related.

No seriously, just ask a girl at the gym out . It's the only way to make sure you share a hobby. If the date goes well, maybe you can get together, if not find another one.
Your problem is so general and so badly defined that you can probably not get a good answer.
Finding a girl worth dating is by it's nature difficult and subjective. Good luck man.

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Exercise and parties

I appreciate the response. However, it's against gym unspoken rules to do that. Women are there to workout, not be hit on by dudes (tis a sad fate++ they only do meme workouts.)

I can't get to any parties, you're not going to find any self-respecting women getting trashed at parties. Plus the ones here get infested by the wrong kind of people

But you said that you only wanted easy attencion,and it depends on the kind of party you go
Maybe you can go to fit events or "gym friends" parties

Oh? I meant in reference to actually getting a girlfriend. The easy attention is at parties, but I'd have to be careful which one I went to. But that's a good idea, I shalt attempt to go to one


I enjoy going to clubs where I can get a lot of female attention I couldn't get elsewhere. I had pretty girls tell me I was the best looking man there and I've even had sex in the toilet. Just look up where the hippest part of the city is in your local news and plan out a weekend trip to some places late night, sometimes you'll even discover secret nightclubs hidden in the back of restaurants and shit it's pretty fun

user, you're a chad!! Sadly I'm not 21, so I can't enjoy that kinda fun. But I'm near a REALLY nice (sadly liberal) city. But hey, it's cheap and easy attention

Hey, I just wanted to thank you guys again for responding. My now-ex left me attention starved beyond all belief (I've started body building and she had a good 10 "ironic" insults/joke for every one compliment I got. She meant no harm, but I kinda told her a bunch of times I do need some praise for spending at least 2 hours in the gym every time I go. It kinda left a void and I need attention, and thank you guys for trying to help)

I'm the furthest thing from a chad desu, I'm just really good at hiding my flaws. But also I've met a few girls who turned out to be 19 at the clubs so if you can figure out how to scam yourself in like they have it might be worth it. Otherwise go to a coffee shop there's always a copious amount of ladies hanging in a starbucks, maybe weasel your way into a study group

We've all got our flaws man, but hey if you could have that kind of success you're doing good! But everyone would probably stare my hillbilly ass down if I walked into a Starbucks (or they'd think I was a cuck due to my glorious beard)

>? I'm looking for a girl who's traditional
>Also looking to whore around and think that a traditional girl will look favorably on that.


Whore around as in flirt with a ton of girls but not do anything else. I should've specified better, it would've sounded kinda bad

>I'm looking for a girl who's traditional
You'll cheat on her too

Ironically enough with my ex I can say I can count on an entire hand how many times I had a conversation with another woman (that wasn't her friend). Her and I dated for 8 months

>8 months
So you barely even knew each other

We where close friends since middle school, so no, actually it's the opposite


> Women are there to workout, not be hit on by dudes

>don't hit on coworkers at your work
>don't hit on women at bars
>don't hit on women in public

Why are women so scared of flirting?