Is paying for sex worth it?

I feel like hiring this one. It would he my first time paying for sex, but I'm curious.

Any stories, advice, thoughts?

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Go for it. Is it legal where you live?

IT can be alright. its a sketchy world though

No, but law does not matter in this country anyway and I heard news the local congress is working on legalizing prostitution

Thing is these girls are available at very specific times amd they keep traveling the country often. Is that a good or a bad thing?

are you a genuine person?
never pay for sex

especially sex alone

Why not?

dang she's hot
how much does she cost?

No it isn't worth it

You don't see women paying for sex - why should you?
Stop being a loser

t. never fucked a 9/10 hooker

Why should I pay for a girl who's on the same level of attractiveness as me?

That means they're basically being trafficked through some legal loopholes.

9/10 user telling us not to pay for sex
the sheer unawareness lmao

I can't even imagine the buyer's remorse after busting that nut. Especially when there isn't exactly a shortage of free pussy out here these days.

I've tried it a few times and it's really bad imo.

For me the fact that you're paying for it is just a massive turn off. Like 80% of the enjoyment of sex is knowing the hot girl you're with actually wants you.

Paying just takes all the magic away from that. You don't know if she would actually want to fuck you. Save your money and buy a fleshlight, they are honestly far better.

>For me the fact that you're paying for it is just a massive turn off. Like 80% of the enjoyment of sex is knowing the hot girl you're with actually wants you.
sounds egotistical af

>wanting to be loved and desired is egotistical

Try it then, but for me the enjoyment of sex is almost null when the meathole you're stuffing is attached to someone who doesn't know or care about you and is only doing it for the money.

Well nobody wants me to put my meatstick in their holes, so escorts for me!

If you see it as basically masturbation with a living doll then I will say it can be fun, I mean it's sex after all.

Just personally I can't forget it's a real person who probably hates their job and me.

Well dude, nobody wanted to have sex with me so far in my life. So i dont care if they are nymphs or just doing a job.

I had sex with a stripper.
It was nice. But I kinda knew her beforehand by visiting the club she worked at and odd at it might be we had chemistry and she always wanted to fuck a nerd with my characteristics. But I don't know about with a stranger.

Also, they are ALWAYS uglier than their pictures show. Here's the rule for interpreting pictures:

>0-5s don't show much, no face
>5-7s show body, and face in a good light to make themselves look like 8s
>8-10s show body, no face

So you will probably find her a lot uglier than you did looking at her pictures, unless you get really lucky. Chances are she will have a great body and a rat face.

I hired 2 escorts in my life. Both from agency, one was running her own agency actually..

One was better than pictures, the other ones picture seem photoshopped but she was still a veyr german readhead

Makes sense. A lot of these girls take pics in the exact same room

Are you USA? what are some safe and legal agencies? I want sex but cannot get real women

Also if they're foreign and it says they speak English it means they know hello, yes and no.

scorts are not androids you know

I have never hired a prostitute. But i have paid for dates that lead to sex. And the latter was cheaper.

Sorry mate europe. One was dutch the other was german.

I would honestly say it's better value, safer and much easier to pay for an hour with a hot camgirl and a fleshlight than a prostitute.

Escorts are like robots, to me it didn't feel like a real human connection at all and that weirdness made it worse than just fapping to free porn. Although if you're a virgin it's worth a try.

I love escorts. You get the tasty connection of your body rubbing against another woman, they make pleasurable moans, if you screw up (PE, ED) it doesn't matter like it does in a real relationship. And finally with escorts you get to bang some of the hottest women that you will realistically never have sex with irl. Escorts are good for you, get one and have a good time!

There are websites where any girl or guy can advertise their sexual services. You can fuck students, college girls etc that want to make extra money here and there besides working and school. I've had great experiences with those. They usually get into it on their own, they have sex when they want it and because they want it

This is not an English speaking country and ues, she's foreign

OP here

I'm going for it. I'll tell you how it went if it can be done

Damnit. Fuck this puritan shit hole
Yeah, I know. By "real women" I meant women whom will not fuck me even if I pay them

>Especially when there isn't exactly a shortage of free pussy out here these days.
Except that there is if you are not good looking enough for online dating.

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>cannot get real women
What prevents you?

>le only chad gets girls meme

I'm not willing to sell my soul to appease them. Yes, this is different than paying them outright and explicitly

I dont't know user, I've tried tinder and okcupid and got zero dates out of it.

Websites such as?