Fart Girl Update

I'm not sure if anyone remembers my thread, but a while ago (maybe a week?) I posted with this gif saying I thought my bf broke up with me because I shared to him that I like to fart when I get off. I also said I was afraid he'd tell everyone we knew. This happened.

Today my friend came to me privately and said she wanted to warn me that there are rumors going around that I like to smell farts (which isn't even true) and that I ask people to fart on my face (which is also false), and that people are starting to call me Fartha as a play on my real name. My social life is basically ruined. I'm honestly thinking of just going and dying.

What can I possibly do? Please help.

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I remember you and i'm thinking you are just doing bait threads because you are bored. Probably took inspiration by that guy on Jow Forums that talked to his collegues about nofap as his hobby and got a nickname after that.

You fucked up LMAO.
Move away, disband all friendships and get new friends.

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Assuming this is not bait, just say your boyfriend is lying to get back at you for something

This. Sounds like some dumb high school shit anyway. It'll pass.

Oh hey Matt

It's college and this is actually very common. Another guy in my class is known as Lasagna to everyone except himself because of a story he told first semester.

this could be one of the funniest running baits i've read in awhile. continue.

Serves you right for being a disgusting bitch

college people are the new high schoolers it's true
more groups in uni than in high school
fuck college

Go to bdsm dungeons/bar events and be worshipped instead. There are weirder people than you.


Eminem would insult himself to take that opportunity away from his opponents. So fart on as many people as you can. Embrace Fartha, that is the new you. Once you musk of your smelly farts has cleared you will no longer be at the mercy of those teasing you, it will be the other way around.

>It'll pass.
Just like the gas


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Yo, I remember you!
Honestly, unless you reacted to it in some way, it's probably best to react to it as if it is ridiculous (assuming that you can act it well enough). If it's unclear I will explain.

Keep in mind that the more offended and outragous you'll seem, the more it'll attract people to mock you further. Just laugh it off until it'll eventually move on.

It sucks now but I can promise you this is not nearly worth dying about.
How old are you that people make these jokes?

Tell everyone he's pissed because you informed him his itty, bitty benis can't cut it in teh bedroom.
That'll BTFO hims o bad, he'll never recover.

Everyone is college aged (18 to 23, roughly).

I see. Then yes, I think it would be best to treat these rumors as ridiculous and pointless things. Consider turning it against your ex like how mentioned or in any other similar way, but do keep in mind it might turn into 'war' so you want to keep at least some good friends on your side.

(Also, how do I fins girls like you? That kink does sound pretty eroic and cute.)


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people will think you are cool once you and your circle of friends turn 30


please link thread in the archive

has brapposting gone too far bros

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I remember you OP. Last week we talked about Swampy. He said thank you for the art compliments btw.

Anyways, your social life is not ruined. Our circle of friends never make fun of Swampy for his fart fetish behind his back and theres 8 of us in our friend circle.

People also speculate Arin from Game Grumps is a fart fetishest as well, and I dont think he will ever seriously come out and say it, but he does nonchalantly mention farting hundreds of times in his videos. Danny has also mentioned he saw Arin's search history specifically mention "Fart Chamber" which is a tag for specific fart art, as you know. I havent seen people make fun of Arin for loving farts despite his large fanbase. I think if you embrace your love of farts and dont bend over backwards to hide it, then they wont make fun of you for it. Why would someone make fun of someone else if they dont care about it and cant get a reaction out of them?

Also the Fartha thing seems to be going too far. I dont think your friends are circulating that. It might just be one single 'friend' who secretly despises you and is trying their damn hardest to sabotage you. Try to find out who it is.

(Not OP but I'm the person you talked about Swampy with, to avoid confusion)

Oh woops! Thank you for clarification!

can confirm, knew multiple people we called "big dick," "long schlong," "chief longcock..."

It may seem life ending now, but just wait until you’re more independent and older. You do all the fart stuff with people who’s into it and no one cares.

How do you get 'Matt' from 'Fartha'?
OP clearly means Martha or Farha (egyptian name iirc)

So stupid.

Thank you. Unfortunately in my case this is more of a thing that spreads among the entire class rather than with a close circle of friends. There are many groups and they all like to gossip. My ex isn't even in my class.

Since youre in a college class, no one will care about it after a month or after the semester is over. People will forget that fast. Trust me.

This has to be bait right? A girl who is unironically down with BRAPping?
>What can I possibly do?
You can marry me. I won't tell anybody and I have a good social life, you'll make new friends.

But for a serious answer you can just move on, how old are you? Are you still in college?

I hope so.

Maybe girls are more accepting to it. I discovered this fetish with a female friend when I was about 14.

i m a g I n e
t h e
s m e l l

Pretend it's not true? What else can you do. Whenever you hear shit like that act as if they're talking absolute bullshit

They might be. How did you even find out?

It sounds childish enough that you can deny it as some sort of juvenile lie.
I mean wow, what a dick.
You share an intimate thing with him and he goes full blown high school by dumping you and telling everyone.

Deny it, deny it to your grave.

Long story short, I was 14 sleeping over with my friend, we'd just been to a buffet, lying in bed and she slips one out accidentally. We both laugh hysterically about it and start playing a game where we try to keep doing it. After a while I realized it was making me wet.


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Kekd so hard

Made me laugh
Sorry about your farts