Be absolutely spineless girl (severely abusive mother and grew up obese, lost the weight tho)

>be absolutely spineless girl (severely abusive mother and grew up obese, lost the weight tho)
>met a guy 10 years ago
>don't think I ever really loved him, stayed with him because he loves me and would be devastated if I left and i'm a people pleaser, also we get along great
>the years crept by and we're still together
>now we're married, bought a house together and are trying for a baby, have a picture perfect life and very loving husband
>developed an intense crush on a guy at work, thought it would go away but it has been 3 years
>pretty sure he feels the same way but it could just be all in my head from the insane crush

not really sure what to do, i'm 99% sure i'd never leave my husband anyway due to being so spineless/selfless, but the work guy just sets my soul on fire in a way my husband never did, also the thought of hurting my husband just breaks my heart

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Therapy, therapy, therapy.

Change job,if you love your husband just stay away from this other guy
Is not easy to find someone to make your life with
An one night stand is the easiest

what you need to do is ask for a transfer at work, find a new job, get some counseling, or tell your husband and ask for advice.

Can you even fucking imagine being woman? You live your life easier than kings and yet even despite all of this you want more.

Fucking awesome

hahaha what a fucking faggot

t. misogynist incel


this would be an easy solution but I got very lucky and have an amazing job... close to home, great work, great co workers (maybe a bit too great?), great environment, amazing pay/benefits/pension ect

actually my husband is better than this guy on all fronts which makes it all the more confusing... the heart wants what it wants right


You need to talk to a couples therapist about why these feelings are coming up for you as it sounds like some unresolved trauma, adverse childhood experiences, etc

So your heart says it wants to be fucked by someone you do not believe is as worthy as your husband?


there is just something about him, have you never had a crush? does this thing even happen to men?

Imagine being a woman and never being able to rise above your own emotions, only succumb to it. Oh wait that's already you!

Yes but generally not something most would act on especially after 10 years of being with someone who is objectively better. You’ve got some problems.

This is it bros. I have swallowed the incelpill

This woman who got carried throught her life by man who probably worked till tears, blood and bone will be cheated on. This woman even claims her husband is far better than the guy she is willing to fuck. "The heart wants what it wants" she claims but what about the man who was willing to fuck fat pig, spend all his money and time on her and made her lose weight so she could feel better will do now? The incels told me women are just smarter animals. They are completly right. If you wont beat your wife/girlfriend and if you wont treat her like trash she will cheat on you. There is nothing you can do but to understand that women are biggest cowards, trash this world can offer.

If someone know this guy please send him this thread so he can understand what a beta fucking cuck he is. His wife has everything yet she wants more. Just fucking end humanity i dont even give a fuck.

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Humans are not meant to be monogamous. If our dumb ass society hadn't force us to go against nature and severely romanticized strict monogamy you could just bonk this guy and forget about him instead of reeling for years. This shit comes up among my peers and coworkers ALL the time. It's just not natural.

Roasty level 20 000

I guess in this world it's expected that the man loves the woman and the woman deals with the man, and if she is honest with herself and fails to comply, what a horrible demon she is

Civilization and technology isn't natural either, i guess we should do away with those as well.

>I can do NO WRONG if I feel like I'm not wrong!


you mean god? Because the laws which moses brought from Mount Sinai clearly said to not fuck wife of your friend and so on.

It is wrong to stay with someone you don't actually love

>This woman who got carried throught her life by man who probably worked till tears, blood and bone
> spend all his money and time on her and made her lose weight

also I make more than him, spend more on him than he does on me, lost the weight before meeting him but rage on my friend

You’re the one who married and is even discussing children with someone who you have “deal” with. 10 years to actually decide you want out is fucked. I can’t imagine many women hearing this situation and cheering you on.

Women change their love interest every 2 seconds.

Im not the cuckold who takes care of you. It's his busniess. Im just saying if i would ever had wife like you you would get beat the shit out of every single fucking day. You probably even like it.

Is it wrong to spend years of your time and effort on a woman who never loved you?

You need a dose of self-awareness, whore.

Monogamy is shown to be better for child development because of a child’s need for stability in the parental relationship.

takes care of me, right... you probably work at wendys lollomao beat me with the belt again daddy

he wants to be a father more than anything and I want to make him happy

If you don’t want children then you shouldn’t have them for him to make him happy, that’s a terrible idea

I feel sorry for ur husband...just divorce and let him be happy with someone who truly love him
And then go and fuck the other guy
Thats what u want either way

The reason why are you looking at other man is because your husband is genetical trash. He wants kids but you want quality genome from man you see at work. It's not your fault that's how women are. Dont listen to those cuckolds in here and fuck that guy and get your husband kid. Which of course wont be his.

Fuck off. You keep trying to justify your actions and you disrespect your husband by saying he is lesser than your worthless ass. You're looking for validation, you will not find it here.

I'm willing to bet this slut already fucked her "friend"


Sounds like you do love your husband. It is very possible to love one person and "crush" on another. Look up limerence. The crush WILL go away, be glad you stayed faithful after three years of it. After ten years it is difficult to imagine life without the other person.

You’re gonna kill this poor bastard.

>i want him to be happy
>i want to cheat on him!

Fucking retarded cunt lol

>Dont listen to those cuckolds in here and fuck that guy and get your husband kid. Which of course wont be his.

this made me laugh, do people do this? i'm white and my husband is vietnamese, what a surprise it w ill be if our child comes out fully white (instead of fully vietnamese)

i'll absolutely not cheat, it's one of the other

>i'm white and my husband is vietnamese

Dios mio.

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>i'm white and my husband is vietnamese

Forget everything I said about you being a whore. Get with the other guy.

> i'm white and my husband is vietnamese

Good troll thread. Im out.

>the heart wants what it wants right
Call me a christfag if you want, but this is super relevant: The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Who can know it

Never listen to your heart user, it's literally brainless.