I just bought some lsd off a darknet market. Any tips for using it? What kind of stuff should I plan to do while on it...

I just bought some lsd off a darknet market. Any tips for using it? What kind of stuff should I plan to do while on it? I heard alice in wonderland is pretty trippy. There's also a ton of trails behind my house, and ive heard hiking is a good activity to do on acid... But theres some people around, so im not sure if thats a good idea for a first time.

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What does you taking, breh? Any experience with other psychedelics, including weed?

I got 5 100ug doses. Ive done one drugs ive done is weed and cough syrup (once... It was horrible, dont do cough syrup)

I would say outside settings besides your own backyard might be too stimulating for a first time. If you're taking it alone, I personally recommend tripping in your room/house with music ready to go (have some fun and poppy songs in case things start to feel overwhelming). Have something to draw on and water to drink. Feeling comfortable and clear headed before the trip is really the most important part

If you're tripping with friends, nature trails is the way to go. Of course, you need someone sober to handle the "other" reality. My first time, I took 250ug and just laid on my bed with my eyes closed enjoying the inner visuals and thoughts coming into every crevice. It's really difficult to find anything boring when you're tripping to be honest

Safety first, test your LSD to know it's what you think it is. Small dose can always be increased, large doses can't be taken back. No driving, cooking, or stuff you might space out on. Don't surround yourself with people you wouldn't trust with your life. And remember, this too shall pass.

>What kind of stuff should I plan to do
Going to jail, LSD is illegal.

I've done acid several times and enjoyed it each time. Here's my advice.

>Hiking: hiking is great, but I wouldnt do alone + hiking combo. Seems risky. I've taken acid alone, but I mostly kicked around my house.
>Take a small amount first as a test. Sometimes the dosage is fucked up. If you take too much, you'll 100% end up in the hospital. This has happened to a whole group of my friends. Thankfully there was no lasting damage, but I've heard of people going literally crazy as a result of taking too much.
>Talking to other people, espeically people you dont want to know you're on acid: I hate it. Most people wont notice, but still.
>Set + Setting is the most important thing in a psychedelic trip and will shape your experience a lot. Basically decide what you want the trip to be like before you do it. LSD is incredibly powerful for allowing you to introspect and figure out what's going on in life, what you really want and what's holding you back. So you can decide "I want to figure stuff out about Y in my life." Then your trip will help you do that. Or you can say "I want to see trippy visuals, feel good, and see things in a new way" or anything you want. That'll help you focus on how the trip is.
>Dosing: 1 tab is a good time, 2 is wild. I cant imagine taking more than that. 1.5 is perhaps a happy medium. I'd do the test dose with half a tab at most.
>It will last a long time. It will take a long time to kick in. Dont take more because you arent "feeling it yet." If you feel while tripping, just realize it will pass. You wont feel like this forever. You're on a drug so just enjoy yourself.

1. Phones off
2. No screens
3. Upbeat music qued or available without using computer or turning on phone
4. Drawing supplies
5. Friends you trust
6. No major obligations the next day
7. Living and tripping space completely clean
8. Full body exfoliation, showered, moisturized
9. Healthy food in days leading up to trip
10. Citrus fruit and water available for the trip
11. Light exercise day before
12. Full night's sleep
13. Safe and secure setting without surprises
14. Public space/outdoor tripping not totally recommended for everyone noob without sober LSD-experienced sitters
15. Benzo available to abort trip if someone is having a bad time

That's basically it, for an ideal environment in my mind. If anything, think hard about set and setting. A lot depends on what you are like and what you enjoy doing. Also I discourage psychedelic drug user in anyone younger than 25.


16. Probably wise not to stare in a mirror the first time you trip, if you want to be supremely cautious, cover them up

oh, I realized I explained Set but not Setting. The set is your mindset going into the trip. It includes your goals for the trip but also your general mindset (feeling happy vs sad, loved vs lonely, bored vs overworked etc). That will help shape the trip.

But also important is setting, which is your physical location, especially your emotional connection to the settings. Nature is a popular setting because most people have a neutral or positive connection to nature. Plus there's all kinds of cool stuff to look at. But any setting will do, as another poster said, its difficult to find anything boring when you're tripping.
Its important to think about your emotional connection to your setting. For example, if you take acid on the bed you got raped on, or where your grandmother died, I can guarantee your trip will at least partially focus on that. Not in a "oh my gosh my grandmother's ghost is raising from the grave" kind of thing, but more like "I'm exploring feelings and memories I forgot or never new I had." Acid is great at bringing emotional connections up you never knew you had.

For example, once I renting a separated room behind a house and tripped intending to stay inside my room the whole time. I spent a good while enjoying myself in the room, but eventually the trip uncovered hidden emotional connection to my surroundings. My thoughts turned to how small and lonely the room was and how the walls were just a small barrier between me and the truly interesting and sunny and beautiful world outside. I spent the rest of the trip walking around my neighborhood taking pictures. My room never felt the same after that and I later moved out into a much happier living situation.

So my advice is to give some thought to the setting. Anything is fine, but just be aware it will influence your trip.

Good stories user, sounds really beautiful. OP is getting gold in this thread I hope they take it to heart

Just stay at home the first 4 or 5 hours of your tripp because that is the part where you are confused the most. Just chill at home. Music, books, fap. Then the 2nd part you could walk outside. Enjoy! Don't do dumb things :) dont panic. Just laugh it awaywhen it is too much

He knows. One more thing. Maybe you will have a lot of fun on the trip and if you regonize yourself coming down you wanna see whats happening next. and you may wanna take a smaller dose. Dont do it. i have done it many times and i have made the experience that its better to accept the end. Often the trip gets a lot longer and you are getting exhausted at some point.
tl:dr: Finish the trip with the first dose you took. Dont take another one no matter how much fun you are expecting.

If Benzos arent available... I have made some good experience with weed if you wanna sleep but depends on your smoking type. If you are coming down. Put these Mix on and he will bring you up again for some time.

How can I test it?

Why no screens/computer? Ive gone to school for computer stuff and basically everything I do is on it. I don't even have a tv or books because i read them all on my computer. I usually connect my phone to my speaker for music, and I don't really get many texts or messages at all, so im not worried about talking about how the dragons stole my nipples to my mum.

Idk about testing it but I just went 100 the first time and it was fine. Don’t be worried about it being a bad trip because that will most likely ruin it; go into it thinking that it will be good and it will be good. Nature is definitely the way to go, I didn’t stay in my room and just went and explored in some forest with friends and just lay on the grass enjoying the serenity of life, grabbed a couple of ice creams and they tasted like nothing I’ve ever heard before, shit was nuts

IIRC I had dinner at 9 the night before and actually had it on p much an empty stomach because my friend who gave it said it’s better to skip brekkie since having breakfast or food dies down the effect a lot quicker

Have a nice trip, plan a nice hike or some shit on a day with great weather and pretty much nothing should go wrong. I’d advise going with friends regardless because it’s more fun and if it’s your first time, get a mate who isn’t gonna do it to look out for you just in case you decide to do some stupid shit like buy 20 sandwiches because they taste so good

Ive kinda had the same thoughts about the room im renting right now. I do feel quite lonely, but over the past few years, ive come to accept the situation im in with my life (rarely had any friends, not much of a socialite etc) and ive started to become more happy. I still think about living in a lonely rented room, but im much happier than when I was in high school. I can mostly put myself in the right headspace (i think), but do you think a noob could handle walking around the neighborhood on acid? I'm in a bit of a busier place with a major road at the end of my cul de sac, but theres a large park with tons of trails through the forest at the other end. Id probably stick to the forest because I'm not a big people person.

Its really borderline and I'd say up to how comfortable you feel. While on acid, you tend to want to do weird stuff like sit on someone's front lawn and enjoy the view of how their tree gracefully drapes onto their roof. That can attract attention and then the next thing you know you're talking to the police. That wouldnt be the end of the world but it would be a sad waste of a trip. A park is probably fine and fairly good because sitting down and enjoying the view in a park is normal, but I'd worry about going too deep into a forest and getting lost. If you plan on going outside, put on sun tan lotion and grab sunglasses before the acid hits.

Not him. Computer is fine (I've enjoyed tripping while browsing Jow Forums). Phone is fine but here's the big caveat: you must let go of all responsibility while tripping. Imagine the following: you're in the middle of a great trip and suddenly your phone starts blowing up. 10 missed calls from your family and more keep coming. What's going on? What's happening? Is my sister/dog missing/dead? That shit is stressful and trust me, you dont want to deal with it. In that case, its better to turn off your phone and deal with it later. Wash yourself of responsibility and enjoy the trip. In the same vein, dont do anything that requires responsibility, like driving cooking, sunbathing. If you tell yourself you'll turn off the oven in 30 minutes, you wont. You just wont and you'll enjoy yourself a lot more if you can let go of all that sort of stuff. The less stuff you have to remember to do and the more freely you can act / think, the better.

meant to reply to this

You will need a testing kit for LSD if you want to be sure you're not taking some other substance. Toxic drugs like 25I-NBOME get sold as acid, and they can damage your heart or downright cause cardiac arrest.

Dangerous substances can contaminate any darknet drug to the microgram scale (LSD doses range to that small of a scale) and if you get something like Xanax, it could be laced with fentanyl which can kill you unless you have a very strong tolerance to opioid drugs.

OP please read LSD's erowid and psychonaut page.

1. Don't plan so hard, plans rarely get held on lsd. the spontaneity is the fun
2. if this is your first time, have the come up and peak (0-6 hrs) be indoors in a safe place
3. if you feel up to it, take a short walk outside if the weather is nice

Seriously don't get too caught up in planning, let what happens happens, just make sure you are safe


Your reflection can look rather distorted and weird when you look into the mirror on LSD and this for some people can lead to bad thoughts and self-doubt.

Personally I've never really had that experience on LSD looking in the mirror and I've tripped many times, it can make you notice things about yourself that you wouldn't usually notice like blemishes on your skin can be more pronounced due to colours being more vivid. However for me LSD (and psychedelics in general) has never been the deep experience many people describe it to be. I've done some large doses and for the most part all my trips have just been fun and euphoric experiences with lots of laughter. I've never had an ego death or an experience that has really had a profound lasting effect on me.

do it in a police station

If its bitter spit that shit right out and wash your mouth


it's a sign it's nbome
it should be tasteless with just a hint of ink taste (assuming it has art and not a blank blotter)

Relaxing is key. You dont want to be unsure about it.
If you're motivated to do it and excited, that's the right time for it.
I've had a tab for about 3 weeks now but i haven't taken it yet for this reason