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¡Sácalo de tu pecho!

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I need to talk to you about this.

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I always used music to make me feel better when i was down, but this time it wont work because every song i listen to reminds me of her

>Funimation app is down
> Friend was off work since Saturday and said 3 days ago we'd arrange a time to hangout and he still hasn't
>My mum borrowed some money off me and was meant to give it me back June 25th but now she said she'll do it July 25th
>Job application rejected a day after I sent it

I fucking hate summer holidays

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I'm not getting anywhere dammit

>I need to talk to you about this.

Kind of hard to talk to you about anything when you refuse to answer your phone.

It's all so tiresome.

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Fuck you


can't remember the last time i was genuinely happy

Alright, what are you worried about?
Look dude, without caffeine from all my sources, I'm fucking dead and I'm not the pillar I was meant to be.
That entire facility would die because I'm sleepy.
I would prefer slicing off a bit of my life expectancy and over clocking my heart rate than to deal with having that much work left over.

Even one mere cup of coffee helps me zig zag through the building, skipping a bunch of people that I kinda hate.

Besides, after all that work is done, I can just jerk off for three or so hours. Maybe read an audiobook, research a tarantula I want to buy, look up careers that seem fun and not oversaturated, etc.

Coffee is amazing. Then again I very rarely drink it lately. I take caffeine and vitamin pills, energy drinks with fuck tons of L-Arginine and Taurine and whatever, and sometimes energy shots.

You might hate the decision, but I have to live with it. If only for another couple years so I can rise back to glory and go get a job elsewhere and hopefully get a fresh start.

have sex unironically

I have to talk to you.

I've been real depressed lately, and I lost it at work a little last night when I found out an old friend killed themselves in the middle of my shift. I ran outside and cried and snapped at one of my bosses when they came to see what was wrong. I told him to leave me alone and that I wasn't a fucking bitch. Now, I'm worried work will be awkward tonight.

Oh ok.

This is your boss
you're fired btw go fuck yourself

If you meant about making it up to me, than I need to talk to you.

[email protected]

This is serious for me, I need to talk.

I'm wasting my life and it scares the shit out of me.

My social life is so dead and it has been unsatisfying for quite a few years. I'm still only 23 but I feel like time is running out somehow. I have no friends and I can't drink alcohol. I also have no hobbies because I might be depressed, there is simply nothing I'm interested in. I work and I count the minutes until I can sleep and go back to work. I hate my situation so much but my brain feels impotent or something.

I wish something could save me from this garbage existence but nothing will

I've never had my grade curved up. Idk what that even means, you guys are all degenerates.

You probably did and didn't realize

Very well!

But first, you must answer the following questions for me:

1. Who are you?
2. Do you know who I am?

God fucking damn I hate this shit.
I don't get how some of the ugliest pieces of shit I've seen manage to smash, but the only women who are interested in me are old enough to be my mother (and not in a hot way). They string me along for days or weeks with "we'll see. I do want to go out again~" and then keep at it until I do a belly flop that makes it painfully obvious how badly I need this shit.
I've tried masturbating to deal with it, doesn't help. THEN I'm not aggressive enough and she picks up someone else.

I just want someone to hold, man. I haven't had anything like that since I was a kid. I never knew my father. I was so fucked off with my mother after one of her boyfriends ruined my social life and threw my 12 year-old ass into a piano, I didn't really enjoy hugging her anymore. Both of my functional siblings are adopted and resent the fuck out of me for it. Sorry your parents were at least aware of how fucking awful they were, dicks.

Oh, but all these married chicks, some more comely than others, seem to think I'd fit that kind of role nicely. Lovely. Normal fucking girls are clearly not interested in someone like me. Might as well just start with hookers. Why the fuck not? Throw me in jail, it's probably less of a pain in the ass (pun intended) than working for a living and hating every minute of it.

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You have no anus but must shit?

7 months about a dozen interviews and they all ended in rejection. Just got rejected yet again from an interview I thought I did really well on, someone listening in even said I was a shoe in, but no rejected. I really don't know what to do anymore or even what to believe anymore. I'm fighting this fucking hard for goddamn retail and no one will give me a chance. I just don't know anymore.

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You literally have to look them in the eye and smile.

Don't fuck with me right now, I'm not in the mood.

Don't play games. If it's you I need to talk and no I don't know you. I need to talk if you're reading this.

I always end up getting crushes on guys who don't like me back. I got ghosted (again) today and while I kind of expected it, it still hurts.

>no I don't know you

>I need to talk if you're reading this

Ummm... so which is it? You don't know me, but at the same time you're not sure if I'm the one you're looking for?

pretty much same

I'm not playing games anymore.
If you're reading this. I have to talk to you about some things. If i don't get a response from you than I understand and we won't speak again. We can leave it the way it is even though that's not what I want and I need to talk to you.

Reach out.

>I'm not playing games anymore.

>But I'm not going to tell you who I am.

>And I'm not going to tell you who I'm looking for.


You know who it is. Stop toying around with me.

Fuck you

I'm not schizophreic and psychic at the same time.

Give me a hint.

I'm done here. If I don't get a response through email than I'm done. I won't reach out like this again.

E-mail sent! :)

Basically nothing bothers me.

I kind of feel like this should bother me.

it aint me

I want him as a loving husband, soulmate and father for our children.

People can really fuck with you on Jow Forums if they know you use it, or just guess.

Donald is that you?

I went through a recent breakup that was really hard on me. The town whore found out and started sticking around after hours, we’ve been fucking. I think she wants a relationship but I only wanted attention. Wat do?

I'm watching a scary movie right now >.

Just kidding, I don’t hate you - I even added you to the sims household.

fuck her one last time for the memes and then tell her you just wanted attention and you cant be with a girl with a rep like hers. sorted

You always go on and on about how no one cares about you, yet even when there's people who actually do, you just push them away.

I care about you a whole LOT, but you only keep saying how nobody 'understands' you. You'd even go as far as to direct your anger towards me, straightly lashing out at me and ohers.

" Do you want me to slap you? "
—Fine, go ahead. I don't even care if it's hurting me at this point, but Jesus Christ man, please listen to us. Our lives are also shit, not only yours. We want to help you through your problems and make you happy, but what did you do? Oh, " we're not friends anymore "? Is that how you handle your relationship? You push us away and then get all pissy when you notice that you're all alone.

My mental health got worse because of this yet I would hate to point out the blame on anyone.

Sounds like a cuck you should get with a real mayne like me

>You always go on and on about how no one cares about you

When was this?

>yet even when there's people who actually do

Like who? You? I seriously doubt that you care about me.

>you just push them away.

I pushed you away because of your stalking, cyberstalking, gangstalking, trolling, spying, manipulating, gaslighting, insulting, mocking, ridiculing, lying, cheating, hacking, committing immoral, unethical, and illegal acts... (just to name a few things).

>I care about you a whole LOT

You do not.

>but you only keep saying how nobody 'understands' you.

There was a time in which I wanted people to understand me, but I don't anymore.

>You'd even go as far as to direct your anger towards me

It's hard not to after all of the malicious things you've said and done to me.

>straightly lashing out at me and ohers.

"Others"? Like who?

>" Do you want me to slap you? "

>—Fine, go ahead.

I would LOVE to slap you, but that's a bit hard to do since I have no idea where you work, where you live, and you won't answer your phone.

>I don't even care if it's hurting me at this point

It's not hurting you at all.

>but Jesus Christ man, please listen to us.

Listen to who? You and your husband? What for?

>Oh, " we're not friends anymore "?

You and I were never friends.

>Is that how you handle your relationship?

Yes. The best way to handle a relationship with an abusive person such as yourself is to simply cut you out of my life completely.

>You push us away and then get all pissy when you notice that you're all alone.

I don't even care about being alone at this point. It really doesn't matter anymore. I'm not even entirely alone right now, I still have my parents and cousins.

>My mental health got worse because of this yet I would hate to point out the blame on anyone.

How and why did your mental health get even remotely affected by any of this? You didn't want to lose the game? Then you shouldn't have played at all. I never asked you to be here.

>By the way, you are about to go to hell.

Yesterday came and went, and I'm still here, alive and well. :)

Which one?

The Devil's Rejects (2005). It's kinda not very good.
If you have a recommendation for a better film, I'll take it.

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Now I understand why you left me, but there's nothing I can do to change the way you feel about me.
The only thing I can do is learn from my mistakes and shape into a better version of myself to avoid commiting the same mistakes I made in our relationship with future partners, because I know that you won't love me again.
I hope that sometime in the future we can get together for a cup of coffee and try to be friends at least
I still love you but I have to move on.
Try to be happy will ya?

>Now I understand why you left me

I didn't "leave" you, because you and I were never in a romantic relationship in the first place.

>The only thing I can do is learn from my mistakes and shape into a better version of myself to avoid commiting the same mistakes I made in our relationship with future partners, because I know that you won't love me again.

You won't have any future partners because you already have a husband in the present day. Stick with your husband like you promised you would on the day of your wedding.

>I hope that sometime in the future we can get together for a cup of coffee and try to be friends at least

Kind of hard to "get together for a cup of coffee" when you refuse to answer your phone.

>I still love you

No. You do not.

>but I have to move on.

Great! Please. Do leave. Now.

I miss your voice. I wish we could spend more time together but I don’t want to feel annoying and there are better people you could be talking to. Sorry for being needy.

This isn't anything really sad or deep in meaning, but if abortion is murder because fetuses are considered humans, then wouldn't that mean any porn that has pregnant women in it be considered child pornography?

It bothered me at first. I don't really have any goals, any drive whatsoever. I'm incredibly lazy and lonely, and the only thing that gets me moving seems to be seeking the approval of others that I never can seem to achieve. Any hobby I take up dies quickly as I realize how many folks are out there and are so much better than me, so many of them younger too. Haven't had a real life friend for closing in on two decades, but I know that's my own fault as they are fond of telling me. I understand I'll probably end up homeless soon due to the pity of those housing me about to run out, that my job is a temp pity hire that is the best I could get, yet is not enough even for the shittiest apartment in this state. And those that pity me just keep telling me to just try, don't realize that I did try my best, that I kept trying and that the constant failures have worn away any fight I might have had.

I wanted to fix it at first, but I think I've come to terms with it now. I am tired of being rejected from jobs, of looks folks give me when I try to talk to them even if it's just to ask the time. Tired of being alone and failing at everything I try, of being pitied, of being the butt of jokes because I'm apparently an idiot,of getting randomly hit by pain so that all I can do is curl up and hope to pass out. I can't fix it, I'm too weak. Some folks are just background characters in other peoples stories. At least I found someone who can take care of my dog, and I have saved up enough cash to cover the pup's expenses when I get kicked out. They're a good dog. They deserve better than me, though I will miss them. And with the dog free of me, what happens after won't matter so much. I am sorry I was not a better owner, dog. You deserve a backyard to run and sun yourself in and all the toys you could ever want. I know you won't miss me, but I'll miss you.

>be me
>CEO of small but rapidly expanding company
>have money
>no time and no energy
>no pleasure, no joy, no excitement
>no lust despite being in early 20s
>no passion, no hobbies
>not introverted but guys and girls my age are smiling and crying whereas I reek of apathy
>going to "automate" my income so I will have to do minimum work
>currently 12 pm and awake for 30 hours
>girls want me
>still feel lonely
>ex of months ago connected with me on many levels
>absolutely despices me
>cant properly move on
Please help
This headache and chest pain doesnt go away.

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Have you even been disgnosed and treated for depression?

Aaaand I am bored of this place again. Lets see what gioyc looks like in a few months.

I'm not getting anywhere but if I don't do this now, next time I won't get anywhere either. So I guess I am getting somewhere.

Im going out without internet access in a few hours so I can focus more on my friends and studies, m'kay?

Wow. I don't know what to say right now. But a former coworker contacted me some time ago and he is talking to me about another job opportunity nearby. He is the only one to reach out to me and he is Indian. I hope this isn't a joke but I have been talking to him again and he for some reason wants to talk to me after all this time.

I don't know why.

No to both of those things. I am not depressed, just being realistic.

I could never make you love me the way I love you. In the end, all of this is pointless. I'm sorry

I think he feels guilty for what they did and this guy is trying to help me out. He feels guilty
Idk what to do since if i get a job here i won't be leaving.

shiiiiiiiieeeeet that is *not* good

I have a hobby I do for fun. Each year there is a competition. Is it wrong I don’t want to compete in it. I just like doing it for fun, I’m very good at it, and I might win but I just feel like a competition is like a distraction that means nothing to me.

Come to me and I will love you like never before.

Let me love you.

Friday, m'kay?
I getting a suprise for you, I can't wait for you to see it :)

You don't know what love is.

You’re probably right, but I try.

If you cared. You would have reached out.

Why is it that whenever I start dating a girl I immediately want to date someone else?

Just started seeing a girl who I really like, quiet cute and funny who (from what I can tell) clearly likes me back. Been on two dates and plan for a 3rd but every time I want to get more committed I begin to think about all the opportunities I may miss with someone else.

Is it because I didn't date alot growing up? I'm to young (24)? I'm tired of having these thoughts and feeling like I'm putting alot on hold for 1 person despite me liking them alot. Maybe it's because of my past relationship where I sacrificed alot, or it's because I only see her once a week atm cause we both have been busy over the summer.

I'm just afraid that I'll be in a situation where I really like 2 girls who like me back and I'll have to break one of their hearts which I've had to do before and chose the wrong person in the end.

I have to come to terms with the gravity of this situation. I hope I can come to a resolution that works for me.

Don't play with me. Mkay
I changed my mind because you are toxic to me and won't treat me right.

He's so lucky to talk to her. They seem right together. I don't want to sound like a cuck but I don't want to interrupt something good between them. I was a fool to think anything could materialize. I'm no one to her. I'm letting you go now k? I'm happy if you're happy.

Confession time:
Im a natural makeup type of girl~

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>You have no one, you will always have no one. Even me, being the cheating fuck up I am, have someone. You will never have anyone though.

You know, now that I think about it, this post is actually kind of interesting. Because it suggests to me that either:

1. The person who wrote this post doesn't know me and I don't know them, so this person had absolutely no reason to be affected in any way by my post. But this person appears to have been so deeply affected by what I said in my post that it compelled them to write out a reply intended to hurt me. Their reply did not hurt me, however, nor did any of their other replies. Why would their post affect me if, after all, I do not know them nor do they know me?


2. This person is exactly who I think it is, and they do, in fact, know who I am. And this person actually WAS hurt by what I said because they actually WANT me to love them. Now, why would this person WANT me to love them, when I already know full well that they are married to someone else? It's almost as if this person is an attention whore...

Im trying my best!
I was gonna buy you flowers, notes and shiet.
now the suprise is ruined

You want me to go?

I won't take the job.

It was a nice day and all, but it bothers me that you didn't wish me a happy birthday. I have no choice to get over it and will end up doing so, but my brain keeps on imagining all the possible scenarios. Fuck I'm bad with breaking up with people.

Fuck off raul

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I was gonna leave early mainly because of that since im not allowed to go outside alone unless im going to study.

Im not raul!

Hey, now. I make sure to always use proper punctuation and capitalization in my posts!

We haven't even met during your birthday!

Today. It's nearing its end and was nice. I just had some retarded hope of hearing from someone who I recently detached from knowing full well I was going to cause my own disappointment. Stupid brain.

I did come to you.

No but I can't prove myself to you without seeing each other first.

> reinstall tinder after not using it for a few months
> normally only get a few dates out of no sex or anything else
> match with 20-30 people over then next few days
>too beta to send first messages,
> goth chick sends first message.
> convo isn't great make a joke about how if shes bored I could help with that.
> get her number
> talk for a few days
> she tells me that she kind of wants a FWB, but is open for anything.
> tells me some of the things she likes,
> go over to her house, its huge has indoor/outdoor pools and hot tubs, forest in the backyard
> we swim, drink, and chill in the hottub
> we get out and play some switch together(smash, mario Kart, Dr.Mario and a few others)
> turn on HIMYM and cuddle, drink a bit more,
> after a bit she asks if I want to cuddle in bed.
> go to her bed shes all over me, make her cum a few times with my toung, and fingers.
> she begs me to fuck her.
> wip out my dick (normal ish ~5' but i'm fat 5'10" 280lbs) so it looks small, rail road her for a few minutes,
> to tired to move ask her to get on top, she does and I cum not long after.
> I ask if she enjoyed it and If I got her off enough shes says yes,
> ask if I should text her in the morning, shes says yes.
> head home,(since its her aunts house and the one rule is I can't sleep over)
> get in car(its been over an hour almost two since my last drink, and I only had 3.5 drinks, 2.5 of which were had 4 almost 5 hours earlier)
> get home, sleep, wake up and text her,
> no reply, go to work, check tinder app, shes no longer in my messages, send second message(about 3 hours after the first)
> that was 2 days ago. Ghosted

Why do I feel so shit, Like I finally had sex again after an almost two year dry spell,(last time was the period of about 2 months after I lost my Vcard that I was going on dates every week or two).
But all I can feel is that I was used, and was nothing more then a warm dildo her. And that kind of hurts.

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>tfw no gay gf to watch horror films with ;-;

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Mi hermano se gastó casi 200 pesos en el Team puto Fortress 2 en vez de comprar juegos en oferta y estoy que me lleva la verga


Were you even sure about what you actually wanted when you reinstalled the app?

But hey, lucky you, I couldn't even go through with it when I finally got a local chubby nerd to want to fuck me.

okay lang yan pre, ako ng 180 pesos lang baon ko ngayong araw. partida kailangan ko pa yun tipirin para sa makalawa at wala kaming pasok bukas.

How much longer must I wait until I can see you again?

Thirty years.