Insecure about being a redhead

How do I stop being insecure around women being a pale redhead male? I assume I am unattractive because of it

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Cut it short and go for the dangerous Irishman look. Dude in pic would look 2x better with a buzzcut imho

Don't worry. You'll probably go bald at like 25.
Then you don't have to worry about having a prominent and unique feature that people like to fawn over.

What women fawn over gingers lol?

stop buying into jewy hollywood memes.
Red haired people are some of the most attractive on the planet, provided you don't get cut lile the faggot in the OP

shitloads of them, actually. Half my class had a crush on that harry potter guy

Women don't like it

they love it actually.
cope harder, ugly kike.


Purely anecdotal lol

I was talking more in a general sense. Like "oh, your hair is really pretty," or, "oh, I can't believe that shade's natural!"
It does get me sexual attention from black girls and Latinas, though.

My hairline's starting to go, and I'm missing it already. I did get teased a lot for it in school, but that's why I love it. I felt like I earned the fucking right to wear this color. As a hair color, it's associated with misfits, dorks, and rebels. That's "why" some people don't like it on a guy. A misfit/rebellious girl is just quirky. Worst case scenario, she'll be a single mother. An ill-behaved, low-status guy is a bit of a fucking problem, though.

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>It does get me sexual attention from black girls and Latinas, though.
Really? Any examples?

The black chicks at work always get really flirty and touchy with my hair whenever I get it cut (sadly the only one I'd fuck wants me to fight her husband to do it. No, thanks), and there's this Latina chick that comes in and is always giving me fuck-me eyes and lip bites while she's armlocked with her burrito bf.

It's like blonds to them. You're just something different, and a lot of young women have the mindset that they have to try everything at least once. Women are also just predispositioned to genetic diversity.

Boi, if you're that much of coward regarding your looks then use melanotan 2 spray already.

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My bf is really insecure about his looks as a redhead
I think he's extremely attractive tho :)

Wher e u from?

I'll bet you're in England.

The Brits for some unknown reason type redheads (or "gingers") as losers. Elsewhere they are usually generalized as happy, fun-loving popular types

>The Brits for some unknown reason type redheads (or "gingers") as losers.
It's because Britbongs hate the Irish

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Yes I am english

This fucker is 5'2 and fat, but bangs next reply daily and gets paid to stream video games. Being a literal troll didn't stop him from finding a decent life. What the fuck is your excuse.

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There's the issue, then. I'm from America.

It's not just that they're racist towards redheads over there. The middle and upper classes are entirely up their own asses in England/Wales. It's not that class is unimportant in America, but you can have a doctor in a suit and nice house that sees some hillbilly biker on a Harley rumble by, and he'll think "Holy SHIT. I want to do 'that,'" and he often does. There's not this pervasive air of snobbery surrounding wealth, and being posh is pretty much synonymous with being effeminate here.
Fuck, even listening to thunderf00t talk about working class people was enough to give me an ulcer, and that guy doesn't even fucking live in there anymore.

I'd honestly migrate to Ireland or Scotland, if I were you. Converting to Islam is also apparently a popular route for English redheads. Fuck the lobsters.

i'd let him blow me. you can't. just pretend and deny, no one can know the difference no matter what they say.

be more Irish or Scottish. girls really love those

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If you believe that you are unattracive because of the color of your hair and the fairness of your skin then you are wrong. If you believe you are unattracive then there may be other reasons.

my gf has a redhead fetish id let her fuck one i guess

From one ginger to another, start lifting user. We can make it.

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