Do you think women live life on easy mode? If yes how easy? How do you define easy mode?

Do you think women live life on easy mode? If yes how easy? How do you define easy mode?

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Yes. They can achieve sex and companionship without effort, which is the single most important thing on earth for happiness.

Nope. I wish I was a guy. I could act and be whatever I wanted meanwhile women have to act a certain way in public.

Try having to be born a certain way to be treated human.

We aren’t treated like human. Women are treated like sex objects. Wow, so human!

>Women are treated like sex objects
What is so bad about this?

The fact that you ask means you’re part of the problem.

Not an argument.

No, if you think women have it "easy" you haven't listened to enough women tell their stories. And, if you refuse to listen to women or believe what they say, you only demonstrate why they don't have it easy.

No. A woman with a guy mindset would have life on easy mode.

What stories


Yes, (pretty) women certainly do live life on easy mode. I think its defined by how you are treated by others and the opportunities available to you or made available to you. If you're an average looking girl life is still a lot easier than being a average looking guy in terms of social benefits. However, women are also much more susceptible to being brainwashed by media so there are downsides.

The biggest life ‘easy mode’ is being born rich, everything else pales in comparison

Books by women? Essays by women? Short stories by women? Movies by women? Documentaries about women? This isn't even a comprehensive list. Apply yourself, educate yourself, culture yourself. If you never expose yourself to the stories and struggles of women, it's easy to think they have it easy.

Which books, movies, essays, documentaries should i watch first?

This desu fampai.

No they don’t. Living for any man is much easier than a woman. A pretty woman is also treated way more of a sex object so how is that better? Lmao. Porn and feminism have both destroyed women. There is a war on women going on where it demoralizes them to the point they have to act and look like robots. I can’t wait until God ends all life and saves us from this Satanic world.

yes. it is extremely easy for a woman to find love. there is nothing more important than love

Not exactly. They get a lot more upfront rewards but they essentially have to have their lives completely together by their 30's. Men get very little upfront but they have a much longer time table to get it together, generally an extra decade or so.

To young people it appears like it's all one-sided, but in my late 20's I look around at my age peer group and I can see that it's in the process of flipping around.

>act and look like robots
True, but women do this to themselves.
This is idiotic. Women are their own worst enemy. I'm sure you think the Handmaid's Tale is a true work of art.

You set yourself up for how you will be treated by others

Not him, but it is a work of art though not near any of my top dystopian favorites. In the original novel it was radical Feminism's puritanical anti-pornography push that put religious radicals within striking distance of government control through a campaign of moral censorship. That was written out of the tv series partly because the medium does not like nuance and partly because of a change in political climate.

An interesting question.

Personally, for starting out, anything by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is good, but The Danger of a Single Story TED Talk is great, as is her classic novel, Purple Hibiscus. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi is great as well, both the movie and graphic novel. Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga rocks my dick off, it's so good. Those are the entry-level non-Western works I can immediately think of, but there are tons more.

If you're looking for American female authors, credit must be given to The Awakening by Kate Chopin.

The Handmaid's Tale show was created by a man you stupid mongoloid.

>what do you mean, rape? she was asking for it!

who gives a shit if it was created by a man? There are tons of retarded men out there that think like women.
You got me there. I read the book in hs but forgot pretty much all of it.

>which is the single most important thing on earth for happiness.
You must have a really shit life then. I find more happiness in competition than I do in sex and companionship.

>who gives a shit if it was created by a man?
The suggestion was to read and watch things created by women, learn reading comprehension.

It's no use arguing who "objectively" has it better or worse, suffering is not relative. Look at how many guys on here complain they were dealt the worst card of the pack while being young, healthy, having a roof over their head, a living and more or less loving family etc. Even if objectively women would have it easier that does not mean their suffering is less deep or that they actually experience their life as easy - virtually no one does. The only thing arguments like this lead to is being able to point fingers and say women should shut up because you have it worse, basically the "think of the starving kids in Africa" argument that never works.

There's positives and negatives to each gender. Women can get sex and be taken care of easier. In general we are expected to do less to get by. It also means women are taught to be independent less. I wish my father had taught me more skills for being independent but in part because i was a girl he didn't. Consequently I'm less confident and capable than a lot of my male counterparts. We also because of our size have to worry about abuse and sexual assult a lot more than grown men because usually we can't really defend ourselves. Men can deal with this to but out of all the girls I've spoken to most of us were aware men either did or would one day want to have sex with us at a very early age. It also isn't fun trying to do our own thing and being constantly overshadowed by men

Tl:dr the major benifits of being a girl apply mostly if you're pretty enough to find a partner appealing enough and stable enough to take care of you and if you even want to be provided for like that in the first place.

They're given preferential treatment in basically all avenues of life. It's not a lot; Realistically it generally only amounts to greater kindness, sympathy and compassion from strangers, and it can manifest in subtle ways, but it's absolutely real. The biggest advantage comes in the realm of social relationships, which gives them a tremendous support network and lifeline to the outside world, so helpful and integral to every aspect of their waking lives that they seem to be virtually incapable of understanding how someone could live without the resources it provides

Think about it this way.

Women can be the absolute worst of the worst pieces of "human" trash while still getting comfortable lives, benefits and love and from others.

While average men achieve the same with more effort and shit.

That's how much on easy mode they are.

disregarding other factors, a woman's potential for ease in life is primarily dictated by how beautiful she is. very beautiful women have the greatest chance of living life on easy mode.
even if she is very attractive it is very easy to fuck things over for themselves without strong intelligence/intuition

overall it is easier being a man in this world. the only people who think women universally have it easy mode because most guys would fuck most girls are really unfortunate men who do not receive much sexual/romantic companionship


Women are pushed into few roles;
1. Slut that men use as a warm hole but don’t want to keep after they get bored
2. Underpaid work horse
3. Stay at home mom that is cheated on and under respected

How ignorant do you have to be to think it's any different for men? Everyone has to deal with societal expectations of how to behave. We don't just get to do whatever we want either. This "grass-is-greener" attitude is dumb on both sides, life is hard for everyone, it is difficult and confusing and often painful to be a human being

I never understood that statement.

In what ways you can't act in public as a woman that you can act out as a man? And hopefully you give some deep meaningful answer to that an not some pathetic petty shit.

Also, you do realize men conceal all sorts of shit about themselves too because of women, right?

>It also means women are taught to be independent less. I wish my father had taught me more skills for being independent but in part because i was a girl he didn't.
Just out of curiosity what do you think guys are taught to help them be independent?
As a male I was never taught anything about independence. I had to find that all on my own.

I have, and they have cemented to me the fact that women get an existential crisis when they stub their toes.

Their minds are borked and unfit, rendering them hysterical and unable to judge things in an objective manner.

So yes, to women, regardless of everything, they will always think that shit is worse for them, while in reality they are just overgrown babies.

I was originally referring to the novel, which was written by a woman. A man adopting that into a tv show does nothing to disprove my point. Please try again.

I cant say but my sister who has a bachelors in information systems and works in IT just got bullied by 2 random IT peeps (over how she wrapped cables, her cubicle setup, other dumb shit). She completed more tickets than either of them and they just told her she was just doing the easy ones and she doesnt have what it takes. Until she quit and got a better job in a larger company.

She has had 2 relationships while I have had 0. We're both 21. So I guess even statistically its easier for them to find relationships, but there are lots of people out there preaching the "caveman science" believing that 0% of girls are able to do a certain job rather than just a lower percent. They dont understand the bell curve and judge according to their own ideas.

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I guess basic things. For me personally i was thinking how men get the experience of their fathers being a mentor to them. Teaching them handy stuff like how to be confident and fix things? Maybe women get that mentoring experience with their mothers too? I was raised by my father so I'm unsure. Men in general just seem way more confident and take action more so i figured it had to be something.

Now that i think about it tho women seem to be better at teamwork so it could be men seem more confident because women seem to ask for input from others way more than men do?

Persepolis is good, not feminazi either.

Beauty is a factor, but things like toxic families can cause depression and health issues. Even if she was meant to be beautiful, by school age it could already have been eaten away. Hygiene fails, clothing and style are off, stress skin... all signs of a bad home life. There’s nobody unloved more than an ugly depressed woman.

Women are statistically less like to experience physical violence, especially by men.

You are just paranoid for no real reason, you are living in shackles of your own creation.

>Teaching them handy stuff like how to be confident and fix things?
I didnt really get that, though my father worked shift work 6+ months a year when I was young so u ended up amusing myself most of the time. Confidence is something I lack so you may be onto something but the fixing things I taught my self by pulling apart anything that broke.

>For me personally i was thinking how men get the experience of their fathers being a mentor to them. Teaching them handy stuff like how to be confident and fix things?
I hope you're joking
I'm sure some guys had stand up dads who taught them woodworking and how to tie a knot and other boy scout shit, but my father taught me virtually nothing meaningful. He'd serve as something of a role model purely through exposure, and occasionally give me some advice which amounted to hollow platitudes, but anything real I learned was almost entirely through my own experiences and mistakes

1. No one is pushing you to do it, women that do it just see the lucrative aspects and are too dumb to see the negatives that it has.
2. The gender wage gap gas been disproven a billion times over by now, believing it renders you more retarded than young Earth creationists.
3. Men would love the opportunity to swap you own and be the stay at home dads.

Nice bait thread, OP.
Everyone knows that men have it harder and nobody cares.

When it comes to sex and relationships, easily. It's not even really a question. Women are the more desired sex by far and away, thus finding romantic or physical love is definitely easier. I've met women who were in dedicated relationships and got laid on the regular despite being fairly boring and awkward because they happened to be cute.

We're paranoid because if someone decided to hurt us we wouldn't have a good chance of defending ourselves. Kids get abused at a similar rate. But most men grow up strong enough to defend themselves against other men. Women don't.

I don't know if men have a natural knack for handy work or not. I can weld really good but it took a lot of dedication. I'm sure how your parents act is more important for forming confidence than your gender. I could also be mistaking action for confidence.

It just feels like women DO less. Literally take less action than men do. I don't want to believe it's a biological thing because if it is that means our society won't evolve beyond it and I'll probably an hero myself

Bait post. Fuck off incel

You know you could just carry pepper spray, right
The self-defense argument breaks down in the modern age when there's literally nothing stopping you from carrying an implement to defend yourself if you feel you might need it

>I could also be mistaking action for confidence.
Probably, I mean I probably come across as confident most of the time but inside I am unsure of myself and pretty sure I'm always going g to fail.

>We're paranoid because if someone decided to hurt us we wouldn't have a good chance of defending ourselves. Kids get abused at a similar rate. But most men grow up strong enough to defend themselves against other men. Women don't.

Absolute bollocks. The reality of the matter is that even the most spindly, noodle armed, bird strength person on the planet can fuck you up bad if you are not expecting it. Have you seen what a wine glass or similar to the face does to you? And absolutely anyone can destroy you with that.

You phrasing it "man have the strength to defend themselves" just shows that you have never ever been threatened with real, actual violence, because otherwise you would know that those situations are not some anime or western where you go to the town center at noon and square off. It happens lightening fast, you can get fucked up in an instant, and strength and muscles and whatever don't mean shit in a world of spiked gloves, knives, crowbars, guns, and even just old fashioned numbers.

If you get in a situation that has escalated to violence, you fucked up AND are fucked.

That's why women have it so much better in this regard especially - people just don't go after them in such a way.

I mean pepper spray doesn't imobilise a person. The only thing that would really work like that is a gun and i believe anyone who can should get their conceal carry. But absolutely nothing is a gurentee.

Same. A big part of it is i feel like men make things into competitions and i absolutely hate anything competitive.

I don't understand why y'all are suprised people who are weaker are nervous about being assulted by people who know they're weaker. Yes. A weaker person can come out on top. They don't always. And if a weak person hurts a strong person in an attempted sexual assult but doesn't manage to get away or immobalize them that can turn an assult into a murder. I'm not saying women should walk around feeling like victims. But we 100% have plenty of reason to be cautious. To deny that is completely ridiculous.

absolutely lot of other factors, though a very beautiful woman has better possibilities for escaping via men
And i agree 100%, no one more unloved than ugly women

>But we 100% have plenty of reason to be cautious.

Plenty, sure, but what we are arguing here is easy mode life based on gender.

Women have, statistically, less things to worry about than men do. You are just overblowing your "problems" out of proportions and acting as if you have it worse.

Weak guys, by your reasoning, should be fucking scared shitless all the time, but guess what they aren't, because men aren't overgrown babies. Women (not all, obviously) are just retarded and never ever try to think thinks out rationally, or view things from the opposite perceptive of men, mostly exactly because of the victim(women)-perpetrator(men) mentality so many of them have, and because they don;t think, just go by their hysterical and paranoid feelings.

This is why you "don't understand", not just this point, but the whole easy mode thing.

Don't know about that one, judging by other threads and posts, incels have them beat a billion times over in that regard.

Weak men shouldn't be scared shitless any more than women should be. Men get attacked more under certain context. But as adults women absolutely experience more sexual violence. Acknowledging that doesn't mean I'm taking on a victim narrative.

Not an argument retard

That's the whole point, goddamn I can't believe you aren't getting it.

You think weak men should be scared just as much as women, but in actual reality they aren't, even though statistically THEY ARE MORE AT RISK!

Your fearing is a problem that exist primarily in your heads, not in actual reality.

And this way of thinking is borking your life bad, in many many aspects.

This is the actual reason behind the many things you think women have it worse over. Not because of things men/society do.

This is why we probably would have a different definition of what constitutes "sexual harassment" For you, stubbing your toe is an existential crisis.

>watching Hell’s Kitchen recently
>table of 12 seated, all women
>waiter asks if they work together
>yes we wear bikinis for work
>they proceed to talk about all the places in Europe they’ve seen

I mean my perspective could be swayed by the fact that it's not uncommon for strange men to approach women and say some very uncomfortable shit. I've had moments as an adult and child where i def could of been assulted. And I'm not particularly sensitive about weird men. It's just weird you don't understand there's a whole huge vein of men who live to creep on grown women. Who have no interest in small men. Some are creepy. And some are creepy and will rape you.


The awakening is absolute garbage in both style and plot. Shit taste desu.

And women have it way fucking harder than men OP

>I don't want to believe it's a biological thing because if it is that means our society won't evolve beyond it and I'll probably an hero myself
So basically if reality doesn't conform to what you want you're going to kill yourself. That's so childish. What about trying to change things, take control of your life.

>And women have it way fucking harder than men OP


Some things they have easier, some things are far harder. If you're a relatively fit man, for example, you can go pretty much anywhere and be confident in your ability to defend yourself, while a woman will be quickly overpowered by most men with little effort at all--that's why a lot of women get extremely nervous in elevators, because all it takes is a guy to get a bad impulse and she's already done for.

Men and women are different. Only if you believe egalitarian delusions of interchangeability will this seem like an injustice to either group--the differences are not an issue. What we do about them might become one.

> single most important thing on earth for happiness.
Incels need to be gassed right next to feminists, holy shit. Get over yourself, degenerate.

That's something they buy into themselves, though. Men somehow manage to be even more degenerate than women in this regard, but women still do fall for it--even worse, they convince themselves that it's "liberation" when the first reaction guys have today to a woman waiting until marriage is to ditch her instantly. But this isn't an issue inherent to women, it's an overarching rot in society that is deliberately pushed to mold people into obedient, replaceable drones.

Of course, both sexes have it easy mode in different ways

men have it easy in?

>And women have it way fucking harder than men OP
Id love to see proof.

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For your convenience:
>"measures of subjective well-being indicate that women's happiness has declined both absolutely and relative to men. The paradox of women's declining relative well-being is found across various datasets, measures of subjective well-being, and is pervasive across demographic groups and industrialized countries. Relative declines in female happiness have eroded a gender gap in happiness in which women in the 1970s typically reported higher subjective well-being than did men."

The question isn't how close we are to "equality", whatever that means, it's why any of us would want to reach for such a disastrous a concept in the first place. A government is by no means an "equal" in function to a single citizen, but such a disparity in function and capability by no means excuses abuse. It is no different with biological and social differences in the functions and capabilities of men and women; the differences which manifest themselves are NOT unjust, nor should they ever be treated as interchangeable with injustice.
That kind of thinking gives us degenerate men and women pointing to each other as an excuse for their pitiful behavior--manwhores saying "all women are lying whores anyway, might as well pump and dump", while whores say "men treat women as sex objects, so I might as well act like one". That's "equality" for you, and it isn't pretty.

Injustice unfortunately does occur, and we obviously should deal with it when it comes up, but to do that you have to identify what the injustice actually is. If you see whoring around as inherently "good", and then see that women have an easier time doing it (nevermind that men have always been worse than women in sexual degeneracy), you're entirely missing the point if your "solution" is trying to whore around yourself.

Happiness is very very subjective. The question is in what way are women lives harder than mens?

>You know you could just carry pepper spray, right
The last thing I want to hear is more cognitive dissonance damseling about how they're so smol and helpless but they're also kickass and brave with this pink bottle on a keychain

>The question is in what way are women lives harder than mens?
If you're going to say happiness is subjective (which, to a point, it is), then you must also admit that "difficulty" would be as well. It depends on the aspirations, abilities, and overall mindsets of those involved--and those differ between men and women.

Walking outside is a gamble. It’s scary as almost every guy has the strength to fuck you up bad. And they come on to you, and you just have to hope these potential monsters take rejection lightly.

A guy walks out the door and his fear is that he won’t be made fun of.

Yes, different genders have different problems. Just one of them are more severe.

>then you must also admit that "difficulty" would be as well

Difficulty is not subjective. It's what expectation does society has from men. From women there is no expecation just to become mother.

Men are far more afraid of being killed outside than women. In fact homicide vicitims are 80% of men. Im afraid to go outside and being killed and being overpowered by another males. Do you really think this is exclusive only to women?

>Difficulty is not subjective.
Of course it is. For a given task, sure, it's easy to compare how people would fare, but if we're talking about "difficulty of life" like in OP, that depends on what you want out of it. And since men and women don't want the same things, nor would they be equipped to get the same things, it doesn't make much sense to compare "life difficulties". You can only compare them if you hold them to the same (male) standard, since it's that standard which has always been the basic unit of society's labor. And in that case, which shouldn't be used, then you are obviously going to make women inferior--since women can't be men as well as men can be men.

The whole question is a waste of time, is what I'm saying. The premise that men and women are fundamentally the same, or that they should be, is a flawed one, and without that premise then you can't meaningfully answer the question of difficulty.

So you are basically agreeing that men have it harder.

Men have harder lives but fewer women have the same potential men have. I think modern society has tried to artifically push women to have the same success men who work hard with their potential have.

And you are agreeing incels are idiots and liars.

>Walking outside is a gamble. It’s scary as almost every guy has the strength to fuck you up bad. And they come on to you, and you just have to hope these potential monsters take rejection lightly.
then surely most guys have more reason to be worried because as men they're actually more likely to be assaulted and killed than a woman.

>so what you're saying is
>[insert something I didn't say]
I'm saying, as I did at the start, that for any given task men and women will have a separate capacity and separate difficulty in completing it. For example, it is far harder for a woman to defend herself against assault than it is for a man. But if we are talking about something like 'life' in the abstract, then it goes out the window since we have no concrete frame of reference. In the case of assault, the reference is the assault--that's identical no matter the target. In the case of life, "life" is not objective like the assault, so it changes along with gender, making meaningful comparison impossible.

In short, I can say that, to society at large, men SHOULD have greater responsibility, but also greater ability to recover from misfortune. Women should have less responsibility to society as a whole, but they also have a much harder time in recovering. Put another way, if a man is a complete fuckup domestically--he might be a violent drunk, a serial philanderer, or what have you--he can still be of some use to society, as muscle power or just cannon fodder. Whereas if a woman is a complete fuckup in the same sense, being a cheating whore or a terrible, neglectful mother, then she is far more restricted in the ways she can recover any value at all.

I'm wording it this way specifically to show that, because of the differences involved, not just between genders but between "life" for them, you can find examples of either male or female advantage.

>I think modern society has tried to artifically push women to have the same success men who work hard with their potential have.
Precisely. The objective is to make men and women interchangeable and equally disposable, to the benefit of neither.

yes but what you just said is complete bullshit because society puts women on piedestal making their lives far easier than men. So your paper theory falls flat on the ass.

>society puts women on piedestal making their lives far easier than men.
I just posted a source showing that the current state of affairs is just as damaging, perhaps more so, to women than to men. I'm saying that you're focusing on the wrong thing to get mad at. It isn't relative difficulty, it is the structuring of society as a whole.

How is it bait? Just look up the work related deaths, homelessness, suicide rates and then report back to me, my sweetie, cutiepie, babygirl princess *kisses you on the forehead*

>if a man is a fuckup he still has value because he can always die for Isreal

Note the distinction between our current mess of a "society" as opposed to one which actually functions as it's supposed to.

Fuck off incel

Why are you incels so hateful?

>baaw we have hard lives
>baaw we cant get pussy
>baaw it's all womens fault we are like this
>baw! BAW!

get your head out of gutter. What will you do anyway? Cry on internet? LoL! Go for it incel.

I understand that, but the threat they pose to women is smaller than what men face in life, that's point number 1.

Point number 2 is that even with those men that prey on women, you are overflowing it and living in more fear, or lets say worry, than you really should.

Question then. How do I connect with a girl without coming off sexually? Like most girls I know are literally just out here looking for good dick. If I try to connect with a girl on an emotional level most of the time I fall flat because I'm fucking human and can't read your mind to give you a perfect response. I find myself way more successful talking with women when I'm joking around on a surface level or just displaying my personality

It's because incels are dumb, to be allowed to join the incel community your IQ must be less than 80.

Ehh, it's not exactly easy and hard mode as much as it is different RPG classes where every one gets their strengths and weaknesses.

Go kill yourselves, incels. Nobody likes you.

Just curious because I don't really keep up with all the shitty buzzwords theses days but what the fuck is an incel.

A man who wants to get pussy, but can't ie you.

An angry dumb basement-dweller who follows the teachings of the incel community.

You're an incel, I can tell.