Why am I so primally aroused by black women?

why am I so primally aroused by black women?

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Are you fucking stupid?

I didn't grow up around white people.

I'm black and grew up around white people and I still wouldn't date them.
Every time I see a man more tan than banana milk, I'm on that dick like gravy on potatoes.

Same. They birth alpha sons for tall white nerds. We can sense the genetic compatibility. You are a man who will have many sons. If I lived another life I would marry a black wife instead of Hispanic, which is like going from hard mode to nightmare mode (fights and bullshit games) which I am ready for. I need superior black ovum

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Think about it... This vs some 5'1 anemic goth gf without hips? Have fun raising your sickly neurotic weakling children... Mine will be Giants, athletes, confidently dominating them with the combined power of the white dad black mom master race

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Guys I feel like you're making this into a joke but it was supposed to be a serious conversation

>Skin tone with a plethora of tones that look like coffee, peanut butter, & chocolate
>Natural curvaceous & alluring features that other races of women try to emulate
>Age like fine wine as long as they take care of themselves
>Inherently motherly & loyal as long as you treat them right
It's simple OP, you have excellent taste

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>Guys I feel like you're making this into a joke but it was supposed to be a serious conversation

I'm being funny but I very strongly agree, one of the only regrets I have in life is not getting with some black girls when I had the chance.

I've lived in very black cities and it's not really just their bodies but their attitudes. I fucking hate passive aggressive white women and Asians. I can't respect them either and end up walking all over them and getting disgusted. I need a strong willed woman to be happy and in general more black women have that than other races

Do you only date your own race?

Nice thread shlomo. Make 1000 more by tomorrow.

Generalizing and fetishizing, wow I’m so shocked. It’s definitely not like there are petite black girls with small hips or large white women with broad shoulders. Nope.

Agreed! Everything that has been said about black women is also inherently racist.

Yes but I'll allow a native American into the pool if he got the sugar.

Averages exist you jealous womanlets
Black women are more athletic, wider hipped, and more confident than white women. Having a preference isn't racist or fetishizing

> if he got the sugar.

What about a white boy,?

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>Black women are more athletic, wider hipped, and more confident than white women.
yes that does happen to be quite racist, quite conjecture, and quite untrue.
So you're just all around retarded

Can't you read you ignorant cracker jesus christ

> quite conjecture

It is conjecture. Entirely.

I could supply studies, not sure if you can read though...

Confidence: glamour.com/story/black-women-more-confident-other-groups-females-survey



There you go, dumbass

>It is conjecture. Entirely.
It's not, see And you missed my original point, because you are dumb "quiet conjecture" is grammatically incorrect nonsense from an illiterate trying to sound smart

>quiet conjecture
Aside from the fact you misquoted me, it is unfortunately proper grammar. Sorry.
Nice source
Unfortunately biased
>the African runners phenomenon
And so, by delineating that a certain gene predisposes Kenyans to running, somehow that is a blanket for all Africans?
I dare you to find me multiple sources backing any of these standalone articles/claims. This shit is fucking whacko, and you're a low IQ person

Pathetic attempt. The glamour article is the first Google hit. If you had any background in social sciences you would know black Americans have above average confidence. This is a widely known and heavily studied thing.

Supply counter-sources for the others if you actually care, you won't find any.

So you are fucking stupid

>social sciences
Are you trying to insult me?
>first search result on google
And that statement is supposed to make your point more reliable?
It says that tot didn't do any extensive research/quality control
You are doing everything wrong and it's just sad.