The most intelligent girl in college likes me

We both are in the last semester. She was the first in her class in school every damn year. She isn't even the best student of our faculty. She is the best student in the whole damn university, she had perfect grades and nobody, i mean NOBODY in the whole damn university had better grades than her; she had a whole album with pictures with the rector, she had acknowledgments in every subject. Every semester she earn another medal or diploma.

And....she likes me.

I'm kinda attractive and she always check if i'm looking her, she always wants to start a conversation and she is touchy.

The problem is that i don't find that attractive physically; she is a petite black girl with curly hair with a nice ass (like pic) but i don't find her that appealing, she isn't ugly, it's me.

But should i give it a try? She is smart and have a really nice personality.

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>should i give it a try?
>i don't find her that appealing

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Are you black? If so, go for it monkey.
Are you white? Burn the coal, pay the toll. Do not fuck apes. Despite what her appearances may be, and despite the fact she may "seem" smart, you must know, it only takes the most soulless machines to accomplish something of that caliber. It doesn't take sheer intelligence; merely the ability to follow to a stupid degree.

I have high standards, she isn't ugly but not like the girl on my pic.

Her most attractive traits are her personality and her intelligence

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I've heard stories of guys at first not finding a girl attractive but then after going out with them they found them more attractive because of their personality. So I guess you could go out a couple times and see if you guys mingle and if not just call it off. No harm will be done so there's not much pressure at all on you. I say go for it man.

I'd go for it but then again I'd be so shocked if some girl vocalized to anyone at any time she liked me.

I'm white, and aint't racist. You are mean.

She have a normal life, she is the average girl who parents were strict with her, she always post pictures at the gym or with the same 3 girls at a starbucks or a restaurant, her best friends.

The extraordinary thing it's her cognitive abilities, she learn things really fast and never forget a word in class. Teachers love her.

She sounds hot to me.. you are in college so it's not like you're getting married.. Hang out and fugg and see if you were wrong..a lot of women look better naked than in clothes.. weird fact

She didn't tell anybody, i found out with her behaviour around me.

Yes. I had that situation in high school (cute lightskin valedictorianwoth a phat ass, loyal, and witty). Ruined it. Loved her. Miss her dearly. Do it bitch.

Short, thin body, nice firm ass, curly hair. She had kinda small tits but the rest is fine.

You'll personally never get with a solid 9 like in your pic, not as a long term gf, come back to earth, dipshit

Cons of dating a smart girl?

Pump her full of cum you fucking pussy your kids will thank you for not breeding with a retard

You don't know me.

Post face or op is a faggot

Is true that kids inherit intelligence or it's just parenting with people who are already intelligent?

Kids inherit the intelligence of the mother from what I've read
Genetics definitely play a role in intelligence do you really think two 60 iw people could produce a 160 iq kid?

It's not a rule that it's the mother, not by a long shot. All my anecdotical evidence points to be the opposite, even

Give birth a intelligent kid VS Parenting

I don't know. Some people just born smart or stupid but i think parenting play a big role.

Parenting definitely plays a big role alongside nutrition and being fed breast milk over formula when they're a baby imo

Nutrition and family life are two factors among many that make a student a “star”, intelligence doesn’t even dictate that. Intelligence matters less than having support from family, peers, society. Additionally, society is giving black women the special treatment currently, most likely out of guilt, and it will not last forever. How else can an establishment prove they are neither racist nor sexist as quickly? Imagine if she were also a lesbian.

She may very well be intelligent, but it’s all a factor in the ultimate success.

>But should i give it a try?

I'd suggest not. You already know that you're not really attracted to her. You've already had multiple opportunities to talk to her and are still disinterested.

girls like this are bimbos. you're retarded

This is heavily photoshopped. Look at (her right) leg in the right picture.

I can't belive how many racist are here, this girl have been studying hard since the first day she touch a classroom and archive her goals and people are salty because she is black. She didn't archive it for any other factor futher her resilience and intelligence. There isn't special treatment or other factor. You seem jealous.

You sound cute op put a baby in her already

Stories fake , ffs can't you people do a image search for the life of you. OP would have to be a blind gay man to not be attracted to the girl in the pic. Fake story and OP is faggot.

>she is a petite black girl
>first in her class in school every damn year.
Lol, if this isn't just a retarded larp, you might as well come out and dox yourself, dumbass. You think "black female valedictorian" is a big pool to search?

Creating mongrels isn't something to aspire to.

>OP would have to be a blind gay man to not be attracted to the girl in the pic.
Or just a white guy who doesn't hate his own race.

>Or just a white guy who doesn't hate his own race.
Ok racist neck beard , get a life and stop hating based on race. Hating someone because of skin color is like the saddest thing ever.

>It doesn't take sheer intelligence; merely the ability to follow to a stupid degree.

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>the "race is just skin color" meme
Go back to tumblr, dipshit.
I don't hate other races, either; I hate the prospect of seeing my own destroyed. I hope the person OP describes, if she even exists, finds an equally capable and intelligent black man to be with. I wish her the best in life--but not at the cost of my own group.

Are you stupid?

It's obvious isn't the girl in the pic, i describe her in the thread, if it was a picture of her i wouldn't have to describe her in the first place.

She kinda look like the girl on the pic, but isn't her

Damn you are a idiot

You judge people based on their skin color instead of their capabilities

I think it's late for you user, i feel sorry for your sad life

Old school racism eh.

>Short, petite, tight firm ass, nice full hair
Fucking idiot, go for it. I have a thing for cute black/mixed girls but most of the time they're idiots or immature.
Don't be stupid.

>you are an idiot
Leftists love subjectivism, right? Well, go ahead and tell me how it's "stupid" to value my race as opposed to another subjective concept like "love" or "freedom". Or, for that matter, why it's seen as perfectly acceptable to dump resources into saving animal species on no other grounds than their existence, but this same action towards distinct groups of humans is seen as not only reprehensible, but the ultimate evil. That is, by the way, how I came to value my race. I was and still am very supportive of the intrinsic worth of species, and that in itself is reason enough to prevent their demise, notwithstanding sacrifices which might be made along the way.

Idiocy, on a separate note, manifests itself in the inability to think on a rational basis, not in the chosen ends the thinking is applied towards--hence you can have a savant organize mass killings of his opponents in such a way that he maintains his public image and demonizes his victims; or you can have a babbling idiot alienating everyone around him when his only desire is to make sure nobody gets hurt. Calling the latter "enlightened" and the former "dumb" on the basis of their motivations is itself the mark of a dipshit, or, in a word, you.

>You judge people based on their skin color instead of their capabilities
>still insists on skin color meme
Went over your head, didn't it? No matter. I judge groups and individuals separately, but they are not unrelated. There are certain things which I will expect of a different group, just as you'd tolerate different behavior from relatives than you would from strangers. That has nothing to do with how I treat individuals on a day-to-day basis, and the only idiot in all this is you--you've demonstrated a thorough inability to even understand your opponent, let alone argue with him.

Dude, your potential children will have a greater change of survival in the modern world if you just say "yes".

Wow you are a sad person. Please get help and be happy
Op you might as well give it a try I figure. Take her on a date. Remember all physical traits eventually fade with age. Boobs sag, butts deflate, faces wrinkle etc. But a good, loyal and intelligent girl is RARE.

Excellent rebuttal

>Creating mongrels isn't something to aspire to
And yet here you are

I'm part kike, which is exactly my point.

Idk it all depends if your a moralfag.
Just want a hole to get ur dick wet? Go for it. Whatever value you decide its worth
But it does seem like a lot of work and going out of your way just to fuck a bitch and still have to keep them around after when you’re not all that into them
If shes decent then eh. Someone to do shit with. Dont know if u care about being seen in an interracial relationship

Curly hairs a deal breaker for me 99% of the time. I just dont like it.
Also had a chance with some cute girl back in uni but she had these big ol fucking nerd glasses like bitch is the circus in town? Dont need to be that big. Each lens was like 3/4 inch diameter ovals

I'm pretty racist but what the fuck are you on about?
>super smart
>super into you
>nice ass
>will probably be loyal as hell
Go for it you faggot

If she have freckles and crooked teeth she’s my ideal woman, no joke.

probably because u ugly

Advocating for distinct groups of human phenotypes via breeding is like arguing for the continued breeding of pugs. Poor fuckers can't even breathe right yet people still want the aesthetic.

I can get people who argue against multiculturalism on the basis that distinct cultures can have intrinsic worth. I can't really get those who argue the presence of lack of melanin, curly hair, or freckles constitutes a meaningful difference in humanity beyond just looks and maybe a few mostly-insignificant genetic predispositions, like lactose-intolerance.

>not wanting to hit that
Op is a basedboy bitch faggot confirmed