Chill Thread #8

It's Wednesday my dudes, welcome to another chill thread!

Post about how your day is going, how your week has been going so far or anything you might need advice with. I'm on vacation so I'll be here all day to reply to anyone that posts.

Previous thread: It's been 3 months since the last time I did one of these threads. A lot happened in the meantime and I never got around to doing them again. Since I'm on vacation from Uni I'll try to make a lot more of these so keep an eye out for them!

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sad. im so fucking sad.

What's making you sad user?

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1 hour until my shift ends tell me something cool

1 hour until vidya and porn. Don’t you just love life

pic related

This user fucks.

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Why? You don’t like fun after a days work? I thought you were suppose to bring wisdom and positivity. Go away you sad young scam.

actually this is exactly what i think to do + watch some animu

I meant it as a compliment though, not "haha this user doesn't actually fuck!" guy fucks

Vidya and hentai are most definitely patrician taste after work hobbies.

My apologies kind sir. I was on the wrong side on this one.

What anime have you been watching? This season was pretty dry and lacked shows to watch.

It's alright, misunderstandings happen all the time over text. Here, have a sfw doujin meme.

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jojo opm Kimetsu no Yaiba Isekai Quartet Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san Strike Witches: 501 Butai Hasshin Shimasu! Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

but yep this season is meh

This Nero person makes it all less tiresome. Gonna have a BBQ with the crew. Having tailfat meat. Cold beer included. Thanks for asking. Also bought parts for my new car, to spice it up a little (no rice). How about you?

>but yep this season is meh
Yah... From those I've only been watching OPM and Yaiba.
I dropped Tate at ep 16 since I already read the manga past the anime and I also know a lot of the JOJO spoilers because of my friends so I'm planning on eventually just reading the manga.

This coming season looks like it's going to be good though.

I just started my vacation so I don't have any real plans yet. Will probably try to hangout with my friends from highschool, definitely run threads every other day, I'll probably pick up Microeconomics since I'll have it next semester as well as Accounting (which I barely passed this semester) and I'm going to start working out again so that I can focus on getting some gains, specifically on them abs since they've been neglected for far too long.
But this talk about a BBQ and meat makes me want to set up a dinner with my friends, I'll probably do that, thanks for the idea user.

I cant seem to push myself to make my life better anymore. Like the energy isnt there and certain things I am afraid to take a chance on like finding a better job and buying a new car. I think it is my laziness but i shouldn't feel fear.
Why, cant I take the initiative any more? other than my depression i dont like to break a routine on a basic instinct level. I find ways to avoid to do things rather than just ignore it.

I think that you recognize that your inertia isn't good for you and that it'll lead to your life getting worse eventually.
Have you been negligent towards socialization too? Being alone in life most definitely won't help you regain energy to do things, so you should look into getting some friends or reconnecting with your family a bit more.
Other than that, one of the causes could be hormonal because of your depression (i hope it's not self diagnosed and you take medication for it), you could try to talk to your doctor about the behavioral effects the medication might be having to see if he can prescribe you something else.
Besides all that, you're really going to have to make the effort to get out of that hole user. Having people that can cheer you on and make your mood better helps as well as not having medication that fuck with your brain while keeping the antidepressant benefits (seriously, take your meds if you're not taking them). Try organizing yourself, use your phone's calendar, set up alarms and events, write down stuff you should do and try to tackle each issue one step at a time; eventually you'll be able to get over the slump you're in but it'll require some work on your part.

have an exam in automatic process regulation on friday. already failed it once in february and now once more in june. this is my 3rd time taking it, no idea what else to study even and it's like i don't even give a fuck or feel like studying. i indeed feel very chill and almost 'anemic' these days

livin right!!!

Damn user, don't be like that, at least try and review some shit or try to do some past exams; there's no real need to fail a third time is there?
You have 2-3 days until the exam, don't let them go to waste like that.
Getting apathetic towards life is probably one of the worst things you can do to yourself.

Started my week off right, by hanging out with a friend Sunday night, went to a different friend's house after work Monday, and then hung out with them both last night. I have a concert (which may get rained out) later in the week, and the first friend (who's idea the concert was) said her grandmother suggested I go with them to a nearby town Saturday. Life is good.

>Other than that, one of the causes could be hormonal because of your depression (i hope it's not self diagnosed and you take medication for it),
no I was diagnosed and take meds

and I still do all of this stuff, I guess the depression just jumps in at a certain point that I give up going any further. Like I am walled off to a point I cant go further and I have to either wait for nobody to do their part or i get overwhelmed.

That does sound pretty good, glad you're having fun user!

It could be that you're complacent about the idea of having depression and no longer feel the 'need' to work hard and not give up. Do you see a therapist because of your depression? It might help even if it's a free consultation once in a while.
Helping people with depression is tricky because you're not in their shoes and they probably get told the same things over and over again. As long as you try to adhere to doing things which make you feel better you'll eventually get the motivation to get out of your slump, at least that's what happened with a few people I know; then again they didn't have a diagnosis and had 'meme' depression so who knows? I should probably get a bit more informed about depression desu.

What sort of work do you do, Nero?

I don't work (yet, since I was thinking of getting a summer job to earn some dough), I'm still a student.
I'm taking management and programming at a university, one of them fancy hybrid courses they came up with; has a good employment rate and a lot of professional outings so it's good.

>It could be that you're complacent about the idea of having depression and no longer feel the 'need' to work hard and not give up. Do you see a therapist because of your depression?
yeah she tells me how I show a lot of shame when I talk.

well its wierd there are moments when I am excited to play a game and I start it up and my mood tanks. I get excited to see friends then I suddenly get bored and depressed. Like its a weird mood drop. Like a sudden sinking feeling. almost like you lose too much at a video game and you get bored of the constant losing and lose interest in it. that kind of thing.

That's good to hear; too many people go to school without taking that into proper account

That just sounds like mood swings to me, don't know of any ways to deal with that other than medication since those are usually associated with mental illness.
But I can definitely attest that not having your life in order or not doing as much as you could be doing definitely impacts one's enjoyment of things; it's a vicious cycle of guilt.
You really should focus on trying to improve your life and enjoying things again, there's no shame in having fun if you can use it as a means to work hard, you know? You just have to find that balance.

At least the government makes pretend jobs for them so it balances out at the cost of our wallets... Then again those that don't get pretend jobs go on to be unemployed and suck up even more money from unemployment funds...
Okay everyone, we have to kill humanities and art courses, now.

I recently broke up with a girl who was going for a psych degree, and had some like minded friends. All of them are receiving some kind of government benefits, all of them think it's not enough.

People talk a lot about making college free but they don't talk about making it free for the jobs that actually result in employment and economic growth for the country. A lot of my classmates are also kind of just riding the wave but at least they're in something that can actually get them a job even if they get bad grades.

Not to sound like a complete Boomer, but we're becoming less reliant on ourselves as a society (bottom text, rise up, etc); even our concept of socialism is far from the real thing, which (in theory) required everyone working for the common good. Not relying on others to work, so you can live the good life

The whole "Not relying on others to work, so you can live the good life" is pre-welfare state era thought; which isn't possible anymore because of how entrenched the thought of providing for others has become in modern society. Very few European countries or American ones are actually willing to implement something akin to nordic 'socialism' which actually relies on a free market economy and heavy taxation of the lower and middle classes. It's unfavorable with the masses and it doesn't line up with the current political polarization agenda.
But this is becoming a Jow Forums thread at this point, let's not talk about politics anymore lest actual Jow Forumsacks join the thread.

Yes, I did sort of derail your chill thread.
I get sort of chatty when I'm in a good mood, and that apparently translates to Jow Forums

That's alright my dude, bumps never hurt and it's a good way to pass the time too. Glad you're enjoying yourself.

The whole month of June was quite a wild ride for me. I'm still feeling the pangs of everything that occurred. A few weeks ago, I underwent a mental breakdown. I've been seeing a therapist for a little over a year, so I know my mental health has needed some work, but everything suddenly changed. Work has been getting so stressful, eating up time when I'm not even there.

The thing that was really alarming for me, was that I felt absolutely no joy for a straight week. Talking to my family, I felt nothing. Texting my friends, I felt nothing. Playing games, I felt nothing. And perhaps my most joyful passion of listening to music, nothing. In that same week, my sister and I went to Wal-Mart for groceries. I used it as a reason to get out of the house. However, when going in, I didn't see the people shopping there as "people". It was an otherworldly feeling, as if everyone there was just an automated prop. Then that feeling transferred to me; that what I was doing, what I was shopping for was also automated. The only person that felt genuine in that store was my sister. Once we left Wal-Mart, the feeling didn't go away. It was a crippling sense of dissociation that fueled a few suicidal tendencies.

Up to that point, I was questioning who I was, why was it so hard for me to connect with people, is this job going to be my cradle to grave, am I really confident in my sexual orientation, why were my parents so irresponsible, if my parents didn't love me, should I expect that from someone else? Amongst all that, I began drinking more, leading to my breakdown. I have since gone to a mental unit, which has really helped me connect back to real people, find some sense of purpose in helping said people. When I got out, I was put on an antidepressant and I started to properly meditate. However, coming back to this sorry site, takes me down a few pegs.

I'm glad June is over. Thanks for listening and letting me vent.

You had a tough month user but I'm glad that it worked out in the end.
If coming to Jow Forums really knocks you down a few pegs then you should leave the website for your own good. Put yourself first man, there's better uses of your time if it has a negative impact on your well being.

I just got back from an interview for police radio dispatch position and im scared as fuck about pursuing something like this.
I don't really know if it's for me, but the pay, god the pay is great compared to what I usually make. but fuck its scary

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Why are you scared user? Radio dispatch means you'll be sitting at the station whilst redirecting stuff and listening in on the channels and such.
I think you should try it out, you can always quit if it isn't for you. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain here user, give it a go.

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