This is just cope, isn't it?

This is just cope, isn't it?

Your life basically cements by 30

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Huh wat mean?

>I-i-it'l get better
It won't tho

I don't care i'll just be a shut in if i have no family at 40

My life changed a lot in my 30s as had many of my friends lives. 30 to me is just the time when you finally get your feet underneath you.

Not really. To be clear, this is a graph of sexual market value, not quality of life or dynamic potential of life or whatever you're trying to say.

Also the women's should be lower. They are already getting those sunken eyes from binge drinking at 23.

But all good women are taken by mid 20s

>everyone believes a graph with no source and data to back it up

I'm 23 and my husband is 31. Just go for someone younger lol.

studies done in the US and UK have shown that male optimism and positive outlook on life tends to peak around age 50. You're actually likely get happier and happier, as a man at least, until around age 50. I'm at work so I'm not going to bother looking it up for you but I imagine it's easy as shit to google "male happiness study." I think it was performed by Harry's.

Haven't heard any equivalent studies for females, but my mom's personal anecdote agrees with the male stats above. She told me she first felt truly at peace with herself and who she was on a level she didn't know possible at around age 50.

that's only for married men

that gap is freakish and people talk about you behind your backs

SMV for men is convoluted but historically men have their first child around age 30

No, society is freakish and you're a mentally ill feminist.

lmao the last thing i am is a feminist

Sorry, but you are definitely a feminist tranny.

Imo it's more like women peak at 18 and men at 25. You a fucking boomer at 36 and by 25 girls already look shitty unless they took care of themselves.

why the fuck do you think that retard

Because you think an 8-year gap is freakish instead of biologically normal. (((Someone))) is clearly in your head.

I hope the first thing you are is suicidal

Because you're a fucking retarded and whiny baby

Women's value seems to hold into the 40's, but then again I'm biased and have a cougar fetish. The SMV shit boils down to, do you take care of yourself.

normal is 2.5 years or so

>Because you think an 8-year gap is freakish instead of biologically normal.
It's not "normal".
Average is around 2.5, and bigger age gap are correlated with a lot of issues, including increased chances of divorce, abuse, pregnancy for teenagers, etc.

It's not biologically normal, it just screams "my dad didn't love me enough".

You are confusing normal with healthy. It's normal and average to be a fat piece of shit in the United States, but that doesn't mean it's healthy.

There's nothing wrong with teen pregnancy when they have reached biological maturity. Much better than you retarded roasties shitting out incel sons when you're 35.

are you a subhuman american or something? 8 means you're fucked lad

Totally pulled out of your ass. Quit being a whiny cunt.

>You are confusing normal with healthy
I'm not. It's unhealthy to be with someone much older than you.

>There's nothing wrong with teen pregnancy when they have reached biological maturity.
There's plenty.
They have higher chances of having complications during pregnancy than women in their 20s.
Teen moms have a higher chance of being single moms because they tend to divorce more. Especially when married to older husbands.
They're normally uneducated because women who have children when they're teenagers don't complete higher education.
They're normally poorer because uneducated women with no skills and children don't make for very employable people.
Children raised by poor, uneducated single moms rarely end up being champs.

Also, the average age for marrying and having children was never "teenager". It always was older than that. And for a reason.

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>american "banter"

Older man, younger woman is fucking normal you autist. Women don't want to fuck your broke, pimply ass they want to fuck their daddy figures who protect and provide. Stay mad, queer.

It's not that bid a difference

hard yikes

older man is normal but not more than a few years or it's super cringe and not socially acceptable, you fucking freakazoid mutt non-humans

Cope harder

>Older man, younger woman is fucking normal you autist
It's not. It never was. Average age gap even 100 years ago was 3 years.
You can stick your daddy fetish up your ass.

>I'm not. It's unhealthy to be with someone much older than you.
No point in history suggests that except after United States feminist Puritanism. Another way to phrase this is that 8 years is not much older.

All of that is either bullshit or a result of women being retarded thots. Women should not be in higher education or be employed, nice job shilling for feminism again.

You don't even say where, that's how we know you're a retarded crybaby.

Bro you have to have sex first before you can talk about it.


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imagine being so mentally broken by your father that you develop a deep seated daddy complex and bitterly attempt to defend your aberration on a mongolian throat singing bulletin board

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>what is an average

It's not necessarily normal but it definitely is socially acceptable

3 years age gap in the United States. In the UK it was 2 years. In Australia it was 2 years.

Nope. I'm sorry. The vast majority of people always married a partner around their age.

>Women should not be in higher education or be employed
So they should just be unemployed single moms?
Because marriages with teenager and older men don't work. Teenage marriage has basically a 90% chance of divorce. Marriages with big age gaps increases the chances of divorce by up to 2x.

maybe in your shithole but not in Europe, the Only Proper Land.

This was a really promising thread I think we should just ignore this troll

>frogposting because you have no argument
At least get it right you retarded Puritan monkey.

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super ironic this coming from a fucking amerimutt

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Better to be a white American than a deluded Christnigger.

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“Smv” isn’t a fucking objective scientific measurement you liberal arts faggots

Not to interrupt your mouthbreathing but as long as we put forth a proper definition of SMV and collect data points based on that definition over time, we are conducting objective science, STEMfaggot. I bet you think there's no way to determine which males in animal populations are the most successful either.

If you're a looser with no career and hobbies besides anime, then yeah, it won't.
>inb4 le jewed wagie

your life ends at 30 mate

The fact that you know that was going to be pointed out shows your wagie guilt. You know that you are enriching (((them))) for shiny trinkets and anime toys to put up your ass without actually accumulating anything meaningful. Materialists BTFO'd.

It's a common counter argument around 4channel made by neets justyfing their own helplessness.
Why do you care what someone spends money on? Why is it that its always the poor that are interested in other's money habits.

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Wrong. There are poor unhappy people and rich unhappy people. If you're not a gay dance theorist and have some semblance of intelligence you'll likely make enough money in your life.

It's the exact opposite of what you're describing. The ones who were angry at Chad and angry that he is so successful think they can "get back" at him, show him how wrong he was by throwing their life away wagecucking overtime every week for money. And yet in his 30s, he's just as miserable as he was before, Chad is doing better than ever, and he doesn't know where he went wrong. Your bank account is full so why are you so unhappy? The Jew sold you his golden lie.

What's the setup here? Is Chad leeching government benefits in this scenario? Is he from a rich family? Where does he get the money if he doesn't have a job?

Leeching on government bennies places strain on an immoral system that is bound to collapse. Once enough ChadNEETs, or Cheats as I like to call them, decide to drop out of the Hebrew rat maze and attack the State financially, the system will buckle under their weight and then neets can finally be in charge.

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Co fanfic, bro. Whatever floats your boat, cheat. I prefer to have more money than the pennies the government gives. I actually like my work too so a win win.
I'm off the thread now. Good luck with ruling the world.

Your money will never make you happy. Neither will masturbating to World of Warcraft trannies.

And they should care because why exactly?


We’re not fucking around over here, it’s the FOURTH OF JULY

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Oh how ignorant you are, Child of Britain

It is absolute cope, the vast majority of both men and women look like absolute garbage by 30 and have nothing to show for their 20's. At best the ones deemed "successful" marry, have children, and take out a 30 year mortgage on a suburban shitpile.

The solution as I see it is to completely ignore this PUA bullshit, ignore women, ignore status symbols, and to build a large net worth of liquid assets such that you are financially independent and have a comfortable lifestyle.

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God Americans and Muslims need to be killed.
He did, he said it up your ass. Dumb fucking mutt.

daddy issues whores are disgusting, but I do like it when the male is a lot older than the girl

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