Would you still hang out with a grill if she has a bf?

Would you still hang out with a grill if she has a bf?

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Do you enjoy their platonic friendship or not?

Thats literally what you're asking yourself here.

Yes. Having friends of the opposite gender is healthy.

No, absolutely not. There is nothing a girl can provide better than a man except for sex (unless you're a homo).

Yes. I have many female friends with boyfriends/husbands.

Peak incel posting. Having genuine friends of the opposite gender is extremely valuable.

t. Best friend is a woman.

No. It doesn't matter
I'm not trying to get to know him so the bf can go fuck himself.

They call me mr steal your girl

t. Beta cuck

My closest friend is a woman, she had a boyfriend when we met and now is married to him.
Most valuable friendship I've ever had. She's a great friend, smart and funny as fuck and introduced me to my wife.

done it. you always have to worry about the boyfriend. because he might get jealous

they make the best wingwomen


I unironically would try to get into a romantic relationship with her, makes no sense to my male brain to have a opposite sex friend who i enjoy spend time with and not having a relationship with her.

It's a shame that it couldn't go anywhere but having a female acquaintance is great because it gives you access to her friend group, which gives you an in to try and get with one of her friends. It's important to play the long con and make investments for the future

Yeah and I'd fuck her, too.

If she's your friend and only then yes. I have met only 1 woman who fits this.

All other women I usually only speak with if I am interested in going out/banging.


Do it as long as your intentions are to be friends with her. Don't pursue someone while they're in a relationship, it just makes you look like a retard

yeah, but not so much one on one. In a group situation yeah of course.

Is no one going to comment on the picture of literal shit?

Yes, so long as the boyfriend isn't around.

no. Whatever connection we make can be seen in unwanted kind of way

i fucked this insanely hot professional gogo dancer. never met her bf but i think they were "open". fucking christ she was hot. no regrets at all