Not having sex

Is it “bad” to be a healthy adult and not be having sex? I’m 34, Jow Forums, successful and have a great career. I also have a few long term close friends. I’ve only had one gf before which was when I was 26-28. I don’t sleep around.

Is this bad?

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No, it's not bad. You just need to find the right person. If you have your standards for a model then you need to lower them. Just find someone you love not only physically, but emotionally.

I’ve just had people act surprised when they find out I don’t have even have occasional sex. They say “that’s not healthy”

Well are they professionals? No. No they aren't. See a therapist to chat about it's deep roots if it has such a big impact on you.

No they weren’t. I was thinking about seeing a therapist about this, but I don’t like speaking about sex so that would be uncomfortable for me

No. People have different wants, needs, and values. If you're happy as you are then there's no problem. However, if this is a sudden and sharp change for you, you should talk to a doctor.

i’m ok right now I suppose. I don’t cry myself to sleep because I’m lonely. Just the one thing that gets to me is when people say “you’re wasting the end of your young years” and “you will seriously regret this one day”. They make me feel like I’m doing something wrong

It's not healthy. A man your age should be married and having sex every once in a while. Or have a gf you have sex with, or seeing whores and having sex. Sex is good for your masculine energy (psychologically, not your testosterone) and confidence. You must be feeling so stressed and pent up, user, and a good fuck would really help you.

If you're a man and you act like sex is not the absolute goal to attain, you already grew more than most people will ever be. Plus you render the only power that thots have completely useless with is a nice bonus.
If you crave love it's totally normal, keep searching bro, the one for you is out there.

Just go for it man. If it's bothering you, talk about it.

Yep, your missing out.
Sucking on nips and going down on a girl with bush are some of the best things in life you can experience

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It sounds like they have issues, not you. Next time just tell them to give you some lottery numbers if they can see the future so well.

I do feel stressed often. To help distress I focus on really savory foods. Like really nicely seasoned meats and good sandwiches. I take care of myself and work out, so I don’t get fat from this.
Sex isn’t my goal. My career is #1 to everything. Sometimes I think having another gf could be nice. But that’s becoming very challenging at my age. The girls I’ve met that I’ve clicked with the best we’re already in relationships (which makes sense because they are quality).

what about if they are right though?

Sexis gay.

You're almost 35. If you don't have some idea about who you are and what makes you happy by this point, then you have bigger problems than not having a girlfriend. Don't let someone else act like they can stroll into your head and know you better than you do, that's fucked. Ask yourself who would really benefit if you went and forced yourself to get a girlfriend that you don't actually like or fucked a bunch of women that you didn't actually want.

And that’s what I thought about. I feel ok I suppose. Though I feel down sometimes when people make me seem weird. But really what worries me is when they say I’ll hit a point where it will be too late and i’ll be continuously miserable everyday until I die. What if that’s true?

no u

>what about if they are right though?
People say shit everyday, maybe doomsayers are right, who knows? But you can't act like they may be right.

These people sound naive. Life is not a shitty MMO where you have to get the quest done before Christmas ends or you'll never ever get the 2019 seasonal hats. Even if you did change your mind about things, people can fall in/out of love, or try new things, or fuck around, at any age. I mean have you seen the kind of people that go to swingers clubs, or the STD rates in nursing homes?

I know I'm hearing everything secondhand through you, but it also kind of sounds like these people don't have your best interests or your happiness in mind, just their own.

>telling OP that it’s perfectly ok that he didn’t have sex with attractive women because he can catch up with 80 year old senile hags
Top Kek

I'm glad you laughed considering I was half joking. My point is that life isn't so linear and predictable as certain people want to think.

But they are right in a way because there are limits. As the other user said, there is nothing enticing about nursing home sluts.

You're not going to go to sleep 35 and wake up 85. Why are you choosing to miss the point this hard?

Have sex

I’ve been treated similarly. I’m 29, but I’ve had people tell me that i’m only hurting myself by not dating

Tbh people around you find it kind of weird, especially women


What if you fucked your mom? Don't think about it, just live your life... or do and decide if you want to make change. Your life is happening right now, and you are spending it questioning the value of your hapiness you can eventually have all the answers, but you still have to live your life.

>giving head

Confirmed faggot

>White male in America, constituting group of some of the highest compensated individuals in the world
>No kids, no wife, not dating to find a wife
>No drive to buy cars, houses, and the vast majority of consumer goods, insurance products, and the loans to finance it all
>Siphoning off all of this income from the economy, zero drive or incentive to increase productivity, zero leverage that can be used against you

no user, you hurt a LOT of people by not dating, and in many ways only you stand to benefit

>not performing cunnilingus
>not eating ass
>not sucking nipples

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interesting. Never thought about it that way. I have $100k in my savings account right now, because I have nothing to spend it on. I don’t even care about buying things


I am pretty much the same, I don’t know why I try so hard for money I don’t want or need

I’m thinking about waiting a few more years until I build up around $150k and then I might donate 80% of it to an animal shelter. I have nothing else to spend money on. I don’t like having many things and I don’t care about a nice car. My car is from 2006

Nope that’s cool. The important thing is that you have the ability to have sex, but choose not to, rather than being an incel who can’t get laid and excuses it by pretending they don’t want it.

Realistically I think more ppl should b less sexually indulgent these days it’s getting a bit out of hand with porn addictions, sex addictions, crazy fetishes appearing. And this is coming from a dude w a rlly high body count.

I think the familial structures of western society would be a lot stronger and healthier if rampant lust and sexual indulgence weren’t as prominent as it is.

I’m a bit of a manwhore, but one day i’d Like to settle down a nice wholesome girl w a body count of less than 5, but I’m always worried they will look down on me or not want me since I didn’t not live the same values as they did.

But honestly just not in a place where I’m willing to settle down because I can’t get a girl I want to settle down with yet, and it’s not like I’m just gonna go abstinent until then

>I’m a bit of a manwhore, but one day i’d Like to settle down a nice wholesome girl w a body count of less than 5, but I’m always worried they will look down on me or not want me since I didn’t not live the same values as they did.
>But honestly just not in a place where I’m willing to settle down because I can’t get a girl I want to settle down with yet, and it’s not like I’m just gonna go abstinent until then

>I might donate 80% of it to an animal shelter.

>Never thought about it that way.

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I have nothing else to do with it

Might as well just set it on fire if that's your plan

You're making excuses. If you think your life and future would be better without casual sex then stop having it and start looking in earnest for your last oneitis.

>donate 80% of it to an animal shelter
How about you donate that money to your fellow humans, and not a fucking animal.

I think he should commission a solid silver statue of himself fucking your mom and livestream dropping it into the Mariana Trench.

Because I like animals more than people

No i’m Not. I just made a long ass fucking comment and it didn’t get posted for some reason but I’ll sum it up again in a nutshell this time.

I’m 25, work in fast food, broke, have no car, am a dropout, live in a shed. Any girl I could consider a oneitis simply would not settle for a relationship w a guy in my current situation. I have high standards, I WILL only date a wholesome, smart, and at least pretty hot girl. I’m working on myself and it will be at least 5 months to a year before my shit is a bit more together to the point girls will find me acceptable (have a car, in school, have more money)

I’m good looking though, and have high sex drive, so some women still lust after me and I’m going to take advantage.

I have largely become abstinent compared to what I used to be, but as a man I get fucking horny and jerking off sucks.

I dated a girl this year even who was below my typical standards physically, just to have a meaningful loving relationship, but it ended due to her being insecure of me being out of her league.

I met one girl last year, perfect in nearly every way, wholesome, caring, beautiful, smart, hard working, I couldn’t ask for more, but sure enough things fell apart because i’m Not yet the man I need to be to keep a woman of that caliber in my life. Believe me, if I could have her or someone like her in my life I would totally and completely devote myself to her and never have casual sex again.

One day i’ll be there just gotta be patient. I rlly barely have casual sex anymore, have only had 5 girls this year compared to the like 30 of 2017

>Not married
>Not having sex
That's what you're supposed to be doing anyway. Screw anyone who tells you it's 'weird'.


The only user's mom who's getting fucked is yours by tyrone and his gang, could it be that him streching your asshole with his cock after he was bored with your mother made you develop such a hatred for humans?

You’re a hypocrite. How can you say you think people shouldn’t do casual sex but continue to do it yourself

This is so fucking true. As someone who wasted the first part of his life being a huge fucking weirdo, I make a point of appearing as normie as possible now. But the fact that I'm good looking and don't date or get laid leads to constant needling little comments from my friends. I know I have to do more of that stuff to reliably pass as normal, but I've been abnormal and antisocial so long that I can't seem to figure out how to become more social and meet more people, let alone meet new women to fuck.

Holy shit, are you me? Well no I have something that I want to spend my $100k on, it's just that it's an insanely ambitious long-term project that I'm afraid to even start because I don't have anyone to help me and I'm afraid that it's actually stupid and crazy to try and the only reason I don't know that is because I'm alone in my apartment thinking about it instead of running the idea past someone who could give me a reality check.

>The important thing is that you have the ability to have sex, but choose not to, rather than being an incel who can’t get laid and excuses it by pretending they don’t want it.
I can't tell the difference at this point. It's been years since I got laid last. Recently there was a woman who was clearly into me, and I was in a perfect position to go in for a kiss/ask her out, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Honestly I'm still baffled by the whole thing. Was it that I actually don't want to date? Did I not make the move in case I was misreading the whole thing? Had my long period of ostensibly-voluntary celibacy been sapping my confidence all this time, to the point that it was now involuntary?

damn those shins get that out of my head tell me this is PS and nor RL

its Not that I think ppl shouldn’t have casual sex, sex is a fact of life always has been and always will be, that being said a society in which rampant casual sex is the norm is bad for the familial structure. Maybe I am a bit of a hypocrite in that i would never date a promiscuous woman when I have been so myself. But I have lived and learned, don’t intend on being promiscuous but satisfying sexual urges when need be until I can find someone to keep. Also I do hold a double standard of course for women because all hot women need to do to get laid is go outside for 30 minutes and not say no. They are the selectors of great men. For them to be in a relationship and have a lower body count is a lot easier than a man who must spend his life working hard to acquire resources in order to be attractive and deemed worthy of being kept around

>can’t tell the difference at this point

I can kinda relate, used to be huge stud, but moved to Southern California where money is everything, am broke, and have gotten older so it’s much less acceptable, haven’t had a girl in bed i’d deem as truly high quality in years. Past year and a half i’ve Spent most of my time alone and the relationships have been mostly shallow. Part of me deems it as me not putting forth the effort, which is partially true, because I’m focused on getting my shit together, but also like of course i’d Be getting laid w beautiful women if I could right? Feel like an incel despite my very successful past w women.

I guess i’d Say for you, just do what makes you happy man. Sex is nothing but another bodily function like eating or shitting, it is kinda weird that you wouldn’t do it compared to the norm, but eh who cares abt the norm. Nikola Tesla died a virgin and his name will go down in history and be remembered a lot longer than probably either of ours

>But I have lived and learned, don’t intend on being promiscuous but satisfying sexual urges when need be until I can find someone to keep
What a joke

Thats normal. Its okay not to have a high sex drive or desire for sex. Oftentimes really fit people or body builders dont have high sex drives. Its strange and you would think the influence of testosterone would play a part in boosting their libido, but it happens and its normal.

did you read the fucking thing
you're on the path to having zero dependence on income form employment to live