How the hell am I supposed to find a gf like this?

Whenever I talk to a girl I find remotely attractive I turn into a wreck. I become hyper-sensitive to everything I to say and do, I can often become light-headed and sweat profusely. I'm in my late 20s now and it hasn't got any better

Should I just accept some things aren't meant to be? :(

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How many attractive women do you speak to every week? You should just start meeting more of them and stop seeing them as potential girlfriends, because they never will be if you keep acting like this

Well if you set your standards to an edited person who looks nothing like that IRL, just accept that being forever alone is a definite. Lowering standards isn't always great, but lower your fucking standards man.


Get a "practice gf". A girl who you do not find particularly physically attractive, and so you can woo her without having an anxiety attack. There will be no pressure. Eventually while with this girl you will begin to realize there is nothing scary about women and you will have added confidence.

Thats literally playing with someones emotions. what the fuck, you probably have never dated if you treat people this way. I hope someone teaches you a lesson

Dude isn't wrong. You have to date someone to get better at dating in general. So dating a decent woman with the intentions of just dating is no different than having a "practice gf". Not everyone is looking for a wife on a first date.

Imagine having morals like this.

Seconded, I flirt with women I'm not attracted to all the time, it breaks you in.

Also if you are really attracted to a girl just picture her taking a messy shit and then you won't be intimidated anymore.

As a woman I can soundly say that we aren't fucking stupid and we notice shit like this, I would never date someone like you guys. All humans just want to be loved, but people like you guys make it hard to be able to let yourself be open to others.

Well you are playing with hearts, no morals.

I actually tried this last year. It turned out badly because I developed feelings and hers died out as I focused on the process. I think it's shit advice from my own experience and in general because they way you get comfortable around attractive women is being around attractive women, not women that you've got a passing interest in. The anxieties will still be there when you're after someone you're truly interested in, you just may know what to do a little better

What, is it a bad thing to care about other humans more than yourself?

Good that you won't do it anymore, but not everyone is like that, people get hurt and are fragile beings.

Yeah man, sorry it took you so long to find that out

Honestly bruh I think you were being ironic but over the internet i can't tell.

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>I would never date someone like you guys.

Ouch, sick burn lady. You must think saying that really hits hard to an incel like myself. GG I lost.

so you do care

i tried posting long helpful shit but its like screaming into the void, so i post mean stupid shit and watch the (You)s roll in. i honestly couldn't tell you whether i was being sincere

Nah, I'm just saying what I think about people with no moral compass.

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Who hurt you?

They can leave you whether you really have feelings at first or not. All you did was put yourself out there. Who tricked you into thinking you did something wrong? Did you try to go through the motions of being a significant other and apply your patience and self control when the relationship was challenged? If you did so then congrats you were a better bf than many dudes who fell in love at first sight.

Well, it was harming other people in a way of manipulation. I'm going to assume that you don't feel for others as much as you do for yourself at this point. Tell me if I'm wrong.

Scout master Kevin touched my penis

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Because you fall in love, not just see someone and know you love them. love in first sight is a vanity issue.

I should have just avoided the whole thing. She told me she was into me for awhile before we actually hooked up, and after we did the first time she asked "what are we?" I didn't have an answer and kind of rolled with it with the intention of getting some experience from the thing. And feeling guilty about all that I was unsupportive as a partner and would try and manipulate her into breaking up with me so I wouldn't feel as guilty about it ending.

Unfortunately over the 3 months this occurred I developed feelings while my machinations finally took hold. I feel bad now because I shouldn't have manipulated her like that as it wrecked her self esteem. That was over a year ago now and I haven't attempted to date or hook up with anyone since

This sounds like something a sociopath would do and say, but there is SOME truth to it. Don't get a "practice gf", but do get to know some girls, form friendships with women. A girlfriend is just a female friend you also have sex with, and spending more time with women will help you see them as real people.

Some of this is lack of confidence largely driven by your interaction or lack of interaction with your mother\sister.

First thing to realize is, they're just another person and half the time, they have no idea how pretty they are.

Get into the habit of striking up a conversation with them and talking. Make it awkward a few times, it can't get any worse.

I understand that it can be hard to recover from that, but put yourself out there with good intent. Find someone you love, not a "practice". Someone is out there as long as you look, they may not look perfect, or be perfect by annyyy means, but people are complex.

Thank god that someone agrees that the practice shit was absolutely mental.

Nah. It's not worth it, and I'm carrying the weight of my bullshit actions with me. I'm just sticking to what I can accomplish on my own for the foreseeable future, and waiting for any feelings with crushes to die out on their own

It was a learning experience for you both. You both gave each other a chance. You learned to expect the unexpected and hopefully she learned to draw the line and take patient, rational approaches towards future relationships.

That's a nihilistic point of view. As an ex nihilist I can say that it can destroy your life if you think like that.

Practice gf are a bad idea because you're essentially using the other person as a learning tool thing. What if they fall in love with you, what then? Make female friends and go out with them. The moment things can get sexual though both of you have to be on the same page as to why you're doing this. Dont trick people into believing you're really into them user, that hurts.

Fuck the other faggots that have been responding to his post. This is 100% the right move pick up a fat chick and get into a relationship with that fatty. You get to experience a relationship but have much more leeway in terms of finding out what you can and can’t do with a woman.

Incel. You wouldn't know seeing as you have most likely never been in a relationship in your life. anyone who treats people like you do probably looks like this picture.

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I don't know about that. after we broke up, she went on slut phase, joined a BDSM group and fucked like 8 dudes in a the span of like 2 months. She is now dating one of the guys. I did learn from it, but not the lessons that people say I should have.

Tbh, my life was destroyed long ago. I am basically a nihilist except for the plans I made 6 years ago which are more or less the only reason I'm still alive. Relationships and the like don't matter to me over the plan, and I've been going with whatever outside of that. I'm now refocused on my shit, and that's why dating and sex aren't worth it anymore

Why not find a woman that you genuinely can develop a relationship with. Focusing on appearance only objectifies the other person, and wrecks yourself. Old saying is, beauty is as beauty does

>plans I made 6 years ago
What plans did you make? Was getting caught part of your plan?

Good ass comment dude. I appreciate this very much.


If you think like this, you will never fuck a girl like OPs pic related.

you must remove your pathetic “morals” and step into the animal kingdom.

That “perfect beauty” you daydream about is, in reality, in a room - with her other female friends. And they take picture in skimpy outfits, practice twerking, smoke tobacco or marijuana. and each are entertaining a list of men that want to fuck then, and some of them already are.

Get your head out of your fucking ass, you fucking pussy. Turn on any radio station and realize the fucking FILTH our society is engaged in.

I dont think you can hook up with a girl like pic unless you had your shit together and treated her like a lady user. At that point as long as you can sustain a family of 3-4 and had a decent physique then you would have a better chance unless she was specifically looking for a dude that owns a mansion.

Guess what retard..... I'm a girl and you disgust me you fucking virgin. Loser

As a girl I'd say that you are the embodiment of MGTOW Incel, the exact opposite of good lovely people. If you are such an alpha send us a pic of your face, mate.

>I'm a girl and you disgust me

Apparently you think very highly of yourself to think that some random dude on the internet who is pretending to be a meme pick up autist would be disappointed in your shitty opinion. I bet you are a right fat cunt.

Send us a pic of your glory if you are so hot and have soooo many hotties.

I'm not the guy you mental midget.

But if I'm so ugly without you even seeing me, please show us how hot you are! I would love to see a glorious man such as yourself!

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Lol you are saving screen shots of Chris Chan. You are a fat cunt. Case closed.

Dudeeee Chris Chan is so fucking hot, look like him and every woman is at your feet! Oh god oh fuck he is so hot. DAMN I wanna have him paint the sky blue with that sonic chu blue body paint. OH FUCK HE IS SO HOT

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>Imagine even knowing who Chris Chan is and thinking you are a woman worth of any value.

Talk to any attractive woman about Chris Chan and they would think you are a fucking weirdo. Keep deflecting off of yourself. You fat cunt.

Chris chan wants to sit on your face like the kawaii anime girl he is. he calls you daddy, or is that your step brother?

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Just bury the pain. Know that you are an antisocial girl who thinks that being a woman online gives you some clout on an anime website filled with larpers. That if any normal functional human being knew you, would cringe at knowing that you view this site and think that you opinion matters.

He told me to send this to you. I gotta go bury the pain under thousands of Chris chan fan fics.

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Don't put them on a pedestal. Women piss and shit like anyone else. And most of them are insecure about their looks.

In fact my ex who was a dainty little thing, accidentally blocked my toilet with a gargantuan turd. I think that's when I realized she was only human.