Hello, I am slowly dying due to poverty

Hello, I am slowly dying due to poverty.

I just quit my job this week because they didnt give me the hours that we agreed on, after warning them in may that I would instantly walk the first time they try to play that game with me again.

I am trying to find a job that pays $15 plus, I was making around that but they kept cutting my hours. Its so fucked up that I have to work every day and still cant pay my bills or afford food.

The food bank gave me expired food, opened packaged items and cookies. Not much use to me. Other than that I have been eating beans and rice for every meal.

So I have until the end of July to scare up $550 to at least pay rent, Im just gonna stop paying the other bills.

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Got any unnecessary tech lying around ? Just try to sell shit until you find a job. I was in a similar situation and literally had to suck off old dudes just to get by. These things happen and it's better to take drastic actions to survive the draught than to die . Just don't loose your goal and keep working so someday you'll achieve a stable life again.

>capitalism isn't perfect, but it's the best system we've got

550 for rent?holy sht where do u live

Have you tried filing for unemployment? You won't be rolling in money but it does help when trying to find another job

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National Socialism is best.

I am renting one room in a rowhouse in Baltimore City from a slumlord.

I quit my job, I dont think I get it right?

>mfw i would take the redpill because i'm in a good spot and this would net me the most money
This had to have been done on purpose

Why do I have the impression that some information in this story is being intentionally left out just to make the OP more sympathetic?
What happened to your parents? Friends? Family? Why can't you find a job elsewhere? Pretty sure you classify for welfare and food stamps in your situation. Also, there are other social programs you can apply to at least try to get a head start, since some people literally live off welfare their entire life.

Something just isn't adding up in this story the OP is telling. If people manage to stay alive in fucking africa, why is he dying while living in the USA, where he has social programs and shit? I smell bullshit here somewhere.

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Do you want my life story friend? Whats your mothers maiden name? Street you grew up on? First pet? Answer those and Ill give you more info.

There are plenty of jobs, just none that I have found that pay more than $12 without needing a degree. I already told you my city so why dont you go on indeed and search for me then?

What are you asking friends? family? No one is going to give me free money.

Do you know anything about social programs? Ive been on it and they cut me off. Have you ever been out of your moms basement?

Your advice is litterally ask for money from the government or my parents? You think I didnt try that? Idiot.

Ive been struggling for about 2 years, I was losing money each week working my job so thats why I quit. It wasnt sustainable.

Do you want me to post my whole budget here? Can you ask some constructive questions instead of shitting out of your mouth?

I’m not that guy but I’m curious, is $12/hour full-time not a liveable wage? That’s a little over $1,800/month and if rent is $550 and you’re eating rice and beans where does the rest of it go?

$12/hr is not a livable wage you fucking high schooler

I’m so sorry user

12 an hour is probably about 9 an hour after taxes. 40 hours per week four weeks per month is $1440 after taxes. $550 for rent leaves 890 for other bills. It's certainly not a favorable situation, but it is sustainable...

Unless the employer is being a piece of shit and not giving full time hours as op user was stating.

But $1440 a month is definitely enough to scrape by in a pinch.

That’s assuming they are giving you max hours. Most plays undercut and pay you 30-36 despite you working more in order to avoid benefits and overtime. There is also this magical concept called tax and commuting cost and insurance

>the absolute state of the U.S.

How do you figure $12/hour is more like $9/hour when the tax rate applying to those earning between $9,791 and $39,475 is 12%?

Home of the brave indeed.

Look OP, if you have to you need to work multiple jobs, even if it's shit pay. Get on your feet that way. And I think had some valid questions.

Why did the government cut you off? Do you have ANY other expenses at all that you haven't mentioned? You might also have to move if where you are currently is too expensive, or even live in your car for a while if it's that bad and your parents won't even let you live with them

> can't pay rent
> live in expensive city

I think you're doing this to yourself. Move somewhere rural. You'll have to drive a lot more, but your cost of living will be way lower.

I said they kept cutting my hours back, which is why I quit. Please read original post.

OP if you have a car, sign up for gig work.

I was in a similar situation just this week and walked out of a shitty situation.

Drive food deliveries a few hours a day and can usually do 400-600 a week with a little effort. It'll definitely get you by.

Baltimore is one of the most inexpensive places to live in the USA except maybe Detroit. What the fuck are you talking about? Rural is the worst place to be for finding a job, user. I do not have a car, obviously.

>Why did the government cut you off?

Food stamps are a limited time only, idk how much you know about it. Typically less than 6 months. I was getting benefits before I had that job, when I got the job they cut me back to $8 a month foodstamps. They really dont give you anything unless you have a bunch of kids. You all are ignorant of social services in USA. I hope this is a wakeup call for you people.

>Do you have ANY other expenses at all that you haven't mentioned?

Tons. Rent is all I am focused on for now (and not starving to death, but it has been a very slow process of losing all that weight. I hardly noticed it over 2 years.)

My family is dead, save for my mother who has Alzheimer or dementia or something. We dont have a lot of contact. I was raised inside a locked facility for juveniles by the gov. I also have no credit save for student loans my dear mother took out in my name 10 years ago and no one ever paid. (Im not going to turn her in, Im waiting till she dies to settle that debt.)

So I am not getting any income tax money back, its all being garnished by the state for the loans.

I also have chronic joing problems due to having lymes disease from being homeless and living in the woods 3 years ago before I got the job that I just quit.

Anything else you guys want to know? I realize I am complaining like a bitch, but Im just trying to sort this out and am honestly a little frustrated. It is doable to make it out of poverty, but sometimes it takes generations.

Ive been working for 2 years trying to make things happen and Ive just been losing money that whole time somehow without spending on any luxuries, haircuts, razers, barely any food, never eating out, gave up drinking years ago, no junkfood, etc.

I work $11.50/hr in Phoenix where renting costs is skyrocketing. After taxes, I get $740 biweekly or $1480/month. It's enough barely scrape by living on my own. Rent is $900/month, food $200, other minor bills total $300. Just barely.... That being said, I can afford this because I don't have a car, a car would absolutely drown me in debt. I could get somewhere cheaper but I gotta wait until my lease expires, I know my apartments' rent is also rising because I saw online new tenants need to pay $1050/month so you bet I won't stay here but getting anything cheaper means going to some ghetto place.

I know everyones answer will be, "you dont deserve a good job. Just work 10 shitty jobs and you will make it."

I just think that is unsustainable. I just fucking woke up and looked around and somehow I am in my 30s with nothing, never enjoyed my 20s because I was always working, or homeless by myself in the woods, or in jail. Working 3 jobs part time jobs is not a career. It can last for a few months or years but its not sustainable. What will I do when I turn 40 and cant keep up the pace and no one will train an old man? Just die? I need to make something happen for my future. Thats part of the reason I quit. Working my ass off for no reason, taking up all my energy and focus just to be leaking money was not letting me find my new career. I have been trying and have made nothing good happen for 2 years. Sitting at my job, hiding in the back applying for other jobs while on the clock is a sick sick way to live, and it wasnt effective for me. This is why I quit and decided to go all in on this job search. No more pretending everything is ok. I will either make a way for myself or I will die.

what do you do for health insurance? I just dont have any.

Under communism the only difference is that the vast majority of people would have to live like him, while a small group of Party elites prospers.

Under capitalism we still have prosperous elites (now defined by their membership in the hateful Jewish tribe) and we do have some people in OP's situation, but most people are reasonably well off.

Dragging everyone down to that level is not the answer.

It's basically impossible to starve to death in a developed country. If all else fails you can steal from grocery stores, eat out of the trash, go to bum feeds, or just make a sign that says you're unemployed and hungry. Given how pathetic you look bleeding hearts will probably give you more food than you can even eat.

but how will I pay rent this month?

Can you get out of this thread with your mental illness please?

You're retarded to quit just because you didn't get the hours you wanted; SOME hours are better than none, so I don't feel any pity for you. Next time, line up a job before quitting, dipshit.

Lol just lift some weights skinnyfag, first world problems jeez

$500 a month is barely over $100/week so you should be able to make that just doing gig work or day labor. Just find a labor ready office and tell them you'll take any work they have. If you have a car or better yet a truck you can drive around on trash day and find random shit off the street to sell. It's also the middle of summer, so if you get evicted and become homeless for a few months it's not the end of the world. Actually, you'd probably make at least $15/hr spanging so if you do this and avoid smoking crack or getting rolled for your massive wad of 1s and 5s it might be a positive thing... at least relatively.

>t. Never read about life on commie countries.

I don't know where you are from, but here you can't get unemployment only if you were fired from your last job, if you quit normally (1 month notice of whatever, can be without it as well) you get unemployment no problem.

Enslaving the working class isn't a good thing, commie.

I was waiting for this response. Honestly you might be right. It was a very difficult decision. Either way, I dont want your pity. Do you have any advice or did you just come here to state the obvious?

Is it so hard to find a job as a supermarket stacker or cashier or something?

I dont know who you think you are talking to. Anyone too stupid to have a conversation without bringing up red team blue team rah rah rah needs to go back to the containment board. All of you seem brainwashed on either side.

Pays $9 an hour, please read the whole thread before posting.

Well, I was talking to initially. You can click those links to see who people are replying to.

Still better than nothing pal.

I mean if you don;t have a degree, and non-degree jobs pay less than 12$/hour, what exactly do you think we can tell you to fix your situation?

The reality is you just have to figure out how to live on9$/hour, that's it.

What are the best ways to commit fraud? Are there any other ways to monetize cybercrime?

Yeah, line up a job next time before quitting. Can you read?

But that is advice for the past? I already pawned my delorian

Sounds like a lot of petty bitching. Why not man up and shut up? Lots of people have it way worse than you. I hope you die, leech

no stupid, it means everyone on the same level. they just were just prideful about the poor. it's not expesive for everyone to have fucking mansions and personal tennis courts and pools when you have free labor. jewlery is made from fucking rocks. the problem is always shortsighted ness, you have give people the universe or as close as you can get or they will champion whatever will. kiss my ass Thanos

everyone is a slave. it's why people have kids, so they can be the boss.

Luke 12:22-34 ESV
And he said to his disciples, "Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat, nor about your body, what you will put on. [23] For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing. [24] Consider the ravens: they neither sow nor reap, they have neither storehouse nor barn, and yet God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds! [25] And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? [26] If then you are not able to do as small a thing as that, why are you anxious about the rest? [27] Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. [28] But if God so clothes the grass, which is alive in the field today, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more will he clothe you, O you of little faith! [29] And do not seek what you are to eat and what you are to drink, nor be worried. [30] For all the nations of the world seek after these things, and your Father knows that you need them. [31] Instead, seek his kingdom, and these things will be added to you. [32] "Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. [33] Sell your possessions, and give to the needy. Provide yourselves with moneybags that do not grow old, with a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches and no moth destroys. [34] For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

op you will eventually die accept it and move according. go see the world, bail on your broke ass car if you have to. you will die, the world will keep turning. just go live it up the best you can.

Apart from the skinny thing, you seem like a pretty cute guy. Use that to your advantage. Maybe you can find a sugar daddy that'll let you move in while you get back on your feet. If he can feed you and keep a roof over your head, that would take a lot of the pressure off.

So let me see if I get this right. You:
>Recently walked from your job because they "screwed you over" (?)
>Have a lot of debt because your mother took loans in your name
>Don't have any family or friends who can aid you in any way whatsoever
>Refuse to work any job that pays $12/hr or less because they "screw you over", even though that's illegal
>Live in the most inexpensive place on earth, even though one room in a slum costs $550 a month(!)
>Can't receive welfare because they kicked you out of it once you got your job. Even though that's exactly what happens when you get a job.
>Can't receive food stamps because... ??? Even though you earns way less than the $22,459 ceiling, which is the ONLY requirement for it.
>Have a chronic disease, but somehow doesn't qualify for medicaid, even though all you need is to earn less than $15,800 and live in maryland.
>Can't join ANY of the social programs available to you because... ...?
>Were in jail according to but mentioned it only briefly as if trying to hide it for some reason
>Want a career (?), regardless of the previous points, because working your ass off for no reason is a "sick, sick way to live" (?)
>Seem very willing to be a criminal, as long as you don't need to move very much, according to

You really don't strike me as someone who has been eating the humble pie as much as you claim to have, given your insufferable attitude and extremely unlikable personality. You do sound like the typical entitled-millennial™ who wants an easy life just because you heard someone somewhere makes a lot of money doing basically nothing.

I am still very confused about this thread. There seems to be a lot of missing pieces here, and the OP seems VERY aggressive, or tone deaf, for someone in his position, which really makes me question the veracity of anything written so far.



My financial success started at age 11 when I did the following:
Got a used lawn mower and gas can.
Knocked on doors offering to mow lawns.
Earned around $12/hr in 1985.

Yeah. As an 11 year old child with a 5th grade education 35 years ago I made as much in dollars unadjusted for inflation as your retarded ass earns now. If you think you are worth $15/hr, go earn it.

omgggggggggg nobody caressss

muh bootstraps. fuck off boomer

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there would be more pressure on his ass tho looool

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>boo-hoo nobody is going to give me stuff for free wahh wahh wahh
Although I -can- sympathize with the sentiment, I just can't respect unemployed assholes, who refuse to work, seething over the idea that other people have money.

hold on a second, how is getting a high school diploma and having a clean criminal record even on this list

None of that shit you are saying about the requirements is true. Do you want me to post my old medicaid and SNAP (food stamp) card? I told you the benefits were $8 a month.

What other "social programs" are you talking about.

If you havent been on medicaid or food stamps shut the fuck up because Im tired of explaining it to you basement dwellers. Most of that shit is for single mothers. All of it is temporary 6 months for normal people (or until the child is 18). This is why welfare babies are a thing.

why would I be here complaining if it was that easy?

If anyone else if going to talk any shit, post your ID with date of birth because I will not reply to any teenagers anymore who have never had a job or an apartment and think welfare is free money.

Post your id with date of birth showing, I dont believe you. Im sure there are a lot of lawns in fucking Baltimore city, idiot.

An Hero before it gets any worse.

Do you have an Aldi near you? I made good money when I worked there (almost five years). I got promoted pretty quickly once the store manager realized I was a good worker.

Lmfaooo Jesus that escalated quickly

OP get a new fucking job take literally anything some money is better than none

OP, there's really nothing anyone can tell you other than to find a job-- any job. It's not going to be what you want, and it's likely going to pay peanuts, but everyone has to do what they have to do to get by in the capitalist hellscape of the US.
Learn how to minimize your expenses, shop for fresh produce and food that is both healthy and of low cost-- not too much prepackaged or ready-to-cook garbage. If you have dietary restrictions or you're a vegan such as myself (reee), I can speak from personal experiences that suppliments like B12 and D3 are not expensive. Like $5 a bottle that'll last you a month or two for the B12, $5 for a bottle of daily D3 capsules that'll last you the better half of a year.
If you live alone, and despite eating non-name brand food and cooking yourself and cutting out "fun money" expenses, (such as going out to eat, gasoline to go places other than work, especially those out of the way, alcohol, weed, video games, movies, fucking dragon dildos, whatever) look into getting a roommate. There's no shame in this. Everyone I know in their early-late 20s either still lives with their family or has to room with at least one other person just to afford rent.
If you have any hobbies you can translate into making money some how, go for it! Make art and see if you can get commissions online, camwhore yourself and have a little fun being an e-thot, create fucking ASMR videos. If you want to run the risk of going to jail, figure out how to do microgrowery indoors or something and sell marijuana. Do whatever you can outside your job, if you have to, to make a little extra side money. That is, if you can't stand to or don't have the means to get a side-job.
No one wants to hear it, but two jobs at a time are a thing that a lot of people have to do when times are tough and they have to get by.

Thanks for the replies everyone!

If I ever post again I will post my whole detailed budget and situation in the OP. I was worried about doxing myself because a lot of people I know use this site.

My plan is to try to search for a remote CSR (customer service representative) job that I can do from my computer from home. I am also waiting a few weeks so that I can pass a drug test to apply for a security guard position. That job would technically pay the same as the job I left, but it is just standing around instead of backbreaking labor. They should also need me for more hours because it is a much larger company with lots of schedule holes to fill. However the main thing is that I will be able to walk there if Im hired. The other option I have found is teaching english to chinese children online. They pay worse, and the hours are early morning and late night but it is better than hard labor.

The question I should have asked in the OP is, "what industry should I apply to? or what are the most profitable/easy crimes?"

I have learned a lot from this thread. Mostly how to communicate with people that have autism and poor reading comprehension. Whatever the fuck shitty life I have, its better than being you!

Thanks again!

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The birds have their nests, and the foxes have their holes, but the son of man has no place to rest his head.

Omg lol wtf

Op is a dumbass. he had a perfectly good job and quit over a hissy fit and he can't get a different job because he's a drug addict. he has a place to live with rent that isn't that high but now he's f****** himself over and thinks that an uneducated criminal should have some kind of high standard of living when he's unwilling to actually work.

I have a college degree and I have to work two jobs just to make ends meet. I don't get holidays or weekends off.
I've had maybe two or three days off in the last 2 years one was my birthday.

A lot of people work shitty jobs that they feel like they're too good for and that's just life. in a perfect world we would all have skills and a great job and a perfect background to get a great job, but for those of us without a charmed Life we work hard as long as we can hoping things will change or then at least we will get by.

I understand my job suck and a lot of times I wish I could quit but I also don't want to be homeless so I try to stick it out.

It’s nor fair man. Honestly I’m a bigger bitch than you, yet I too know that feel, I’m really lucky and got my foot in the door. It still sucks yet people would kill for it, the cost of living is crazy at the same time.

I have a plan though, it’s pretty selfish even if it’s quite harmless, it’s a clever way to make it and it’s notgood. I wish you luck dude, I still drag my bag but one day I hope we all can sustainably reap sow eat and sleep.

Hope this helps user

If I had your life I would kill myself user, I hope its worth it for you at the end of the day

Wow, you really do look like hell. You have a PayPal where I can send some money to get you a proper meal at least?

If you have a driver's license with a clean record for the past few years you can get into truck driving.
I was working at a 7/11 myself barely scraping buy with a studio apartment making $1100/month.
Made 50k+ first year, now I make about 85k, all debt paid off, gonna have a house paid off, no debt, college degree in computer science, student loans paid off all within 5 years at 35yo.
Companies will train you as well, very easy to get into.

I have paypal, but Im scared of posting any personal information here. My intent is not to beg here but to brainstorm and honestly vent a little.

You have Kik?

>the capitalist hellscape of the US
>a vegan such as myself (reee)
>"fun money" expenses
>dragon dildos
>look into getting a roommate
>Make art and see if you can get commissions online
>camwhore yourself and have a little fun being an e-thot
>create fucking ASMR videos
> figure out how to do microgrowery indoors or something and sell marijuana

Imagine being this guy?

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>he had a perfectly good job and quit over a hissy fit and he can't get a different job because he's a drug addict. he has a place to live with rent that isn't that high but now he's f****** himself over and thinks that an uneducated criminal should have some kind of high standard of living when he's unwilling to actually work.
Oh wow, this makes SO MUCH SENSE now! Of course the OP is a junkie!

Why else would he have a prison history, have such poor finances, be so delusional, aggressive, while still chanting this bitchy liberal millennial garbage all the time, and have such a hard time getting a job, without having any friends or family who are willing to help him out, while being kicked out of all social aid programs? Of course he's a junkie!

Now everything makes a lot more sense!

Thanks, kind user, for piecing this pile of shit's story together so brilliantly.

OP here, kik is tempestinteapot

Sorry but I am not a junkie. I quit using alcohol and drugs in my early 20s. I have never been in trouble with the law for drugs.

I do look like a junkie though from starving and not cutting my hair or shaving my face though, I do freely admit that : /. You can soo no track marks or anything else.

Its a shame that cognative dissonance is so high with these pol kids that they have to make up crazy stories to justify how shit america is. Im waiting for someone to call me black next.

I don't even know you, and I can already tell you're the type of person I would NOT want to be around whatsoever. The energy you give is that of someone who might snap at any moment and go on a murder rampage if someone ever steps on your foot by accident.

You're unstable, you're aggressive, you're VERY annoying, and the only redeeming quality about you is that all I need to do to get rid of you is to close this browser tab and hide your thread.

Your issues go way beyond JUST not having a job, or money for rent, you're the type of person nobody wants to help because you radiate this "danger" vibe that makes me want to get away from you as fast as humanly possible, and if that is the impression I'm getting from less than a couple dozens of your posts here, I can only imagine how insufferable and unlikable you must be in person.

There's a threshold for being an asshole that people can usually tolerate, and even I admit I'm constantly struggling not to cross that line, so it's understandable that some people might rub others off the wrong way from time to time, but you? No... You are a special kind of insane that only makes people unease and nervous.

I don't know what exactly you can do to fix your attitude, and I don't see you having ANY genuine interest in changing yourself whatsoever, since you're the type of person who externalizes everything and just wants to find someone to blame. You direct your rage towards others for having no empathy towards you, yet you don't even realize you're the LEAST sympathetic person in the universe, and it doesn't take more than a couple of your posts ITT to know that you're NOT the type of person anyone wants to help or want anything to do with in the first place. You're the type of psycho who shows up on the news after shooting up a mall, or something.

There's no advice for someone like you, only medical intervention.

because I said something sarcastic as a response to trolls?

Please go back to pol if you want to bring up nazi shit every 5 seconds and not have anyone criticize you.

I havent said anything off color to anyone who isnt braindead or trolling to make their own lives seem better.

You dont know shit about me, friend. I obviously dont act like an abusive retard in real like to people that I know or have to work with.

newsweek com/2016/09/02/how-poverty-affects-brains-493239.html

After reading this thread there is definitely something wrong with you bro. You seem like an ill-tempered nigger with absolutely no self awareness or foresight.

Try to get a job in a warehouse with >=100 employees. With good work ethics, being ready to work overtime and half a brain you'll work your way up quickly. I did just that, after less than 3 years I make 19$/h (before taxes) and I also don't have a degree (didn't even finish high school)

The most important quality to make it is not being a fucking pussy though, so you'll probably die

Move to a fucking flyover you idiot, no wonder you're living in poverty


I thought the reason everyone in those states is an inbred moron living in poverty is because there is no jobs or infrastructure in those areas. Is that not true?

What industry would you recommend that is booming in those backwater states?

this so much

>t. literal brainlet

Jow Forums and Jow Forums in a single sentence. Cool.

I don't know what your skills are or what you do but the fact that you're living in poverty tells me you probably don't have a good education and work in a low wage field. Construction is a big industry since there's a lot of space so a lot more room for housing developments. There's less industry in flyovers but it's no where near barren in the jobs market like people claim. Regardless it's infinitely easier to get by on a low wage job in a state like Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas or Missouri than it is in an overpriced east coast shit hole city.

You're dying of poverty, and you QUIT YOUR JOB?

Fucking hilarious

Stop paying bills? You CHOSE to take up those bills. Come on.

So did you apply and get told no, or did you just decide not to apply because you have a fixed mindset?

Thanks for the advice. Is construction really a viable field for non-illegals? What about for someone who sunburns in the shade and weighs 110 pounds? My father worked construction and it literally did kill him, so I wary of that, but Im trying to research everything people are saying because obviously I dont know shit about shit.

apply to where friend? I dont see what you are responding to in my post with that statement.

Yes I have applied to several places already, and havent heard back anything at all so far. Mostly I am trying to figure out which industry is most viable for my location, especially since I dont have a car and a republican destroyed the public transport infrastructure plans in Baltimore.

I said before the reason why I quit. Im not 100% convinced it was the right thing to do generally, but I am maybe 51% convinced it was the right thing FOR ME. If it is literally life or death TODAY rather than slowly dying, my motivation will be much higher. Maybe you think its dumb, maybe it is, however that's where we are now. Im not crying about it so maybe you shouldnt either. (hope you got a laugh out of me to brighten up your day)

As I have said before I have a potential security job with a reference lined up but it will be 3 weeks before I can apply for that (I dont care enough to explain why, believe it or dont). I also have a potential plan to work online teaching english to chinese kids for pennies but I have to get a laptop with a webcam for that (which I have a plan to do that will take some time as well, probably 2 weeks).

I am just trying to learn from the experiences of OTHER PEOPLE. I already have my own shitty ideas and plans which may or may not be viable.


I am just crowd brainstorming here in the off chance I learn something helpful. If you dont have anything smart to say, dont waste your time posting here. :)