What are the top 5 most attractive things to most women?

(most sexy women)

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5. Not a 4channer
4. Not a weeb
3. Not a NEET
2. Not an autist

1. Not an incel




1. Good looking face
2. Tall
3. Broad shoulders
4. Big muscles
5. Big dick











1. Sharp and symmetrical jawline
2. Mesmerizing eyes
3. Warm smile
4. Attuned eyebrows / nose
5. Height / posture

6. sense of hygiene and style

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Make up should be banned.

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Its not banned and soon plastic surgery will be even better , you wont know who the uggo's are anymore until you have a child

This is real, plastic surgery in asia seems to be much better than here in the west, already

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guys still got humor and confidence tho , takes years to get good no one really knows if it works or not , im gonna try

Ambition, passion, sense of humour and confidence are the only basically universal ones I can think off. Being empathetic and charming never hurts either, but are kinda included in humour and confidence.

Lol at this bs.

very deep answer thanks anom, I presume empathy means your focus is on them and not yourself which leads to more confidence and less anxiety

>quirky girl who makes jokes about death animals vs sex doll for pedos
Make up was a mistake.

if you guys are those incel "believers" then try taking cocaine once to see how women respond to confidence, it will take you out of your trapped cognition , pick up gurus are not JUST selling snake oil , some of it works

Nah it's more of ... basically reading the room and being able to put yourself in the shoes of someone else.

>A good sense of humour
>A good sense of humour
>A good sense of humour
>Self respect
>Not being a emotional drain

awesome thanks anom 210 -950 you are really deep, also thanks 210-872 a really awesome answer and overview I really appreciate it bro!!

Shit, did I get the thread wrong and were we supposed to list the version of what incels think women like? No problem, mate, I can do that too.

>big dick
>big muscles

LOL fortunately the Mandingo is mostly a trapped cognition in the straight white mans mind, its like a natural but faulty cognition about what women want, ie the most threatening man to us, is not the man women want the most believe it or not , and a massive tool isnt as pleasurable as we think it is to women, it doesn't work like that , if you educate yourself on sexuality youll see a big penis isnt such big advantage as U think it is (for her pleasure)

so basically
>don't show an ounce of doubt or weakness, bury it all

Its more about a thick penis if anything (except the few rare women that like cervix pleasure) and its about hitting teh right spots whcih can be done with or without a big hog, lesbians dont go buy a big strap on do they? (usually) - women dont crave to be fisted etc

YES! A its nto the lack of a big dick that hurts your chances with women its the INSECURITY over not having a big dick that ruins your chances THATS what turns her off not your penis size

Peak confidence IS sharing weaknesses and admitting that you don't have all the answers.

1) Wealth
2) Even more wealth
3) Wealth
4) Wealth
5) Wealth
10) Maybe be decent looking in some way

and rest assured black men, salty white women and sometimes white men will try to make out its all about the big d so they can make you insecure and muscle in on your women after they have made you insecure so look out for that trick

no doubt wealth works, wo doubt, yes I agree confidence true confidence isnt the stereo type we tend to think it is, thats false confidence over compensation, true confidence is not needy it doesn't require the other person its a self belief

pfff most women run from any sign of insecurity, this thread is a nice example

>a big penis isnt such big advantage
Keep telling yourself that, sport

It's great to impress other gay dudes of course.

Yeah, no.

This user gets it.

why dont you tell me why a big penis feels so good to a woman? You do realize most of her nerve endings are contained on the outside of her body on her clit right? Then inside her vagina the g spot and another area can be hit better with a thick dick but you can get to those spots well with an accurate aimed dick too, the clit gets hit better with girth but not always depends on her, either way using the hand on it is better anyway . tell me exactly whats so awesome about a massive penis? Theres nothing its a male fantasy put onto wome. Dont get me wrong its an advantage, but its nto teh massive advantage we tend to think it is before getting educated on sexuality

The clit to a woman is like the penis to a man, its the same organ (if she had testosterone it would have turned into a penis) So that shows u a bit better what its like for her

Theres more to a woman than the clit and more to a man than the penis but thats primary, theres the prostate for men and teh reminants of a prostate for a woman, but its a spot to hit (like the prostate or g spot kinda) not far in to hit u dont need a massive penis it doesn't work the way we think it works

You should be more concerened with penis girth than length if you want to worry about size but it would be better to worry about skill because thats what truly matters, the big penis guys need skill too most of the time , and theya re usings kill and pretending its their massive d but its really the skill

A woman I dated for a while sent me a great article that I wish I had saved. Basically explaining how the vaginal muscles literally pull the cock deeper inside and how it feels to them.

I don't know how else to explain it if you don't already know what I'm talking about.

I definitely wouldn't trade my piece in for a smaller one and some nonsense that it's "not a big deal".

the feeling you talk about is misunderstood thats just what happens when she contracts her muscles, it does pull it in , so what, you can do the same thing almost with your penis or asshole

It becomes a big deal only when its very small or there is simply no skill or both

Its a big deal only to men, its a trapped cognition in our Psyche thats caused a load of BS in response, women try to please men by going along with that fantasy even theo they dont as lesbians etc, people use it to make other men insecure to muscle in on their women etc

>so what
So having a sad small dick or being fat basically is shit for sex, and stop telling people otherwise.

a fat small dicked man certainly wont be a womans first choice to say the least but he can be good at oral, if too fat im not sure it even works naturally, and the lack of size limits options for positions and stimulation, so yea theres truth to your side of the argument too, but I never said there wasnt , we think its much worse than it is and it isnt that bad its more our fears and a trapped cognition , if people knew the truth cuckholding wouldnt be very popular at all and black gusy would get alot less poon , its because we get insecure threatened etc that our women go to another man and thats why cuckholding is so intense to watch (if you are threatened and unaware of the reality)

so the fat man can be like a post child birth woman thats really awesome at giving BJ's if he bothers to get good , so its not ideal but its something if he tries

but remember women have alot more power than men so they can be picky so you better compete in other ways too if you are fat, usually fat men that get women are well off financially

>but he can be good at oral
This is a weird point to make. Of course both guys could be equally good at oral.

In fact, I would consider it a requirement, even guys with bigger dicks should master said skill, whether they thought they needed it or not.

It's almost expected.

same if you have a small penis just get a good income and you should be alright , fortunately women are easy to money and money isnt overly hard to achieve

Youa re being unessasarily negative and perfectionistic my bro, you dont need to compete with mr perfect to get the women, and mr perfect doesn't exist in reality if u have a big penis u probably have some other flaw like an ugly face or a low IQ or not much money and so on, and I would say that you would unlikely to become a master at oral if you have a big penis there would be no motivation there, ud try and get good with your penis to build on an advantage you already have

>usually fat men that get women are well off financially
Every fat guy I've seen with an attractive woman is flashing paychecks. Cars, jewelry, drugs, etc...

but depends on the individual some big dicked guys liek to become masterful lovers some feel they dont even need to try and have no skill at all and suck at sex

yea also you shorten your own life by being fat, why nto lose the fat dont get fat or yea you can overcompensate with the cash

>if u have a big penis u probably have some other flaw like... not much money

>some big dicked guys liek to become masterful lovers

Big dicked masterful lover with no money, checking in!

sup user

1. Charisma
2. Self-confidence
3. Social status
4. Wealth
5. Looks

For me it is:
1. Size/cut ratio if he has a six pac but has a small chest or is under 6ft im not about it
2. Jaw line
3. Witt, fast comprehension
4. Independence
5.good taste ( aka similar tastes to my own )

If he has all that but a small duck I’ll still fuck him but obviously 6.5+ inches are a huge bonus

What a lot of replies say here sounds about right but remember guys, these prerequisites only apply to the gals above average. If you're willing to drop your standards you'll find the required traits are not at all unreasonable.

Absolutely this. All my ugly friends have like no standards

1. Faithfulness/loyalty
2. Intelligence
3. Kindness/empathy
4. Humor
5. Good habits/discipline

Op asked for the opinions of /attractive/ women user

Clearly you don’t meet my standards.

> Implying I’m a boy

You probably are a male, along with every other poster in this thread considering how ridiculously shallow and short sighted the replies are.

Attractive people can afford to be shallow darling

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Having a hot partner doesn’t mean anything in the long run, kid. I’ve dated plenty. Literally the hottest guy in highschool, the most popular local celebrity whose dad was a multi millionaire, and I’m friends with o e of the most successful business owners in his field and have seen the explosive relationships he has caused. I’m over it. But you do you.

Absolutely, I expect much more from my partner. But for my boyfriends these are my expectations.

How is that going for you?

Very well thanks for asking user

You sound a lot like my friend who is actually Jow Forums and wealthy who serial dates because her priorities are... like yours. Condescending, acts like the hottest thing ever, constantly being cheated on and heartbroken but acts like it’s no big deal and everything’s fine. Hope it’s better for you.

Good face
High income
Tall height
Big dick
Popular/social status

I’ve been with my loving partner for five years now


Obviously when you're the full package (handsome, rich, etc.) that's best, but you don't need most of it.

As if to make the point, not needing all that is so common for guys that it's almost a meme, "ugly guy, beautiful wife". Turns out people who have their shit together, are confident in themselves, are entertaining people, and who (usually) are using all of the above to make a killing, almost universally do well with women.

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where is the attractive people?

You could put it together as one thing
Then you have

4. has a sense of humor
3. has a passion and goals
2. kind and emotionally mature
1. fits individual appearance standards

It varies so for me I think I have the average interest.. broad shoulders, not too tall or too short compared to me, not stick skinny or overly muscular, dark luscious hair, dark eyes (tons of women like different colors too), not super pale, not super hairy (no chest or back), dresses moderately well and hygienic.

incels memeing make me laugh though

At first glance:
Good looking face,
Taller than her,
Well dressed and groomed

After speaking:
Deep voice,

Social status,
Good dick

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2. face
3. height
4. bodyfat
5. money

This is a bait thread filled with bait answers

Looks money status

That’s basically it.
They want your resources. Whether it’s genetic, financially, or socially.

Now there are some cool psychological tips and tricks that can make you more charismatic, and having a good personality and being a good flirt goes a long way, but without at least 1 one of those LMS things you don’t stand a chance w any decent girl