How do i earn money from internet ?

hi i'm 18 i've been trying to find a job since may but nobody want to hire me i'm low key kinda depressed because of that , so i want to know what can i do on the internet to earn money ?
also i have no degree and i'm pretty good at drawing.

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drawing sped up videos
teaching drawing
tag everything
clickbait everything

you know channels don't really grow organically.. they buy views and likes and features spots to seem popular so people will find interest

you're basically telling me to start a youtube channel ?

Start doing commisson work and building your portfolio. Original work only in portfolio. Work everyday. When you aren't doing a comission work on a webcomic/series you need fans and you need to advertise. Don't take on more than you can do, but be quick to respond with an expected time frame. Over time you'll meet people who want to work with you. Do it. Draw everyday no exceptions change hands if you're tired. It will look stupid at first then you'll be just as good.

on which platform should i do this ? deviantart ? instagram ?

or stream channel.
and open a patreon.
and having social media too.
that's how people make money, they sell their image and their merch and their time to fans, like D level celebrities. but it's good for struggling artists at least. patreon was supposed to be for them.

to build a fanbase and have costumer do i need to post new things everyday ?

at least once a week. don't worry about starting small and improving quality over time. but you have to network your own exposure. if you have a niche you'll have a dedicated audience.

also try not to copy other peoples channels or streams.


>Expects decent job for which he would even use the words "no one will hire me"
>I'm not even sure if it's mathematically possible for someone in special circumstances to hace a degree at 18

What the fuck?
Get a retail job or something. Dumbass kid.

i don't expect to have a decent job without a degree but i just want a job , i tried mcdonald , kfc and retails stores none of them called me back

I applied at 2 mcdonalds 1 kfc and around 12 retail store it's not like i didn't try


join the military

And the chances are low you can make money online. You need to be realistic. Art should be your hobby even if you want to make money doing it. But even if you're really, really, really good, you need to understand you are a tree in a forest and even big YouTubers struggleto make money, having to rely on sponsors. Animators in particular, like Oney or Psychicpebbles, don't make money now.

You have to be realistic and have a plan to make money now. Go to school and get a real job. That doesn't mean you need to go full-on STEM degree, just do a welding or other blue collar thing. Easy. Makes a decent wage long as youmake sure you take the proper safety precautions.

Or you can go to the military. You can go for business. Stop fucking around and find a market that isn't saturated to the point of it adding incredible stress to your life trying to succeed at it then persue it as a hobby but maybe open a Patreon and stuff to since it's your dream and maybe some people will indeed support you, but you're still a tree in the forest. Finding a niche is a gamble. Most of them are taken and what's left is a roll of the dice which other YouTubers who are truly successful will also say pretty consistent ly; they don't really know what's going to be poular it's up to the "YouTube gods" I think I heard one say once.

But persue it as a hobby and maybe a source of occasional unstable non-living wage money and you get to make a living off of art, that's just a bonus.

Believe, that other user was not the first to think to do something like that.

Start drawing furry porn on deviantart

Why haven't they called back? How are you contacting them? What country do you live in? If US, which state? Are you applying for a normal grocery store like Kroger, Walmart, or some local thing, or are you applying for something like [insert hippy dippy store here], Trader Joe's or WinCo?
Do you have a criminal record or something?
Are you applying during a hiring event? Hopefully you are at least expecting the right position and not something dumb. If retail, your best bet is front-end parcel.

Food service I don't know much about.

what's the point i'm not a man i will be a burden

>pretty good at drawing
make a fake female persona
Get a Patreon
Draw porn

Is there actual money in that? Art trade is for dipshits

i'm currently in high school ( i stopped going to school for 2 years because of bullying and i just finish re-doing my Sophomore year ) i know that i have to go in a market that isn't saturated i'm planning to go in a business school when i will get my degree , i just want to make money on the side to pay for my future college fee ( it's around 5000 euro).

1 i'm not a furry
2 i'm not a fag
3 porn doesn't interest me

>make a fake female persona
no need for that i'm already a girl
>Get a Patreon
i will make one
>Draw porn
hell no



Actually... That changes little with anything except maybe military.
They really need people to work trade and I've seen woken do it well. Just a matter of training.
In terms of retail and wahtnot, you should be able to get a job unless there's some exceptional reason why you wouldn't be hired, like a criminal record or you said something dumb on a screening thing but I'm not even sure the screening test does anything. Don't show that you are depressed or anything; they don't need that. Stay positive. You should be able to get a job eventually.

If not, maybe find a vocational rehab thing or whatever.

Not samefag and I probably would react the same way to this suggestion, but to be fair, porn is hard to draw and you don't have to reveal your identity.

I respect porn artists, but yeah.

Porn is the only art that consistently makes money, you don’t need to believe me but eventually you’ll know I’m right.

>like a criminal record
i have no criminal records
also i'm not depressed in the literal sens it's just than applying for so many jobs and not even being called back really hurt your mood when you tried really hard to make things work

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> you don't have to reveal your identity.
it's not about that....

All of them, you are trying to reach as many people as possible. Just remembered not to bite off more than you can chew. Get a planner, schedule everything.

okay i will keep this in mind

Draw furry porn.

If you're willing to sell your soul, the sheer amounts of autism and excess cash in the furry community can let you live like a king by accommodating their weird and highly specific fetishes.

It's not about interest, it's about money these people will pay 50 bucks a pop.
You think people getting their ass whooped at McDonald's hot coffee thrown at them at BK or getting shot at Wendy's do it out of love or even interest? It's all about money honey

your situation is horrible, bud. taking the bullet is the only solution i have.

i'm not a crypto kike , i'm not going to draw porn even for 50k i have morals

It's not excess cash, they live above their means. Most furries are obsessed with role play, and can't figure out how to turn that into a jobskill.

Forex trading

You can make money online OP. First you need to make an invest into crypto though and then just watch the green candles, followed by red candles

Hey OP I'm pretty much in the same boat. Honestly try to draw a piece of fanart every day to post on your social media. Preferably something you want to draw rather than jumping on bandwagons unless you really want to. People will notice you eventually. It also helps to have friends to retweet/share your posts. Hope this helps in the eternal struggle.

>pretty good at drawing
>wants to work on the internet

Perfect! I am unsure of your skill level in drawing since you are only 18, but sometimes talent knows no age.
I currently work online and from home drawing fetish art commissions and comics for my patreon and across various sites like deviantart and furaffinity. I earn $2200 a month and sometimes earn more if I get a rush of commissions separate from my patreon.
Here is the trick: you need to pick a niche fetish that fans complain about lacking good art, porn, comics, or hentai of. It also has to be a VERY niche and specific fetish. You dont have to like it, just be willing to draw it. Dont pick a fetish thats illegal in most areas of the world or that wont get you a lot of hate, for example, avoid drawing lolis and shotas. Easy.
I recommend scrolling through /d/ threads and lurking until you find a fetish that isnt very generic and people want more art of.

Good examples:
Object transformation
Box transformation
Vore/anal vore

Bad examples:
Big Tits/Big Asses

The bad examples are "bad" because they are VERY generic fetishes with oversaturated markets, so it will be tougher to break into that fetish as an artist. Futanari is a great fetish but EVERYONE draws it, so your futa art will likely not get noticed. No one hardly draws box transformation fetish art, so there are the same few images that get posted daily over and over again. A new artist in that community will be huge news and fans will be desperate to get new art of box transformation fetish, meaning theyll pay you a lot if youre good at portraying the fetish.

Pick at least 3 niche fetishes. There are more than the ones i listed above. WAY more. Youll be surprised. I have my 3 that i chose, and wont share them due to competition in the market.

Dont be discourage if your art doesnt get attention in the first month. I only made $800 my first month.

How do you get over the disgust of producing degenerate stuff like that?

i don't want to draw fetish art or porn
i don't want to earn 2k a month , is it possible to earn something like 400 a month doing normal art for a fandom ?

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Im a struggling animator / 3d artist. I know nothing about these subcultures but want to make money and don't care how I do it. What sites would I have to advertise on if I wanted to do this and is there forums for these people that want custom cg porn and are willing to pay for it. 800$ seems like a lot for a first month, I dont see how you can get that engagement when you're working on the art itself

when sending your resume to a job posting copy paste the exact skills and requirements from the posting because lots of companies use algorithms to find the best matches to the posting before someone even sees your resume

No you might get raped, but you wouldn't be a burden.

With the money


If you hook up with the convention circuit, but you're going to meet a lot of degenerates. Our bodies encourage reproduction, people get horny and that effects their decision making. Especially in outcasts.

Fiverr is a better market for commission work

draw furry porn

Be a girl

browse indeed/linkedin, get a feel for entry level jobs loosely related to design or drawing, create a portfolio specific to whatever job you find that appeals to you

toss a little resume and cover letter template together, throw it at anything mildly related to your interests

i suggest local small businesses (you can hustle and rework some mom n pop restaurant menus, help flesh out branding, etc.)

there's a lot of things out there that you can probably attain but you have to have some fortitude and make it happen, don't get sad over rejection

good luck