Dating above your league?

We dated for a year and I left him because of bad depression and feeling I'm not good enough, like he can do better. We're looks-matched, but he's a lot richer than me, smarter, and more successful. I'm basically just a useless neet. Our social circles are more or less completely out of sync.

So we're speaking again after 3 years and it turns out he hasn't dated anyone since I left and still has feelings for me. I'm tempted to try again because I really like him...

But will it just make me feel like an inadequate piece of shit again dating someone so out of my league? (He's even more out of my league now that he's even richer)

What's your experience with dating people who you know are too good for garbage like you?

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Screw you incels

You aren’t your bank account, try again and put more effort into self confidence

>self confidence
You have to have something you're proud of for that though, I have 0 talent compared to this guy and everyone he hangs out with, 0 achievements to my name, 0 money, minimal aspirations and piss poor social skills when it comes to mingling with the upper-middle class. The people around him are literally better than me in every way and will judge me, what do I draw confidence from?

I'm actually a little mad he never found anyone, if he did I'd be able to give up so much up easier.

If ur female no one gives a shit about any of that.

If ur a gag then kys

Go see a therapist and talk to them about this. Your negative thought patterns can be replaced by positive ones, but only if you put in the work. Good luck

Truth is nobody really cares if you're a woman and you have 0 talent, 0 achievements, 0 money, minimal aspirations. In fact, a lot of successful guys marry "lower tier" women, Matt Damon married a bartender.

Leagues don't exist, I know you're a woman and you believe your grading system is objective, but it's fabricated, arbritary nonsense that breaks down under the most minimal of intellectual inquiry.

Anyway, you should tell him how you feel if you haven't, and arrange to see a therapist.

And have his family, friends and coworkers all worry for him and be disgusted by at me because they think he's dating some ugly gold-digger slut?

Worse with his family and close friends, because we've met and they knew why we broke up, so they'll just pity him for dating a mentally ill ugly gold-digger slut again.

The very worst thing is I don't even care about the money, he's just a fun guy to be around... or he was anyway, maybe he's change, maybe this is a bad idea...

Tempted, what sort of therapy?

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>Matt Damon married a bartender.
Shit, if I was that bartender I'd be in constant breakdown mode. Was she an ex-model or something? Any more examples like this? I wanna see how they manage it.

>Leagues don't exist
You honestly think social status is a fabrication? I was really pleased when I managed to get a $10/h job and he's out there out-hussling Lehman Bros, I dropped out of college while he has the whole alphabet after his name, he regularly plays with some orchestra and I sometimes draw porn on dodge sites for commission.

Honestly if I was a 9-10/10 I'd go for it because he's 6/10, but I'm also about 6/10 if I put my energy into face/body positivity.

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Yo he wants you, you deny him. You are now out of his league. You feel the same about each other. Now his friends and family want to fuck him too. Are you going to let them?

If you were one of his upper-middle class well educated m8s what would you think of me? You'd judge me to be a gold-digging hoe and try to steer him away, no?

I would probably steer him away, but more because you dumped him and rode the cock carousel for 3 years until you went back to settle with the rich guy.
And now you want to leave him again because you are neurotic.
Men don't enjoy these things.
It isn't fun or exciting to figure out whether their girlfriend is sane this week.
Men often have male friends who are lifelong friends, never contact each other, but instantly is back to where they left off whenever they meet.
You don't sound like you are capable of being loyal to a person this way.

>Draw porn
Based and redpill
Can I we?

>a bartender.
Okay I just had a look and even if she was a divorced single mom, her face and body is 9/10 and her boobs are 11/10. She's also from an exotic country where the general female populace isn't gagging for white dick so he gets Hollywood point, whereas I'm ethnically a 3rd world SEA niggress so people will also think I'm just in it for the white boy D

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Avoid at all cost. If he doesn't question your league at the beginning of the relationship, he definitely will once his buddies show off their league-adequate wives or maybe even trophy wives. Either way, it won't end well. Don't listen to the retards trying to sell men as loyal, 99% of them would upgrade in a heartbeat (if they could; they often can't, hence why they believe themselves to be loyal).

Damn OP if this isnt a larp, you are fucking insecure.

He CHOSE you! After all these years, him being as good as you like you tell us, he chose you!

Knowingly and purposefully he wants to be with you. Just take with humility, be happy with him.

He might have the same insecurities about dating in his 'league' that you have about dating him. Especially if he comes from money or is privileged in other ways. He might also be looking for someone who can be more supportive or available, i.e., a future stay-at-home wife. If that's what he wants it might be difficult to get from a high-achieving woman his age.

>rode the cock carousel for 3 years
Nah I'm a femcel, he's my first and only. I wanted to ride the cock carousel to see if there was anyone I liked better but I was too autistic to approach anyone and the one guy who approached me turned out to be a pimp and wanted me for his business...

>you want to leave him again
We haven't even gotten together again yet... I am neurotic though.

Do real male friends like that actually exist though or is it some fakeass reddit bromance bullshit? Also aren't those sort of bros usually very similar status-wise? If magical Chad/Virgin eternal friendships really exist, how do they do it? I genuinely want to learn and be like a bro to him

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Nah I'm phone posting

>learn how to be a bro
You can't
You aren't psychologically wired to do so. Even if you weren't neurotic, you could never possibly perceive what it means to have purpose and to be a man. You suck as a person and there's no getting around it

Pride and ego are caustic to supreme happiness. Love yourself unequivocally and you find confidence from nothingness

>If he doesn't question your league at the beginning of the relationship, he definitely will once his buddies show off their league-adequate wives or maybe even trophy wives.
THIS. Is exactly what I'm worried about, I want him to be happy in the long term and not have regrets dating a shitty uggo who he had fond memories of.

>a future stay-at-home wife
That's about all I can be, but without the Stepford soccer-mom looks or immaculate social erudition. I'm okay with socialising and potlucks but I'm an introvert at heart.

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Yeah, you're right...

Sorry, forgot to quote you in

>You honestly think social status is a fabrication?

Yes, plumbers have saved more lives than doctors have, who has more status for doing it though?

Disregard this guy he's wrong. I'm not denying all this attractiveness tier stupidity. I just want to point out that people have different traits and vices. You may be the hottest thing on Earth for you guy. Don't sell yourself short by buying into this reductivist cast system

Why did you leave him in the first place

Girl, love yourself.
Please if you’re a neet, get out of it. Get a job, go from the bottom. If you like the guy and want to earn his peer’s respect, own it. I am from a lower tier as well but I would never ever let anybody look down on me. So they have more money than me, what’s the big deal? As long as you’re not a gold digger, wanting to be a housewife etc then you should be thinking nothing about his financial status. You don’t even know if you guys are gonna work out at the end. Unless marriage is what you have in mind and is your intention.

I’m a fellow SEA as well. Don’t drag us down with you just because you think you’re depressed and insecure.

Go out, get a job, be a grow up

Cuz I'm self-aware hot toxic garbage and I figured he could do better, find someone more wholesome and be happier.

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Damn girl. How do I be you? I want to be that positive tropical sunny force of brown SEAmonkey ENergy. The fuck kind of mystical indigenous witchgod are you making sacrifices to for this self-esteem and no fear no shame attitude.

Based larp.fuck off op.

If I were him, I'd steadfastly refuse to take you back, not because of any of the irrelevant nonsense of wealth, intellect, or 'achievement', but because you're batshit enough to think that's what I (or 90% of men) am looking for in a potential wife. As long as you're not a literal gold-digging retard, and you have decent morals, you are set, and that's evidenced by the fact that your hysterics caused YOU to break up, not him.
Go back to your own country and fuck off.

This. You know what guys want? We want a decent-looking woman (not even "hot" just decent) who can clean and cook and fuck. That's all. THAT'S ALL. You don't need to have a job or an education none of that shit helps with being a good partner unless you took culinary arts or something.

If you can keep his house clean, cook good food for him, fuck regularly and bear/raise his children, and he finds you attractive, then he's not "out of your league". The shit you look for in a man like education, earning ability, etc, is not something men look for in women!