Are sadists inherently bad people?

Are sadists inherently bad people?

I'm a male. I recently learned that my roommate of one year, who's also a guy, is madly in love with me. I'm straight.

I want to play with his feelings. I want to invite girls over and fuck them in front of him. I imagine him trying to fall asleep at night, but being unable to because me and a girl are at the other side of the room, kissing noises and sweet nothings tormenting him all throughout the night.

These aren't just idle fantasies. I've talked about them with one of my friends with benefits, who also has a sadistic streak, and we're making that fantasy come true on Saturday night. She's going to come over to our college dorms, and we'll make out and have sex and be lovey-dovey with each other while he's around.

Are there any other sadists on Jow Forums here? Do you repress your desires rather than indulge in them? If so, why?

And what causes sadism? What made me the way I am? Why does having power over others make my pp the big pp?

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>does enjoying the suffering of others make you a bad person

If you indulge in it then yes.

Yes, but if you only act out your fantasies on fags it's not as bad as it could be.
Fornicating is extremely degenerate, though. I hope the fag tears you a new asshole.

that's not sadism it's sociopathy, and yes, it makes you a bad person.

I think OP is both. Maybe. There IS such a thing as transient sadism, so he doesn't have to be a sociopath, even.

this is a yaoi plot lol. ur the bottom, op.

Fiance is a general sadist + sociopathic tendencies but i keep him in check quite often.

>Are sadists inherently bad people?
Depemds on what ypu consider bad, user. In the big societies view, yes, youre a "bad" person for fucking around with someones feelings, but it depends on what each individual thinks, so fpr a person with a murky view of morality, youre not "baaad", youre just different

>Do you repress your desires rather than indulge in them? If so, why?
He has really bad impulse control. He kills animals, burns stuff, manipulates ppl. But he knows when to not go overboard (most of the time). I help him control himself better and let out the sadism etc. in more healthy/non criminal ways

>And what causes sadism? What made me the way I am?
I cant answer for you but my fiance went through abuse in very early childhood, and had sociopaths in the family which made the trauma be powered by genetics (his paternal grandpa straight up killed one of his children when drunk and his maternal cousin killed her retarded son because of hallucinations, or so she claims)

And what's your mental illness(es)?

Depression, social anxiety. Nothing too bad.

I hope that fag tears you a new asshole

Kek. Is it sadistic to want sadists be placed in bad situations? It's a very satisfying thought


You're gross, just fyi


Its not bad to enjoy pain in others, like when youre inflicting it.

Its because the pain youre inflicting is not consensual, the person youre inflicting it upon has no knowledge that youre doing it intentionally, and hes not free to decline to participate, because youre imposing it on him.

People in communities where sadism is expressed, ex BDSM, its very structured, theres communication and consent with both partners.

Youre free to have antagonistic relationships and relishing in hurting others, ultimately youre alone in this.

Because what you're doing is unnecessary and unnecessarily cruel, and you're taking pleasure in it.

you described a psychopath user. he's a psychopath

I've seen relationships like this before, where straight men take advantage of gay mens (often feminine) attraction and attention. its ultimately for your own ego and you don't really give a shit about their feelings, as long as you feel like a man. its disgusting.

the actual name of the disorder is antisocial personality disorder
lets say the disorder is the species ladybug. sociopathy is a yellow ladybug and psycho- is a red ladybug. the subspecies are different but the species is the same (the antisocial disorder)
psychopaths are born with faulty brains. as in, they literally are physically unable to feel empathy etc from birth on. sociopathy is caused by trauma. we dont know what effect genetics has.
his therapist regards him as having sociopathic tendencies (instead of giving him a full diagnosis) mostly to not affect his work since he could be laid off due to such a diagnosis (the therapist is a real bro) and because he never was arrested


Haven't people committed murder over stuff like this?

fag has it coming, but so do you

I love seeing other peoples in distress but I am never the one who caused it. College was the best time for that. Those egghead losing their sanity over organic chemistry mark, or losing sleep because of stress, or even one who became an avid smoker because of it. Ah those were good times.

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