So, highschool ended and there's this girl I've been very good friends with for 6 years and I think I have a crush on

So, highschool ended and there's this girl I've been very good friends with for 6 years and I think I have a crush on.
We went to prom together a week ago, slow danced and everything, it was great and made me realize how much I truly like being next to her. We started talking a lot more since, hanging out almost every day.
So now I'm talking to her, we're saying goodnight etc. and she sent me a heart. I sent one back and then added "non-platonically". She took two minutes to answer (even though she saw it right away) and then sent back a ""
what the fuck do I gather from this, guys? I do have a tendency to joke about these things, so does she, but I don't know. Please help. She's not into me, right? Will she stop hanging out with me now that she knows my feelings?

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Zoomers are fucking retarded

If you want to date her then ask her out. If you do not want to date her then do not ask her out. It's that fucking simple, stop over complicating everything.

Oh my God
Why do we do this to our selves
Hey get off the website and go talk to her. No messages talk to her. Be upfront, you don't know her heart better than her. If it's over then you know and you move on. Stay friends, but move on. If not then you're fucking golden.

Basically this.

With what you said I'd say you both like each other so just go for it dude, be happy!


Thanks for all the support lads
The issue is, I'm afraid to really put myself out there in a way that can't be interpreted as a joke because we're very good friends and I'm scared to lose her as a friend trying to get her as a girlfriend
Do you think we could stay just friends after I've confessed my feelings and asked her out?

Flirt with her, she’s into you enough to go to a dance with you. Try to be calm and just enjoy your friendship with her as it is, if she wants more and knows you’re into her she’ll let you know she’s interested in dating.

If you are both mentally adults then yes.

I agree with most of the others in the thread, just be honest and talk to her face to face

tell her exactly what you think "I really like you but don't wanna end up making our friendship weird if you don't feel the same way" something along those lines, just play it cool and you'll be all good, you got this brother

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>I really like you but don't wanna end up making our friendship weird if you don't feel the same way
That's actually great user, thanks.
I just want to clarify because the emoji didn't work in the OP, this is what she sent back and I haven't responded since I really have no idea how to.

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This is why you shouldn't manage your relationship over text

I know, it was a dumb fucking idea but the hearts she sent went straight to my sick and I couldn't hold myself
I think I'll play this one off as a joke and ask her sometime in person, when it's just us two

>So, highschool ended
Insert summerfags here

Quotation marks can mean the same thing as "ditto". She was saying hers was also non-platonic.

>that image
A woman will never love you for who you are. That is your mother's job. Do not expect your wife to do your mother's job, or else it will end terribly.

Seriously, never expect another woman to love you for "who you are" it's just not appropriate.

Those weren't quotations though, see
My interpretation is that she's not into OP and played it off as a joke to not hurt him

you did the right thing
it takes a lot of balls to express your feelings.

the thing is you may have done it unexpectedly, so try to actually have a real conversation with her to hash out these feelings together.

if she doesn't want to have any of it, you know where she stands. i know it sucks, but you could be in for some heart break.
if so, you'll bounce back

Maybe if you weren't such a piece of shit cocksucking woman beater someone would love you for who you are.

Getting off this fucking website and never coming back is step 1

>i love you for you who are
who are what

You can be friends if she turns you down. Sucks, but you know what else sucks? Being a pussy all your life and always wondering what could have been.

I'd rather be turned down and friends than in this state, and I believe I have the balls to ask her out
It's just that I'm not sure she'd wanna be friends after my feelings are out on the table

Why not? Do girls do that?

Just assure her it’s cool if she doesn’t feel the same way back. If a girl wants me who I don’t want back, but wants to be good friends.. that’s fine so long as I don’t have reason to think she’s going to be acting needy and paranoid ect.

ask her out dumbass. like the other guy says, don't let it be a "what could have been"

you may accidentally lose a friend but you'd be surprised how little that loss matters. you're young mate. friends will change into different people. your choice in friends will change. you and your friends will be at different points in your lives at the same age, etc etc.

what i'm saying is: you will lose her if you don't make a move. if she's not by your side, she will be one of "the friends that moved on". time moves quick and opportunities are rare.

make the shot