What can one person do to cause the greatest possible destabilization of society?

What can one person do to cause the greatest possible destabilization of society?

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Do some high level terrorist shit and start a nuclear war.

Right but what specifically can i do that has the greatest chance of starting a nuclear war?

If you have to ask that question, you have no power to do such a thing.
You're but a drop in the ocean, user. You're going to live your small life just like the rest of us, die soon, and 150 years later you will have become entirely forgotten. Just like the rest of us.

Taking a country's electrical grid down.

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You do it in the dark,create a group of people ready to do this shit (100.000 minimal 1 million recommended) and take over the government during a violent ass fucking riot (you basically all act chill and in 1.0 seconds of being in front of the white house you pull out frag grenades and guns of all types and create pure chaos) there you go justgood luck with trying to pull it off

Be kind inspite of the world. It will fuck up people trying to reason your actions.

when u getting started op?

this or this


Did it work?

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Not very helpful user.
I dont care if im forgotten when i die as long as i did my part in helping accelerate the collapse, you should help too!

For over dramatization in case everything goes well you do a live broadcast from the white house seat and pull a we live in a society speech joker style,that shit would go down in human history as the coolest moment ever

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mahoi, silvio santos is truly a genius

Invent a real form of biological immortality

Assassinate a leading politician is the only one within reach to a regular person. They'll be replaced, but that one's influence is out.

Hoard some deuterium and thorium mantles and make a d1rty b0mb, easy to do if you can drop a few $thou

Guerilla war desu senpai. Less than 3% of the actual population of Afghanistan are card carrying members of the Taliban and they control the entire nation. Only 30% of North Ireland's population is Irish but they fought a staggering insurgency to join mainland Ireland for 40+ years. There are tomes of literature on how to get started, and you have endless causes to choose from to rally up disenfranchised young men willing to put up the armed struggle.

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This is not advice. Get thee to pol.

Where can I get them from and how to i safely store them so I don't die before i intend to.

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Where is the black guy that invented the supersoaker?

In practice or theory? Either way you're looking at long shot odds of success because most things disruptive are protected against.

For example one person theoretically could nuke Congress in session. But it'd require getting a nuke, getting it there, and not tripping any security before you get to set it off. Those odds are so slim it's exactly why people have shot presidents but never hit Congress hard. The closest was that baseball game.

In practice, with greater than super slim odds? You'd have to go to a foreign unstable nation like half of Africa, be skilled enough and brutal enough to rise in a faction, take over, keep rule long enough to draw the attention of real power players then use practically all resources to get a technological lead on your rival neighbors, take them down quickly and systematically, garner more attention and draw a major power into war or really go all out and invade one.

That has about. 05% chance of ever happening but it's the best a single person can do. Again, it's why assassination has happened throughout history.

Now if we're talking about any person then the head of a nuclear nation could attack another, preferably an ally. The US nuking Israel would have massive societal blowback all over the world pretty much instantly. But now we're getting silly. At best the mango shitstain will attack Iran and trigger a variant of WW3.

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