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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?
As Jordan Peterson says, what's the alternative? Just not to date and wait for death?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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women: your opinions on men who work with kids?

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Cute and that they should have a mountain and a half of patience.... Would make a good partner most likely.

Bros, would you date a woman that had had casual sex with people you know?


Priest or elementary school teacher? Red flag anyway.

I rather not, but I'm kinda desperate so probably yes. No marriage material tho unless we both stop seeing those people.

Forgot to quote

How come "strong woman" types and chicks you would find at a punk rock house show keep their distance from me, but very are receptive to if I start a conversation with them?


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because they're still women, even if they pretend they're "strong".

Because theyre too busy doing more interesting stuff to talk to you. You probably also look too serious to be approachable

Its just their job, but if they enjoy it/show themselves to be good/patient with the kids id find it really good. Would definitely be a + point for me since i want to have a good father for my future kids

How is it a red flag even? Youre really sexist, its disgusting that people still maintain this kind of thinking, especially young people

Women who has had casual sex are not the kind of women you want to have in a relationship. They are good for fucking though so that's nice.

How can I keep in touch with a friend? I won’t see her until September. I kinda miss her but I feel weird just texting her and asking what’s up.

Ignore this post
God awful advice, even worse person behind the advice

I broke up with my toxic best friend of ten years quite recently. Now he has started going out with a girl I know who we both know is insane and drove one of our mutual friends to depression. I don't know what this is, could this be a ploy to get my attention back?

Me and my girlfriend recently broke up, no real reason in particular just wasn't working out. If I wanted to meet someone new my options are pretty limited, I don't have any friends, I live in a quiet area where there are no places or events to meet people. I tried tinder before but got no matches, I'm not horrifically ugly but I'm not attractive enough to use it. Not really sure what to do, I don't mind making the effort.

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>"my trash is walking itself into the recycle bin. Is this a sign it wants me to take it back and dump it all over my room?"
Dont be stupid


would you be mad if you went on a tropical holiday with your boyfriend and he didn’t want to have sex during the trip? We leave tomorrow for the trip and I really don’t want sex anymore. I think i’m done with sex

hard no
try talking on the phone maybe
try a grocery store

At what point in the relationship would you want to know your man had been /ss/ 'd a number of times? I know it's my call when I share that, but I'd like your opinions.

I don't know if you know this user, but not everything revolves around you.

Would women find it more hot or humiliating if their partner insisted on shaving their girlfriend's pubic hair for them?

Depends on the woman and their libido. I personally wouldn't mind since I have a very low sex drive. But, I don't refuse sex, and enjoy pleasing my bf. Maybe have a talk with her about how you're feeling? There must be something that is making you feel that way. Depression? Is the relationship not working for you?

Why are you gay?

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1. How can a guy test whether you like him or not?
2. Would you stay friends with a long-time friend that asked you to date and you rejected?

I would find it kinda funny. I have a really open relationship with my bf, in the sense where we do goofy shit together. He's always curious about what I do. I demonstrated how to put a tampon inside me when he asked for example. So, it wouldn't really be surprising if he asked me to shave my pubes. I'd let him, and laugh during it. But it honestly depends on the girl. Some might find it weird, some might find it kinky in a way

Because you're gay.

Because my boyfriend once asked me to taste my pussy and I thought it tasted better than cock so I broke up with him and started dating chicks.

1. There's a lot of mixed signals, so there's no full-proof way to know. But, I would say pay attention if a girl is talking to you consistently, laughs, smiles, maybe some subtle touches on the shoulder/hugs here and there. Bitches that use you will not consistently talk to you. When they want something however, they'll be more flirty, and have a pattern of ghosting you and asking you for things.

2. I honestly don't think any guy would want to deal with that, especially if they still have feelings. I would talk to him about what he wants to do. Whether he wants to be friends with me still, or if he wants some space to move on.

this goes much deeper than just this simple question user.
why dont you want sex? is sex with her getting boring? is she getting ugly? do you have less libido? did you start taking meds recently?
the short answer to this is: id feel personally bummed for not getting sex on a holiday but its okay because sometimes you just dont feel horny for a few days and its not like im going to force the guy. but if it went for a long time (more than 2 weeks/a month depending on how sexual you were before) id get worried smt is going on. definitely talk to her about it because no sex out of nowhere is something that women understand as either 1) you think shes ugly (will make her lose self esteem) 2) you have an affair and you just dont have energy for her/dont find her interesting anymore. both decisions will in extreme situations lead to affairs to show you/reassure himself that shes still hot/youre losing out on that pussy
definitely talk to her about this user since women like sex as much (if not more) as men do and this will turn out to be a dealbreaker if you just wont want sex anymore at all

i personally wouldnt want that since i like keeping a full bush but if my bf really went to the max and did everything himself for me every 2 weeks (since stubble is really annoying and itchy) and i just had to lay there while on the phone or smt then yeah, not embarassing at all, id be ok with it and probably want it enthusiastically if he promised to, idk, finish with some oral or fingering to orgasm as a thank you

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I sent a image to a girl I like it was pretty innocent just some info about a property that's owned by a relative to her but I panicked and deleted all the messages. Don't ask me why a freaked I just did. Will she think I'm a creep now I'm pretty sure she saw them before I deleted them and there is no justifiable reason for me to delete them

Forever young I wanna be forever young

me and bf of 2 yrs are kinky and both switches. in the start i was mostly his sub but after 1 yr or so and some drama regarding sex ive slowly started domming him more and more and by now its rare that i let myself admit to feeling submissive. i still love being sub, he still loves being my dom and i enjoy it a lot when he does coax the sub out of me and dominates me but its like theres a wall in my mind and i dont allow myself to sub to him out of shame/embarassment. i dont know why i feel like that. its harder and harder to let myself sub to him and i basically lose all sexual feelings out of sadness/shame/not feeling like a good sub when this happens. when we have vanilla sex all is normal but when i feel sub this just happens. outside of this our relationship is overall healthy and were happy with each other. what do guys

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What's considered a bad personality?I want to attempt at improving my own

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women, as a guy without fashion sense would it be a good idea to imitate celebrities?

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I see women tanning on the beach alone. Is that a good time to talk to them?

I live out of Airbnb rather than apartments, is this a turnoff if I'm 26?

What's the best thing to see on a man's tinder profile?

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>What's considered a bad personality?
being ugly.

Why the fuck would you do that?


what's my best option then?

Someone answer me now goddamn it. I'm tired of being ignored by you whores

not an answer but i just want to thank you for posting that cat

Just had my first date with this girl yesterday, seemed pretty successful, she talked about "next time" etc, gave her a hug as we parted.

When should I organise another date? Do I do it now for a week's time?

Why is my female coworker suddenly ignoring me ? She's 24 while I'm 18 and she has a fiancé anyways so there's no romantic interest involved here. When I started this part time job she talked to me a lot cause we're from the same country. I'm a bit autistic so I was kinda shy when talking to her so maybe she thought I loved her ? Idk. So recently I've noticed that she avoids eye contact, answers briefly to my questions or small talk, doesn't initiate convos with me anymore, etc. Like yesterday I was talking to another guy, she came in and only said hi to the other dude while completely ignoring my presence. Idc if she doesn't like me but I'd just like to understand why she could be acting this way. It's not the first time that a woman has acted distant with me too. Even guys act slightly differently with me actually, like they'll often banter with each other but never with me, and talk seriously and officially with me instead of the lighthearted small talk they have between them. This keeps happening and I have no idea why.

there isn't a bad personality, there are bad personality traits
>very low/high self esteem
and more i didn't think of

Because I'm autistic what do I say now

why not ask them?

Ghost her

Now why would I do that?

That would be very weird. She'd go tell everyone about it and everyone would laugh at me behind my back. They already don't like me too much, I'd rather not make it worse.

>"answer me NOW you whores"
This is why you dont get answered to in the first place

Would you girls ever post a picture of yourself like this on social media?

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Depends on the girl, but for the most part I give it about a day before setting up another date

How do I know if I haven't found a girl I'm compatible with or if I'm just an ugly fucker?

Jesus no

What's a good way for a guy to present pictures of himself on OKCupid? What should I dress in and how should I frame it? I'm really bad at this stuff

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After 25 or so how a man looks becomes less important and his status / wealth becomes more important

>Unless you're a monstrosity

That, or you're aiming too high and trying to get with women way out of your league

>even ugly people fall in love

No topless selfies even if you are in shape

No selfies in general

One in a social situation, one with an animal, one doing some sort of hobby, at least a couple showing what you're into

>women's expectations
>their collective treatment of men
I will fight no more forever

Can I ask why? And do you have an opinion on girls who do?

Sounds good, though what specifically about the girl would change that?

Meh, it's a job.
Do they want kids?
Um, if you strike up a conversation with someone in a polite manor, usually people communicate back. Maybe you are confused with the Male frame of Strength where Strong=Asshole? Feminine strength is closer relative to either CEO Bitch and or Great Mother. And or also meaning they can be one, the other or both.
Perfectly imperfect timing to bring up that kind of relationship status with a partner that may have a public beach fetish. I'd dump them on the holliday and find new meat within the hour.
What does that even mean?
Have you seen women?
Are you gay?
asking, and yes

If she's the kind of girl that is only interested in guys who treat her like shit / aren't interested

Girls with baggage and brain problems are the ones who chase assholes

should i date a girl if i'm embarrassed to show her to my friends because she's not very attractive?

Im pretty conservative when it comes to showing the body and such. Plus, you never know whats going to happen in the future and how the internet is going to turn out. We already have so little privacy as it is, i dont want any pictures like this available for anyone (especially businesses) who just throws my name on google or goes through my social media history

Unfortunately, my dog passed away a month ago. Should I still use him in an old picture and explain I don't have him anymore or would that come off as emotionally tacky?


Do something nuts, buy a bus ticket or something and go out and see her for a weekend.

>could this be a ploy to get my attention back?
you are such a woman lol

>I broke up with my toxic best friend
So you didn't really, did you?

Work on your decision making skills. I know your type. You are bad at following through and making plans. Learn that when a choice is made, it is DONE. Take pride in the fact you made a decision and be VERY resistant to ever change your plans. This is a mindset of success and will serve you well if you can adopt it.

something seems off about that polish girl

don't sweat it bro. let go of the small shit. learn to laugh, keep your sense of humor.

>that image
took me a second.

not considering others enough and pride.

idk man, she looks kind of fun. It's not the only photo on her profile. Very easy to snap a dumb face like that when a friend catches you off guard. She's just having fun and being sexy. I could totally be her friend.

Sorry to hear about your pup

How old is the pic? Honestly I think a photo showing your softer side is more the aim, less about the animal. Baby, volunteering, something

If the picture isn't too old I would just put it up

>. Should I still use him in an old picture and explain I don't have him anymore
Only if she asks about the dog

Does any of it come from thinking that your body isn't as good as it could be? If you had a nicer body, do you think you'd be more willing, or is it off the table entirely even if you were the most beautiful woman on the planet?

coucou rulebreaker-chan

>i dont want any pictures like this available for anyone
I understand if you don't want to post. But for the girls who had something like this get out there, nobody cares anymore. It really won't affect a thing in your life. It's more of a mental barrier than anything.

Like if you were stupid when you were younger, don't let it stop you, or believe that it could, from getting everything you want in life, relationship, and job. It is possible.

/ss/ is shorthand for straight shota or boys having sex with adult women

to establish yourself as the alpha in the relationship ya simp

Moin butters-kun

Im and pic related is my reaction to what you said. Im only uncomfortable with doing that myself for personal reasons/my upbringing and personal views

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Oh, like child rape or like persuing older women as a fetish when an adult?

Nope. I have pretty good self confidence towards my body in general. I feel like its mostly a mental hangup rather than because of smth physical

>senior year in highschool
>a somewhat good looking girl would always greet me and smile
>she would approach me and ask me to help before class
>I was really unresponsive and silent most of the time
>one day 4 or 5 of us were sitting around in the hall, waiting for a class to start
>I was being silent as usual and they were talking about dating
>I somehow become the subject of discussion
>she then says 'user's a bit too skinny for me haha'
she meant that, didn't she?

Tbaks fren I'm the delete messege autist

Both honestly

Why only old ladies talk to me? Im 23 and a lot of 60~70 women pursue chat with me. Why not girls at my age?

Bunch of old women are perverts, bro. The horniness just go up in age and they turn into true creeps after 55.

Then maybe like 5th-6th date. Whenever you can start revealing the heavier baggage. Such as the rest of ya'lls past traumas ; bullying, exes, family, health, ect.

1. You should be able to tell. My current bf, I drank a bit much, alone, and texted him quite explicitly that I liked him. But you'll generally have to guess. I particularly like when a guy that I like puts his arm around my shoulders, or grabs my hand. If I don't want that sorta thing, I'll move away / shake it off.
2. Yeah I'd stay friends. I like my friends so why would I end it? However, if it seems it hurts them I'd want to discuss if it's best to end it.

What's the worst that can happen? Talk to them. Women like attention, after all, as long as it doesn't come off creepy.

Airbnb is ok, it's basically the same as an apartment. If it's shared, then it's equivalent to any other shared living arrangement. A lot of women prefer you have your own place.

I don't use tinder so idk.

No. Being ashamed of her is bound to be bad once you introduce them.

If I'm embarrassed to admit liking whoever, it makes sense to give some excuse and lie. But this sounds like a good reason to get Jow Forums, and eat more calories, if you are twiggy. Personally, I can see myself saying that about someone but also thinking they're super cute. There's one guy in my class like that (skinny, but smart with handsome face) but I'll probably never admit liking him, and may deny liking him with that same excuse. If I didn't already have a great bf, he could convince me to date him.

Basically, a 5/10 to an attractive woman is a 9/10 for an ugly one. Younger men and women are more attractive. Older women are probably more desperate since they are less wanted. Also lol @ expecting young women to pursue you unless you are really impressive

>be me 2 years ago
>Hear about this camping place hiring counselors thousands of miles away from me on another state
>Told about it by a qt polish friend who works there annually every summer
>Very tempted to apply, but like the total dumbass I am, I don't and miss my opportunity to meet her

I could've met her for the firs time. We could've grown together, worked together, had a blast, but I had to fuck shit up by waiting till the last moment until it was too late to apply. I fucking suck. I look at her snaps, having a fun time with kids and friends in this beautiful camp, and here I am waging away. I wish I was with her. Kicking myself everytime I see it.

Somehow though, she's still nice and doesn't mind my fuckup. Still laughs and talks to me, granted it was a big let down for her when I told her I couldn't see her.

Maybe one day I'll see her and then we can have the experience of a lifetime. Together. Maybe. Or maybe I'm just chasing clouds. Maybe she's total shit irl and just acts nice. She is kinda popular for a polish girl. Idk. I just miss her. I just wish I didn't fuck up like this. Telling her I got the job, then having to tell her I couldn't make it.

What do you think Jow Forums?

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What are the best methods for deceiving women that I'm ambitious and wealthy? I don't expect anything that would work long term, just something that can get me laid.

This girl friend of mine and I keep bickering almost every time we talk now, and ive shut her down hanging out twice now. Honestly I find her annoying and wouldn't mind just cutting her off completely but I am also pretty lonely and shes the only female i talk to on the regular. I'm pretty sure shes likes me but honestly i'm not attracted to her at all, physically, and more lately ive noticed she might not be that good of a person and not sure how to handle this. She messages/snaps me almost every day right now

Another thing, i've vented a lot of shit about my life and personal life to her so I'm kind of scared she'd run around telling everyone shit about me.

>hey i noticed you were rather quiet to me recently, did i do something?
what the fuck are you talking about?

because you're such a sweet young man

Girls, when is it a bad time for a stranger to try and chat you up? What are the signs? I'm gonna go to a bookshop soon and try.

Im a girl who cannot feel attracted to people i dont trust. I need to at least have a romantic connextion to them or at least trust them a lot to feel sexually aroused.
For example, if i try to masturbate to the thought of a crush who i dont know deeply, it just feels like rubbing my leg. If i try to rub it to a random hot person i cant, i dont even feel horny. But if i think about a close friend who im physically attracted to or a long time boyfriend, things go much differently

Is something wrong with me? Is my sexuality malfunctioning ir is this normal? I can still recognize beauty logically and get crushes and everything

Girls and guys
Are you supposed to feel butterflies all the time when youre with a bf/gf? Ive been together with him fir 2 yrs but the only butterflies i ever got were roughly like, 6 or less during the first 3 months

>Is something wrong with me?
Nope, women just aren't capable of love.

It's probably a little unusual, but I don't think it's a bad thing. I think it's really cute. You don't need casual sex, you need love.

You contradict yourself though, i dont understand. Are you saying that love is being capable of feeling sexual attraction to strangers?