Had a package arrive today at my bf's and foolishly picked it up...

Had a package arrive today at my bf's and foolishly picked it up. When I went to check what it was he appeared distressed and wanted to hide it from me, so in an impulse I opened it up and it was a bottle of this stuff. He has been trying to convince me that he bought it was a joke for the past hour while I have already broken up with him.

Am I overreacting or is this justified on my end?

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Bruh hahahahhaha your boyfriend is very retarded

It’s a retarded spend but it’s water not a used condom. Overreaction.
If it were my bf I’d try to be sexier instead of being threatened by literal bath water

Kek. If he was nervously trying to hide it from you to begin with, he was serious about purchasing it. He tried to save face by saying it was a joke. So, you did good on your part. Save yourself the effort, and find someone less degenerate.

Good move

You are overreacting, but do you care. This seems to piss you off, more than he matters to you. Can you get over it happening again, if not good call. No point in wasting your life together. If so then talk to him explain why you are upset and see if you can try again.

Fuck you. No joke, he literally asked me to pay for a McDonald's meal for him a few days ago because he was broke and has been having financial troubles for a while, but apparently he can afford to buy the water that some e-skank sat on.

Overreacted. Its a literal bath bomb, clibba. Whats he gonna do with it? Magically turn into belle d.va once he enters the water?

Don’t lash out. That’s the reality. No matter what else you say it’s just bath water. This is a problem about self confidence not finance.

Y r u invading his privacy mate

Nah. Anyone autistic enough to make a $30 purchase on ethot bathwater in a relationship should be castrated. If you think bitchboys like that are worth it enough to put out more, that's on you, hun. Just don't complain when he "jokingly" purchases and cuddles with his anime body pillow more than you. Kek

You’re good, he’s stupid for buying Chinese ball sweat off the internet rebranded as “gamer girl bath water”.


I’ve been in a loving relationship for 5years. If a jar of water is more important then your connection with this guy then you should have dumped him ages ago

Not OP btw. But if you keep reading their posts, it seems their relationship was rocky to begin with.

Also, it's not really about the jar. It's about his reaction when she found out. That's a pretty big red flag, and one that she should've caught on earlier. So, she did right by dumping him.

I just presumed she cared enough about the relationship to post about it here. But yes if it’s not a good relationship to start with and this isn’t just the first hiccup then I agree with you

Should have broken it over his head on the way out the door. Fuck this degeneracy and the faggots who sustain it.

>roastie threatened by trivial shit
If your man cuddles with a pillow more often than you, then it's not his fault - it's yours, and you are seriously damaged and need to fix yourself ASAP.

Your fault for not satisfying him sexually, roastoid

Trips confirm

Idiot advice.

Fake story. If not, you did the correct thing. Your boyfriend was an idiot and a cuck. Such men deserve to be alone forever, unironically.

no dude people sweat balls where I live, cuddles ain't worth the ac bill till I get better job pillow with an ice pack baby.

start with this, it makes more sense now. he's not an insecure weeb, he's a manipulitive weeb. it's one thing to keep retarded purchases private, it's another to fuck with your money.
>cam revenge time
use this shit on video, send clips offering full video for double you think you can get
send video of families reaction to his broke ass bullshite post real video online with an offer to sell family roast set
or whatever

Yeah I'ma side with OP on this one. Dumb enough he spent money on fucking bathwater, but clearly dude isn't in any financial position to be making any frivilous purchases at all.
Says a lot about his meritt as a partner.

Imagine being such a shitty gf that a bottle of water would make you nervous about your relationship.

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Imagine being such a beta cuck that you would buy "a bottle of water" for 30 bucks.

Dudes got it twisted that he has some sort of right to throw money at e-skanks for fun while feigning "Too broke for MikeyD's" to you. Says he has the potential to lie about going to strip clubs or buying E-Cosplay/Traps shit for their amazon wishlists.

it's a stupid thing to get jealous over but you should still dump him for being retarded enough to buy that shit

You should dump him for his shitty taste in e-thots.

>its a literal bath bomb
It's used bathwater.

And it's not even quality cosplay. I'm pissed I was born a man who is obviously a man, apparently just putting on a $20 printed leotard can get a girl a ton of cash by calling it "cosplay", despite not making the costume part and it not resembling the character outside of gender.

So this is perfect example of Astroturfing.
Shills are paid to push a product narrative and


if not bait then execute a double murder suicide

also you might be over reacting, however it is strong evidence you're dating a complete moron

The product already sold out yesterday you fucking retard. What is being sold here?

The next batch of water that might have touched girl anus?

Die of arsehole cancer your third world scumbag softcock

You did the right thing. This is repulsive.

>just trust me guys! It's selling us something that doesn't exist anymore/hasn't even been made yet!

I am convinced. This is actually 6D marketing.

Stay mad that women can milk thirsty (likely majorly foreign) nerds for wearing a costume and taking pictures.
Also, why not be mad that there is a market of nerds that will pay for used bath water? Is that not insulting to you as an upperclass cosplay critique nerd?

Its a tough call but I would say you probably did the right thing. Spending $30 on such a thing would lead me to believe he would also be financially irresponsible down the road.

Also I am not quite sure what the joke would be. My friends and I got a kick out of it just discussing it. We joked we already purchased several bottles. But to actually purchase that - no.

>because you're mad about one thing, it's impossible to be mad about another
Woah, since when do we get actual women here?

ITT: shills

Yes that’s right it’s a JAR OF WATER

If my husband brought this I’d be like “ that’s kinda weird” and that’s it. Can’t imagine what it must be like to be ugly enough that water in a jar upsets you

>lol babe thats weird haha hope you enjoy this pussy water from a woman prettier than me you desperately want to fuck haha

literally a cuckquean

Yo, it's $30 plus shipping for that jar of water, and your husband just begged you for a $1 McChicken stating he had no money.

In my opinion it is cheating in a way, you buy used bathwater to fulfill some sexual fetish from a woman that isn't your wife/girlfriend. Now we can argue the severity of this, but at the end of the day it's still a scummy thing to do.

Scummy? Absolutely.

Cheating? Absolutely not.

It sounds super legit that he bought it as for the lols, I imagine at the next party it's gonna be quite a fun topic to talk about (some one is gonna drink it with Vodka I bet).

You can totally be mad about it, but ending your relationship?, girl, you have some serious self steem problen to feel threatened by some water, you gotta work on that shit, you're better than that.

Your boyfriend probably has some really weird fetish and those kind of things can really do damage to people in an addictive sort of way and cause them to do dumb shit.

That said, I don't think you are in the wrong for breaking up with him, I just think you should have a conversation with him making It very clear that what he done pissed you off so he may improve himself

of course it's fake
but Jow Forums is so easily baited, it takes too much time to point out all the shitposts here, just enjoy it

Seems like we're on the same page, you're just a fag who likes to split hairs.

You did well. It's impossible to ever find sexual attraction in a man so beta he buys a woman's bath water online. Even if you had stayed with him, you would never find the spark again.

Such men should have pillows or sexdolls for partners, not humans.

You did fine, beta cucks like this deserve the rope. How can some "men" be so pathetic that they buy a roastie's used bathwater?

Incorrect. I'm just a fag that believes in making accurate distinctions.


This hasn't even been sent out yet.

You fucking stupid?

This was 2 days ago b t w

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Like even as a meme it's a dog shit tier meme

Laughing at Venti tearing into her.

you mean france or california?

I want to curbstomp her and I don't even know anything about her. Just her face and the fact that people are willing to buy some stupid water from her triggers me

6/10 because i chuckled. enjoy your (You)'s
carry on

>t. crazy catlady

You did the right thing OP. Wanted to write that you should dump him.
Post boobies

Feels fake just to spread the bathwater meme.
But if true, then your bf is a beta orbiter.. who doesn't orbit around you.. how pathetic.

What do you with it exactly? How it supposed to be arousing?


You use it as lube duh

You're in the right

It's a federal offense to open someone else's mail - looks like you bought yourself a one-way ticket to the slammer

Nice larp

never. unless you see tits and a timestamp, assume it's a faggot larping.

>It's a federal offense to open someone else's mail
This. It's a federal offence. You are a criminal for opening it. Also he is weird as fuck and probably not someone who you should be with.

don't throw the beta out with the bathwater

Youre dating a loser. Ditch him and get with a real man (like me)

Bad RP. dude. Try again.

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the amount of people here falling hook and sink for this cringey bait is astounding. this place is dead. fucking zoomers...

Maybe this is bait, but it def cell like it can be real. These faggots give literally money to these e-whores for giggling and making a stupid pose/emote and some subscribe just for the privilege of being kept in the loop whenever there's a chance of it happening so they can their even more money at them. Man back in the day girls would do literal porn to earn less money, now they just need a push up bra, a 30 minute makeup tutorial and some cheap costumes off Amazon.

Fuck me, hope do I convince my wife to do this so we can put a down payment on that house we always wanted?

Where can I buy it? Just asking for a friend.

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It's probably bait, but things like that are a red flag.
Just as a woman who would be constantly is on social media.

Seriously, find a normal guy who isn't into gamershit, streamers, anime and other degenerate hobbies.

Look at it this way.
Your boyfriend bought bathwater from another female instead of you. What are you doing wrong in the relationship in which he can't like YOUR bathwater?

It's something he bought for himself and he was nervous about telling you because he knew deep down it was a degenerate thing to do. But at the end of the day, he wanted something from another girl.

I would dump him ror being that retarted . However if he paid for a porn subscription I wouldn't care . Break up with him because he is retarded .