Here I am, spending 4th of July all alone, once again. I hate holidays. I always spend them alone.

I have no friends, no family, no money.

Should I take a few shots of this vodka I have and go walk around watching fireworks by myself, lol sounds miserable or should I sleep which also sounds miserable but like less work lol

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Dude, I go to the beach with my friend every year today and fuck around and chase pussy but they didn’t even make an attempt to invite me and have basically been ghosting me. Now I’m sitting on my porch, waiting for the fireworks at that same beach to go off like they do every year. You aren’t alone, user. Out of the 360 million people in America, there’s at least a million people like you and me.

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>Out of the 360 million people in America, there’s at least a million people like you and me.

Probably more mate, don't feel too down

Thx man, wholesome response I was not expecting. Makes my day a little better. Decided I’m not gonna be a self pitying little bitch and I’m gonna go out and watch fireworks, maybe try to meet some ppl, if I fail then still better use of my time then sleeping in a depressed funk

Glad I could help man. I hope tonight goes well for you

>Should I take a few shots of this vodka I

>and go walk around watching fireworks by myself

Take one or two shots to get loose and comfortable and go out and enjoy yourself but don't get too fucked up; if you have no friends going out to events alone is how you make friends


Mine is alone too no biggie

Ya I only ever drink little I don’t rlly even enjoy but just do it for reasons u said looks like that’s the plan

Welcome to adulthood

But lifes not the same for women. Women, unless hideous or shut ins always have male friends that want to fuck them to exploit.

But we should come up with some rules in society that balance this power dynamic so that it's an egalitarian society, like abolishing the concept of consent, or affording men extra priveleges to match female priveleges. It would only be fair. Also make sure we train males from a young age to identify and call females out on their bullshit. I don't see how feminists think their version is equality at all. Not only do they have more social support from males because they have vaginas but they have special laws ensuring women get an equal amount of only cushy office jobs, and managerial positions. Shit was way more equal in the 1950s. If we can find a way to deny women social nets and security that men are afforded, whether it be legislative or just social, and make sure everyone is as harsh on women as they are on men, women will just stop asking for equality and stay in the home. This is so simple.

Cry abt it faggot

Hot Women have the magic carpet ride and thus do not know struggle or at least not nearly as well as men, that being said there’s benefit to knowing struggle, competition, work ethic. It’s two sides of the same coin

Also hot guys get treated pretty well too, looks are huge, of course wouldn’t expect Jow Forums losers to recognize that

I'm a hot guy. I've taken advantage of girls financially lots of times. Doesn't mean I'm not gonna judge women for doing it. It's different because I've still had to work bard my whole life, I just get away with more bullshit and people give me the benefit of a doubt and treat you a little better. But that's still nothing compared to what a vagina will do for you. Also it's not just hot women that have iy easier. Women 6/10 and up have it significantly easier. Even ugly women have special privelege laws giving them good jobs for having vaginas, especially in stem.

At least you're not homeless, starving, or being fucked in the 3rd world.

If he's gay or a woman he'd like getting fucked in the third world

True but u can bitch or u can accept it and play the game

I'm way ahead of you. Also I get to bitch all i want. But the more men that understand these simple concepts and ideas the less special treatment, and security women will have, and the result will be them behaving like decent human beings with actual character. Women influenced by feminism are garbage and deserve to be treated as such.

I can see fireworks from my house.
I had burgers, tea, and ice cream. :)

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Related story
>be me
>delivering pizzas for mom's pizza shop
>Obviously deliver some pizza to 4th of July parties
>one delivery is just a girl my age-ish and some of her friends
>she comes over and gets pizza/pays
>say thanks but made the horrible mistake of actually looking into her face
>two-milisecond eye contact
>walk away
>in car start going over how much I've missed, how foreign the normal life is to me, and how I'll always be alone
>state singing random songs and yelling
>cry a single tear and keep on
It's been a while since isolation bothered me. I'm back to base but jeez that was close. And all it took was looking at a single girl. Yikes.
Hope you guys are doing better than me.

Rape time

What you don't want to play the rape game? That's the spirit...

I agree but also think Jow Forums is ahead of the curve on red pilled ideology and it’s going to be quite some time before the majority of western men come to their senses, it’s gonna take some real bad things for that to happen, some starting to come to senses w whole metoo movement n false rape allegations everywhere, but it’s definitely only going to get worse before it gets better

OP here. Took few shots n went out instead of lying in bed all night like a bitch.

Ended up running into old acquaintance so that was kinda cool. Watched fireworks. Watched some drama unfold w libs tearing down a trump flag lol. Watched a fight. Got rejected by some old chick who was kinda ugly n I was way out of her league. Every other female was with friends, family, or a bf, so I was kinda lonely still n bored almost envious, but it spurred a new motivation in me to get shit done and work hard as fuck to compete w taller more jacked handsome and rich dudes everywhere in SoCal. As getting off bus cute girl sitting alone was eyeballing me but I didn’t make my move because that would mean a long walk home if I didn’t get off there. Walked home, made friends w my drunk neighbor who apparently knows how to party and smokes weed and we have a bit in common.

All in all not terrible night albeit somewhat depressing at points. Def better than if I’d slept all night. Self pitying will never help anything, instead took action and possibly have a new friend, new motivation, and got out and lived a little. Despite getting rejected I feel like I want to go out again soon anyways and it will only be a matter of time before I find someone who’s open to a new friendship/relationship