Girlfriend of a year got a ride from a dude a couple of months ago and he kissed her and put his hands in her pants...

Girlfriend of a year got a ride from a dude a couple of months ago and he kissed her and put his hands in her pants. I just figured out today and it happened around 3 months ago. She didn't want it to happen and went home right after he dropped her off. She's currently crying and feels terrible.
Is it bad that I can't bring myself to break up with her?

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make the decision and make it clear with no reservations whether or not you actually want to keep your gf around you got a right to be happy and if this is a dealbreaker you’re within your rights to leave

>kissed her
>put his hands in her pants
Mate, letting some dude slip a finger into your pussy doesn't "just" happen. Your gf thought it was hot shit and got all tingly down there. Brad fingered her real good in his car and dropped her off after she came.
She's just trying to keep her beta bux provider - AKA you - by her side.

You guys are giant fucking misogynist faggots.

OP, your GF was sexually assaulted you fucking retard. If you break up with her, you're a bad person. If your relationship has been fine the whole time, then you should trust that it wasn't consensual and stop being a stupid prick.

Lying roastie.

She is crying because she is afraid of losing you, not because of the PTSD brought about by having to come clean to you. She made out with this guy, got finger fucked and probably sucked his dick. Your relationship is over. Dont listen to roasties enabling the roastie lifestyle. You don't get to call something rape because you regret it.

>your GF was sexually assaulted
Hahahah, so now a chick willingly getting fingerblasted in a car is "sexual assault".
Getting a finger slipped into your wet hole isn't something that hapens by surprise.

So there's two options.
Option A:
>she made out with him and got fingered
Option B:
>she was a stupid fuck that wasn't able to say "no, stop"

Anyway, leave her OP.

Dammit I thought I replied already. but it is very unlikely that she only got finger blasted and the guy didn't ask for anything in return.

Most guys don't just hand out finger bangs I'm sure he got his dick sucked.

You guys are even huger faggots.

Nah fuck off

Even taking into consideration her being scared at the time, if she didnt make a police report then, OP is well within his rights to dump her.

OP, keep fucking this whore while you start looking for her replacement.
If she didn't want it to happen, she would've told you about. These crocodile tears are only appearing because you found out and she doesn't want to lose her beta bucks.
t. cuck

What the fuck?
You want to break up with her because of something she didn't do or wanted to happen?

Fucking what?

Lol you fucking losers, not everyone chooses fight or flight. Some people freeze. OP don't listen to any of these faggots.

I swear to god if you blame your GF you're a huge faggot. If she has no history of cheating or playing with relationship boundaries than you have no reason not to believe her.

Tell her to fuck off

I believe her and I really can't break up with her

Did she call the cops?

If the answer is no then she likely cheated on you willingly to include sucking his dick. She is now regretting it/scared of losing you and is maybe even doing mental gymnastics to convince herself it was the guy's fault.

Even in the HIGHLY unlikely chance it wasn't consensual, if she's too stupid to report it, she's too stupid to keep around.

Lol wut? How does telling the truth to op constitute fagotry

You're lying to yourself and lack the intestinal fortitude to do what it takes to be successful in life.

Dude she cheated on you
Break up with her or face the consequences me and many other people with brains have warned you.

Don’t listen to the SJW obese women, they WANT you to be a cuck to a harlot.

Best of luck.

I bet you get turned on that your girlfriend cheated on you that’s why you ignore reality and accept fake tears at face value. I don’t know you & will ever meet you but I 100% and sincerely mean this:

You Are Fucking Pathetic

She didn’t mention the part where she sucked his dick oofff

She did want it and is only scared bc she got caught being a little whore and won’t be able to use op for money/security/and all the other perks of dating someone without a spine

> wahhhh how dare you call out a slut for acting out on her slut desires
>waaahh curse you for not staying with someone who likes to fuck around behind someone’s back
Go fuck yourself ~

Oh shit we have psychich here.
It's not like rape doesn't happen right? It has to be the girl's fault.

If OP himself says this, that's another story, but I haven't seen him posting anything of the sort.

Nah fuck you. OP's more of a man than you are.

You have no argument

Great argument, roastie. Doesn't change the fact that OP's gf is a cheating, lying whore who probably loved sucking that other dude's cock and having his fingers in her pussy. I bet she went home and kissed OP on the mouth with fresh cum on her breath afterwards.

The more detailed story of what happened.
>Guy has a crush on her
>She knows but is too scared to drop a friend
>Gf recently moved here (Junior in HS)
>Guy is a first friend and only friend for a while
>they never date
>I come in, take her virginity and go on
>This chick has never sucked a dick, send a nude or anything of the sort
>Girl goes to party (that I'm invited to)
>I don't wanna go
>She gets a ride from a guy friend
>Guy friend stops car around halfway there
>He says he has to tell her something
>Tells her to mean shit about me
>Kisses her and simultaneously puts hands in her pants
>She tells him to stop (most definitely didn't penetrate her and she definitely didn't suck his dick)
>He stops, apologizes and she goes home
>Tells her dad the whole story (dad and I are buddies)
>I didn't figure out until she told me
>She's afraid we're going to break
That's a more detailed story of whats happening right now.

If it's one thing I've learned, sadly, girls will say the very fucking least that happened just to ease some inner guilt. Not trying to be mean op but she prob sucked him off all that..

Just break up fuck this toxic shit it's never good for you. Drop it like a hot coal

Uhm....that ain't what you said before.

Oooor, follow me on this, she was put on a situation she didn't like and didn't ask for. If she so wanted she could go all the way to full blown sex. She didn't.
Then, after the abuse, she's suffering of very intense emotional stress from it and is in need of her emotional safe harbour: her bf.
Out of the blue, after telling the story, he ditches her. Due to no fault of her own. Only that someone forced his way into her.

Way to go.

She wouldn't be afraid if she didn't cheat. Believe what you want, OP, but the points above stand.

Case in point:

I think OP knows his gf better than a random user on Jow Forums.

1. She should have gone to the police
2. If having a guy attempt to get sexual with you and then stop is that traumatizing to her, then she is weak-minded
3. None of the above is relevant because she is a obviously a cheater

1. Most rape cases don't go to court due to the victim's shame.
2. She could be weak minded or anything else. How is a personality trait of the victim any excuse to the crime commited by the author?
3. Head canon. See

The fucker is not attractive and I genuinely believe that he sexually assaulted her.

ya how dare OP want to look out for himself you’re right he should devote his entire existence to this broad’s happiness lol imagine being this neutered without even being married

Lol she should go to the police every time a guy tries to kiss her? Lol hashtag methree

Yeah, how dare he believed the person he loves and trusts over a random loser on the internet right?

Then wtf are you doing on here, OP? I think you are just trying to convince yourself the opposite of what your gut is telling you. Either way, go fuck yourself.

why'd it take three months tho

If he shoved his hands down her pants then yes she should have gone to the police

If you have any female friends, ask them how would they react.

cuz she's been fucking the dude behind OP's back for 3 months

i would fucking hope my gf would come up to me and tell me some retard assaulted her so I can go beat the shit out of him

They'd have clawed his eyes out.

The fucker moved away 2 weeks after this happened, he's somewhere in Florida

You are very sad. I hope eventually you work out your issues.

If he kisses her without consent also.
Why is the concept of abuse so far off for incels?

>it happened around 3 months ago.
LMAO, How's it feel to be fed sloppy seconds for going on at least 3 months?

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t. cuck

I'd be all for agreeing that she got assaulted...

But waiting 3 months? That kind of shit is like - police territory, I'm calling my boyfriend territory, etc. She carries guilt for likely having done more than just what she's telling you... Yeugh.

I personally hope that when you have one she doesn't get violated. But that's just me.

I'm a lawyer. There are the ones that fight back and the ones that don't.
Generally speaking, the ones that do fight back end up worse. Way worse.

>I just figured out today
so uh, how did that happen exactly?

He kissed her and put his hands in her pants before she could just shove him off and exit the car? Sorry OP. Your girl cheated. It is in your best interest to leave.

By the way anons what is a roastie. It's been a few years and I am new to this term.

>I personally hope that when you have one she doesn't get violated.
Who would wish that on anyone?

Once again, Incels
>Guy moved away right after this happened
Unless they're fucking through a portal, I highly doubt anything happened past that

Not an incel precisely because I understand women and how they work - especially when it comes to trying to cover their whore tracks.

For example, I remember incident specifically from when I was in the service. A female soldier who was willingly fucking a buddy of mine got caught. Once she got busted she tried to retroactively cry rape to keep her husband around and avoid shame. Not even the only example of this I know.

Keep defending OPs whore though, he's the one who has to live with her.

What for? She should have just said hey get your God damned hands off me and decked him.
Every failed attempt at coming on to someone by an awkward horny loser is not a case of tape/sexual assault. the police do not care that some eighteen-year-old doofus tried to get it on with a girl who rejected him.

That is not rape. I'm sorry, it just isn't.

Gf is 5'1" and 92 pounds

Most dudes here, in my experience.
I want to make clear I'm not here to just be an ass. This site already has tons of it.
I'm not even gonna say anything about not going to the guys throat. I won't stop you. This kind of dude should learn from pure, unnadulterated karma.

>Gf recently moved here (Junior in HS)
>Girl goes to party (that I'm invited to)

There's a type of person that can do the whole highschool sweetheart thing. I could be wrong, but I think that's pretty mutually exclusive with the partying type. Keep fucking her brains out if you want, but don't expect it to last forever. You were her first, do you honestly think you'll be her last?

Tape? I meant rape. Geeze I'm a bad typist lately.

No it's not rape, sexual assault

Don't worry, I'm sure 3 months from now she'll tell you all about the guy(s) stuffing her vagene currently.

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>What for? She should have just said hey get your God damned hands off me and decked him.
Some people just freeze from shock. You don't know much about sexual assault cases do you?

>dating femlets
>dating whorish femlets

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Yeah, thing is, there's this thing called intimacy.
It's that thing that, the more you have, the better you understand how that person thinks.

Judging by this , I think it's safe to assume OP doesn't think of his gf as a thot. And to get to gf status they should know each other for a time now.

I do. That isn't a sexual assault. That is a guy trying to make a move on a girl and cringe-ily failing miserably. Every time a loser tries to kiss you that doesn't make it a f****** rape.

Thing is, he went from first to 4th base real fucking fast without consent.
That's basically a millenial way to describe sexual assault.

You realize you're talking about a teenage boy right? Not some sort of sophisticated lover who knows what the various bases are. and furthermore up didn't indicate in his initial post that this was a non consensual act. He said that the woman didn't want it to happen which is very different than saying she was physically assaulted against her will.

if none of you have ever had someone try to kiss you that you didn't want to I guess you people are more antisocial than I thought.

People try to kiss you and grab your tits or crotch because they are idiots and don't know what to do sexually in the correct order, not because they are some sort of rapist.

>You realize you're talking about a teenage boy right?
Is there anything in the law that makes this less of serious crime because his parents didn't do their jobs? No? Then yeah.
> didn't indicate in his initial post that this was a non consensual act.
He also didn't say she wanted it. Y'all just made some head canon and stuck to it like gospel.
>didn't want it to happen which is very different than saying she was physically assaulted against her will.
Ummm, those two are the same thing. Not wanting and against her will are the same thing.
>Calling everyone virgin
Statistically much more difficult to happen to guys than with girls. And even if it happens it has a different conotation for the guy. For us it's an ego boost, for them it's just ego shatter.
>People try to kiss you and grab your tits or crotch because they are idiots and don't know what to do sexually in the correct order, not because they are some sort of rapist.
Bet that doesn't hold in court. Bet it has to do with the fact that ignorance doesn't eliminate the existance of the crime.

No, you must not be a very good lawyer. Not wanting something to happen is different than being the victim of a crime. You can't criminalize every misdirected hug or kiss by socially awkward losers.

Yes because judges should start fining and imprisoning every rejected sexual advance or physical contact.

Listen op...your girlfriend is lying to you, or just bending the truth. But thanks for rustling everyone's jimmies with your hashtag me-too social experiment.

Rape or sexual assault cases are done with testimonies of the victim and whoever else can testify. If the judge finds it likely to have happened and it's grave enough, the guy can get from a fine to time in jail.
In this case he'd still be found guilty, but just charged a fine so he can get proper education from his parents.

See above.
And yes, because having a reason for raping doesn't excuse the rape in itself. It's still rape.
Same with sexual assault.

That....isnt...rape. what the op describes initially didn't have anything to do with rape until one of the anons started instigating.

I think most reasonable people reading his post will see that, at best a guy came onto Op's girlfriend, she wasn't interested in all but she didn't react quickly enough to stop him from trying to kiss her or actually kissing her.

the second option and probably what actually happened is this guy made a move on her and because it happened she didn't want to lose her boyfriend so she waited until the last possible minute probably when the guy was going to tell her boyfriend, then told him and started cringe crying to earn sympathy.

because a guy tried to come on to her it doesn't make it a sexual assault.

if it was indeed a sexual assault it happened very differently than Ops initial post.

I learned more about the events than in the original posting

Never said it was. Just used rape cases because they are easier to visualize. I purposedly said sexual assault along with it, because that's my interpretation of what's been presented.
>didn't react quickly enough to stop him from trying to kiss her or actually kissing her.
And also reaching for her cunny. Sexual assault.
> then told him and started cringe crying to earn sympathy.
Head canon
>because a guy tried to come on to her it doesn't make it a sexual assault.
But reaching for her vagoo out of the bloo is.