I'm going to stay in a hotel room alone for the next two nights...

I'm going to stay in a hotel room alone for the next two nights. I have heard that most people who do this commit suicide. How do I avoid that?

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why exactly are you staying there by your own?

Anime con. Small con w/ fewer than 100 people.

Have sex.

What the sperg?

Get out and do shit. Explore. Only go back to your room to shower, shit, and sleep.

can I have sex with you?
not OP btw

Maybe if you can find me and meet my standards.

aren't you in your early 30's?
I don't think you are in the position to be too picky.

I'm immortal.

>I'm immoral.

Fixed it for you.

>aren't you in your early 30's?
and overweight?

Lol what? I have done that plenty. Granted I am depressed and used to be suicidal but I never thought about killing myself when alone in a hotel. People stay alone all the time for business trips and such.

i have not heard about the suicide bit personally but i would say have sex? this post is weird

And still likely more attractive than ya'll

i want to know more about you.
how a self-proclaimed "attractive" woman ends up spending most of her free time in this shithole?
something really fucked up must had happened for you to be like this.

Eh, life has it's mysteries. I like the "helping" enviornment this board had/has on occasions. And it's not a self-proclamation aside from that I am stating it.

I've spent 3 months in a shitty motel alone for work and not killed myself same with everyone i work with.

She fucked a dog and it changed her life forever.

>"helping" environment
you literally just replied to a shitposting thread with more shitposting ("have sex").

Stop lying to yourself, this has nothing to do with altruism and you just enjoy interacting with people as miserable as you.
Also you probably don't have anything better to do, which is sad in its own way.

also, is this true?

...are you worried that you'll kill yourself for secluding yourself for two days..? I think you've got the whole cause and effect thing wrong here pal...

Not him but I will find you. The question is if you meet my standards.

I have stayed in many hotel rooms alone and know many others who have. None of us have killed ourselves.

Watch TV. Read a book. If you're bored, go down to the hotel bar, or out to a movie. Bring along your laptop/tablet/phone and play on it just as you would at home.

There is nothing inherently suicide-inducing about hotels