I want a kid

Before I explain a whole thing let me explain. I’m 28 years old and I have had made up my mind about having a kid. Hopefully I get a son. The problem is I want a son conceived and I raise the child on my own I want a kid but don’t want to go through the whole process of getting into a relationship and dating a woman I just want to be a single father that will raise this kid alone. And if I notice he wants a mother I will go out of my way to make sure he does. I know this is probably the most stupid and weirdest advice I’m asking here but are there people in the world who would be willing to go through the pain of pregnancy to conceive a child solely for another person. And not be in a relationship with them. I sound like some person that is obsessed with passing on my genetics but I want to keep my family genetic bloodline alive. Any advice on what to do. (Sorry for the confusing question and if it doesn’t make sense I can understand completely)

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A surrogate

> are there people in the world who would be willing to go through the pain of pregnancy to conceive a child solely for another person.
Yes, if you pay them enough. Surrogacy.

So if I pay them enough for surrogacy will I be viewed as a freak I don’t want my child to know if I go through with this. I want him to be raised not knowing who his mother was.

Don't have a kid

What happens if you end up with a daughter? Hire a professional surrogate, don't try to con some random woman into having your child. A professional place won't view you as a freak, they probably could care less as long as you pay.

Get a dog you fucking lunatic, kids need their mothers. You can co-parent without dating the mom.

If I end up with a daughter I would still wouldn’t care sure I want a son but at the end of the day I get a daughter then I will raise her as my own. The problem is I’m not sure if surrogacy is even legal in the USA, and I’m not sure how I’m suppose to pay?

A dog? What do you mean?

It's legal in the states. Just search surrogacy agencies in your state. I just Googled surrogacy in my state and found a few places.

Alright thank you. Your advice has been very helpful. any other advice on surrogacy

You think passing on your dna is a good enough reason to give a child a motherless life. You’re better off rescuing dogs since a human life to you seems like a life upgrade, they’re a person and they deserve both parents if possible. Even if they don’t live together.

Children raised in single father households and mother & father households tend to do about the same in life. It's single mother households and homosexual or lesbian households that turn out fucked up kids.

It's legal and it'll cost you $50k

>kids need their mothers
not really

Adopt an orphan or something or surrogacy

>single mothers
I can attest I’m a man in my twenties with no friends never had a girlfriend all thanks to her, I been told by non family members that I’m good looking but she is the cause of all my problems switching schools every year since I was a kid and acting like a over protective girlfriend, I’m pretty sure I developed some sort of autism because of her

Sounds like you are a bitch user, stop blaming your problems on women and make the change for yourself. If you want to blame anyone, blame your father who left you in the first place. She may not have been your perfect vision of a mother, but at least she was there to raise you

Kids need a mother in their life you fucking jews. Single parents are not good for a kid, they need both a father and a mother to raise them. Especially when they're babies it's crucial the mother is around.

Jesus, just because it's not as bad as a single mother, you will still fuck up your child. Just find a woman which you can bond with. A child is not a fucking toy for your pleasure. Especially as your bloodline will be diluded by whatever woman you however multiple with.

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btw what are you going to do when you get a girl? Tell her to hate her sex and make her into a self-loathing femnon which will distance herelf from her reproductive parts to be anything but one? A man can't raise a girl to become a woman. You will raise a fucked up tomboy which will more likely than not, never reproduce, ending your bloodline within your lifetime.

He will “want a mother” from the very first. A baby who is gestated in a womb knows and “wants” that woman to accept and love him because he is made OF her. He is her body for almost a whole year. That said, there are plenty of surrogates willing to take money for birth and are happy to bounce right out of that child’s life, regardless of the emotional consequences to the child. Don’t let any modern parenting advice fool you, all babies are hardwired to want a female, and especially the woman who physically gave birth to them, for LOVE. This is particularly pertinent during the first nine months. I would advise for your case to get a surrogate mother and then hire the most maternal, physical (as in she will hold the baby all the time) WET NURSE you can find to emotionally support the baby at the very LEAST through the first nine months. Ideally, it should be until the child is 7 or so. Taking away a baby from its original birth mother IS emotionally traumatic for an infant no matter WHAT, and if you choose to go that route before the child is even conceived, I think it is more than very important to have the tools in place to mediate and guide the child through that LOSS, as it is just that, a traumatic emotional loss. At the age of a newborn, they do not understand that “you just wanted to raise them alone.” Bottle feeding is a good cope and all, but the reality of the situation is that a newborn drinks his mothers love - you gaze into each other’s eyes for hours as the mouth of the baby takes milk from your heart space; his sustenance and emotional comfort come from his MOTHER. Do not deluded yourself into thinking it will be as easy for you to achieve this just because you want to. Additionally, the first six months are very difficult as the baby does not sleep or eat like an adult, but needs this emotional attention essentially all day, but if not that, at the very least, every two hours. Good luck, and do your parenting with LOVE.

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Surrogacy is an absolutely wonderful thing. No one will think you are weird.


Fuck a terminally ill bitch raw, acquire baby, once she dies it’s only you and baby. Sob story sounds good too

That's how you make a babadook.

I would advise against it even if just for selfish reasons - 50% of your childs' genese will be coming from the mother, and think about the sort of women who participate in surrogacy for money, probably not the highest quality specimens.

You AND your child will likely be better off if you find a decent woman.