Come home from work in a bad mood

>come home from work in a bad mood
>my girlfriend's cooked for me
>throw out the food that she cooked me into the garbage, pot and all, before kicking the trash can across the room
>the contents of trash can/her food spill out and I bark at her to clean it up
>she doesn't want to cook me food anymore

Have I really stepped in it this time

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fucking kill yourself nigger

Use that dick like it's broken

You deserve everything bad that's going to happen to you in the next week. You don't deserve nice things, and I hope your girlfriend leaves your abusive autistic ass and finds someone else that makes her much happier and is worthy of her time and effort. May your testicles rot off so that you don't pass your filth any further into the gene pool.

No, no. Continue like that and you'll have liberated her from a great evil, an aggressive asshat boyfriend. Please don't stop now.

you're either autistic or a meathead. you have bigger problems than an angry gf user

Option 3: bad childhood

Because women never trick themselves into sticking with an abuser

>a bad mod means I throw food away and kick the bin + contents around then tell my partner to clean it up, did I fuck up?
Why does she bother with you OP?

How can you do that to her

I'll tell ya what user. You fucked it up. You fucked it up bigtime.

You were totally in the right OP, if she doesnt cook your food right it only makes sense to do what you did. Dont listen to the pther anons, this is regular behavior in a relationship

She's a good cook. I was just annoyed by her "welcome home, sweetie" and kiss on the cheek. I don't even remember why. Just an "I'm angry, don't touch me, don't talk to me" sort of thing.

Work on your anger issues. You're single now so you have time to improve.

We're still together.

I'm pretty sure this is a larp

People who go apeshit on their women have equally crazy women, not cartoonish impressions of the loyal but abused qt gf

Yeah you did faggot.
Cook her favorite dinner and sincerely apologize to her.
Then go see shrink to get a hold of your anger problem.

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>People who go apeshit on their women have equally crazy women, not cartoonish impressions of the loyal but abused qt gf

My parents had this exact dynamic going on. Maybe things were different in the 70s.

Not for much longer. Hell, she's probably already made her exit plan and is getting everything set up for the move. I would, if I were her. Fuck this shit and fuck you.

This is either low effort trolling or your life reads like low effort trolling, if it's the latter you have issues and need to address them or do your girlfriend a favour and leave her and just turn all that anger inwards until you get the fuck off this planet.

Go to therapy. You desperately need it. If you don't fix what's wrong with you now you'll ruin your life and the life of whatever poor girl ends up with you.

This, I have no sympathy for women like that. My dad tried that bullshit and my mom shut that shit down faster than a dog running for its food.


>tfw my mom's boyfriend does shit like that except he doesn't even work

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Fucking grow up, nigga.
Your gf didn't deserve that.

nigger are you fucking retarded
you have two choices
1. apologize, and fucking put everything you have into that apology, cook for her or something, and go see a therapist.
2. save her the trouble and break up with her

Frankly, after something like this you deserve to be dumped, if by some miracle she doesn't want to dump you after that you need to shape the fuck up and put everything into never doing that shit again.

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