How do I stop incel shit from making sense to me?

I feel like I am vulnerable to incel shit. For example, statements like "Women have it far easier than men when it comes to dating and online dating." shit like that eats at my mind because I know its incel shit but it makes sense. Its harder for me to write off things that are logically correct or at least sound correct to me. How do I prevent shit like that? I just hate when shit makes sense I guess. I don't want incel way of thinking to fuck me over and like make me bitter and jaded. I am trying to move away from that.

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It's repetition. Surround yourself with the ideas you value, only those ideas.

>Women have it far easier than men when it comes to dating and online dating.
It is something incels say, and it is something that's true too.
It's a pretty NPC thing to do if you disagree with something just because it's often said by a certain group of people. Change the context and it sounds even sillier.
>wow he made a good point but I'm never gonna agree with a libtard k bye
See how ridiculous it sounds?
You'll never fully agree or fully disagree with a certain group of people.

Women having it easier in dating is not incel shit, it's a basic fact about human nature because men are so desperate.

Dont use it as a cope.

Incel shit is essentially true. There are exceptions obviously, but for the most part its all true.
Media has had a really bad effect on people.
I am attractive and have seen firsthand that women will dump people who are not attractive when they encounter somebody that is attractive.
To put it simply, one should avoid relationships. This goes for both men and women. There is a possibility that somebody will come along one day that you can interrogate the shit out of and they will hold up to it, but unless that happens you're going to ultimately be another casualty of this modern age.

There's some truth to some "incel" ideas. Humans have a kind of dark force undergirding sexuality. But we also have a very beautiful capacity to transcend it.

Also, "Incel theory" is pretty unsophisticated and uncritical. If you want some seriously dark and penetrating insight into human sex, then look into Freud or Greek literature. It's almost heart-breakingly bleak, in a way that makes incel ideas look happy and nice.

Anyways don't focus so much on our darker nature. We are between angels and demons.

Always try to love... love yourself, love others. Forgive them their imperfections. Don't try to possess them or absorb them. Try to take joy in their presence, without expecting something back.

People who act like this, with a genuinely selfless kindness, are attractive to be around. Sooner or later (and it could be 10 years!), someone will love you.

Love is hard. It's painful and beautiful. Only disciplined, self-giving people can endure it.

t. Just found a wonderful girl to love after 7 years of being lonely and trying hard to always do the right thing without expecting to be rewarded or noticed

Psych fag here.
Just remember. We designed the scientific method because we needed a system that counters human thinking, because even when it comes to our best and brightest minds and researchers, "what makes sense", "what seems right", and "intuition" are all usually very horribly wrong because of our biases emotions and how we react to ideas. Our brains are kind of dumb, essentially.

>t. Just found a wonderful girl to love after 7 years of being lonely and trying hard to always do the right thing without expecting to be rewarded or noticed
Which explains why you are preaching all this lovey dovey shit. Just wait until she crushes your heart under her stiletto.

Idk incels are pretty stupid so if u rly fall for all that yikes
Why does it bother u so much if women have an easier time online dating? All that bitterness is pointless and it’s not like women have some global conspiracy to make online dating hard for u. Probably just a grass is always greener situation.
Think about how u would look at an incel as a woman. It’s obviously terrifying and repulsive, which is why incels stay incels

you just confirmed incel theory, woman.
learn to type three letters instead of one

It's true to their world. To change the worlds, you have to have something in common to them, think the way thinking in that particular world is supposed to be.
So losers think like losers and it makes perfect sense to them, they are stuck in this logical chain because
1)It makes sense to them
2)Their thoughts attract the things that make sense that way, by making them pay more attention to it or other means, so the loser worldview is never broken
3)They are unable to see their world and/or thoughts from a different perspective (anymore)
The cure? Start consuming different things. Diversify your diet, daydream about being a viking in an old nordic fantasy land, look at "succesful" people's photos in instagram, consume something completely different to your usual media intake - a Lovecraft book, some obscure science fiction from 1890, foreign films, fanfiction with less than 20 views, sites from the 2000's, new music genres.
It helps you understand the world from a different point. You will be able to change your "mode" from "r9k incel loser wizard" to whatever you want, whatever you have in your "atmosphere arsenal" from having consumed so much
Imagine some outlandish shit that fits your goals or desired worldview like "I am a greek god on vacation, let's see what there is to fuck in this mortal land" or "I am a great french artist that suffered a head trauma and forgot how to paint. I need to quickly relearn how to before my fellow artists start thinking I am out of the guild forever"
Fake it till you make it, you can act so well you can fool almost every part of yourself that you actually are the thing you are playing, and you start living accordingly

>it’s not like women have some global conspiracy to make online dating hard for u.

Exactly what a woman would say

This is hilarious. Thank you.

Thanks, I try

I would check out alpha male strategies. His outlook is pretty accurate without the bitter incel hate and exaggerations about the evils of woman.

Watch this

Truth is too powerful sometimes. Lies are easier to understand because you can come at a lie a hundred different ways and they make people feel good but truth is absolute and almost always unpleasant. Accepting truth requires a high iq and a sense of carelessness, because the truth usually goes against people's entire world views, beliefs and previous understandings, so you can't care about how the truth harms you in fact you have to accept it might.

As far as "incel" behavior you choose what to do with the truth. Do you lash out at it? Do you make attempts to hide from it? What people dictate as incel is very broad but it mostly means antisocial behavior. If learning the truth makes you antisocial you should ask yourself "why does knowing women have better access to sex upset me?" because in the end an individuals negative tendencies manifest from within, and the most important person you will end up harming is yourself.

It's hard accepting what life has chosen to be your truth. Whether you're undesirable or low intellect or born into poverty, you decide how to work with these handicaps. You can blame God or women or the president, but it's really up to you to better your life. Nobody is going to do it for you. So you can waller in your own self despair or do something. My suggestion OP is that you just accept it and learn to use it to your advantage. How can you take this information and benefit from it. That's the mindset you should be in all of the time.

Yea we all feel that high bro. But soon you'll learn. We all do.

You cant stop it. Once you go black (pill), you cant go back

Women having an easier time dating isn't an incel idea, that knowledge has been around for a few hundred years.

Incel ideas like women are incapable of love and so on have no merit to anyone that has a mom.

Same old snarky bullshit in a, pseudo-sympathetic format.

Same old snarky bullshit in a pseudo-unsympathetic format.

>I feel like I am vulnerable to incel shit
Get out and socialize. Your problems are all in your head.

It's a Catch-22: if women are as terrible as you make them out to be, the fact that you can't be in a relationship with you is a good thing, for you, at least. If you need sexual pleasure, jerk off. If you need love, you can just get into a relationship with a man and never fuck them. Women, after all, according to the incel ideology, are shallow, terrible people.
If it isn't true that women are as bad as incels make them out to be, then you still have a chance.

Am I the only one that finds incel ideas immensely positive and motivating? It paints the world as this brutal realm of mercenary sexual competition and conquest. I find that thinking about sex that way fills me with a sense of purpose, where normally the process of attracting women can feel like going through the motions. Every encounter becomes a battle to be won, every other man becomes a competitor to be vanquished. In incel-world, we're all just macro-sized sperm racing toward the egg. Any success with a woman becomes proof of your virility and worth, any failure is a red-hot poker spurring you to hone your will-to-power.

I wouldn't want to live with that mindset, since I've got bigger goals than 'breed-and-die', but adopting the mindset for a while certainly makes dealing with women more fun.

It's such a bizarre thing to me, inceldom. I would acknowledge that there are obviously involuntary celibate men, and that they've rallied around this definition... but I have always had a hard time understanding how being an incel is a natural stage in heterosexual male social progression.
As a child, I was the biggest loser of them all. When I wasn't homeless, I was literally motherless NJ white trash. I was never invited to do what the cool kids at my age did, missing out on a lot, and always felt the difference--whether it was false pity from a nice old wealthy lady, or a brat from the suburbs sneering at me, or much, much worse.
Incels appear to come from a MUCH better starting point than I did, is what I'm getting at... and yet here I am, years into an incredible, fulfilling relationship with a good job and decent enough quality of life, after spending my 20s being with just about whoever I wanted.
It can't all be genetics or inheritance! I had to work my ass off to get here, and I'm not pretty to look at. I had absolutely nothing going for me out of high school. I worked hard as fuck to get where I am, and maybe that's the difference.
Inceldom is self-perpetuated by a lack of work ethic and real world experience. I refuse to believe that if you're some nerdy looking kid with a half-decent home life and parents with middle level income, that you can't make what you want of yourself. I would have killed for that, as would millions of other straight men in the West (who, by the way, STILL get pussy).

Sheltered entitled kids who haven't never faced any adversity make the majority of incels and Jow Forumstards. This isn't even news at this point

So how do they fix themselves?

Either some extreme real adult life experience or a bullet to the brain.

The issue I find is that most incels just don't have the opportunity to meet more women. Me for example, There is no where for me to go to meet women that wouldn't involve me doing what I call "rambo shit". Basically, doing shit and not caring what happens which is bad. For example, lets say I go to a mall specifically looking for women to talk to. Thats a bunch of red flags isn't it? now imagine if I actually fucking did it. It would be like suicide almost.

>a bullet to the brain.
the way you worded that makes me think you suggested that simply because they inconvenience you in some way but I don't see anything wrong with suicide, for any reason, really.

Awkward when none of what you've said is true. You would probably call me an incel because of my views but reality is, I have no trouble with getting with women. Keep up with the wishful thinking though.

How do I obtain the former?
Because I'm deep in a depressive spiral and I'm currently looking at the latter; being nearly 28, a virgin with nonexistent social skills, only a shit job/no money in the bank.

I could meet people by doing hobbies I guess, but I'm utterly dispassionate and literally cannot enjoy anything any more. Also I struggle to empathise with people and couple that with the autism and I barely feel human.
I could overcome one or two of these things maybe (finances, social inability, brain chemical imbalances, aging on top of being an ugly fucker) but all at once seems hopeless. Feels like I forgot to live life, and what life there is left afterwards isn't worth it the battle.

Go make a dating profile with a average man and put your interests and hobbies in and try and contact women
Online dating is brutal for men, it's the most self esteem destroying thing I've ever done it made me feel awful

I'd suggest drugs to nudge you out of the rut because it has worked for me but being in the state you're describing and adding drugs to the equation could really fuck things up for you.

Just cause you dont like certain things doesnt make them untrue. Without going full incel and convinving yourself women are fake...most of the stereotpes there (and everywhere else in life) exist because its statistically accurate

>"Women have it far easier than men when it comes to dating and online dating."
Maybe it makes sense to you because it's factually correct
Don't live in denial, accept that these talking points get brought up constantly for a reason and come to terms with it however you can. Perspective is never bad, an issue only arises when you let resentment consume your thoughts and influence your behaviour

>If you're upset about being lonely just read Lovecraft
You're getting senile old man

>not doing something you want to do
>no money
>can't enjoy things
What a catch. Why would anyone want to be around you dude, let alone attractive single women? You have to get your own shit worked out, hard as that may sound. Having sex should be the last priority for you at this point (also hard to recognize, I know).
You need to get your body and mind right, unfuck your finances, and start doing something you actually want to. Have something to live for. How is anyone gonna love you when you're not loving yourself?

There's no women at work/school? What about hobbies, sports, activities you participate in? At the bar even? Just interacting with women regularly might help you understand that they're just humans, capable of the same desires and interests and faults as anyone else... maybe reduce the fear you have.
You gotta get yourself out there, be confident and build yourself up. If you're where you want to be in life, and women aren't available still, you might need to move somewhere else or otherwise get outside your comfort zone to find suitable dates.

Women might get more attention, more right-swipes, more offers, more dinner paid for, etc., but the vast majority of that attention is worthless. The guy is a prick, hits on the waitress the whole time, leads her on and then ghosts, posts her pictures on /b/, etc. etc. I know this from being married and hearing from my wife's friends who are still in the dating scene. They have it as hard as we do, which is why a woman invented the whole "incel" concept.

Anyway, how to get out of it--I would focus exclusively on you for now. At the moment you're not worth dating. Maybe you feel like the right woman could guide you out of this trap, but that's not right and it wouldn't work. You've been in a dark place, partly of your own creation and encouraged by these bitter retards, and you need to unfuck yourself now. If you're able to move to a new town, that might be good. Break out of your old cycles, immerse yourself in a hobby, train for a marathon, do something that can take your mind off it. It will fade, and then relapse, and eventually go away. Someone told me this about their codependency, but it's close enough--like when you move a heavy piece of furniture off a rug. There's a big imprint there at first, and it feels like it's never going to go away. But over time you vacuum and it relaxes and finally does fade away to nothing.

>have a whole dating pool to choose from
>choose the scumbag
>"this isn't all that great, we get to deal with pricks, despite all the other good things we get"
Meanwhile an average man can go weeks without having a single person even acknowledge their existence

A common complaint is ending up on a date with someone who talks like this

To be fair, if I had access to such a dating pool, I'd probably run into more than a few vicious cunts.

This isn't about women or being an incel. This is about feeling completed alienated from society.
>You need to get your body and mind right, unfuck your finances, and start doing something you actually want to. Have something to live for. How is anyone gonna love you when you're not loving yourself?
I understand all this.
Now how do I fix it?

Body? Fine. Easy. I've started going to the gym as of last week, and have been on minoxidil half a year. Also I'm seeing a dentist to fix my teeth, which are why I don't smile, and I need some minor cosmetic surgery besides (scar anastomosis).
Mind? Do I need drugs? I saw a GP about my issues last year, and was sent to see a psychologist, but I wasn't prescribed anything. Also what the fellow here described is a bit of a worry.
Finances? I make 50k AUD a year, and that's enough to cover rent plus regular expenses and the medical treatments. But that's why I have nothing in savings, and better jobs don't grow on trees; I need a career change, but who wants to hire someone as repulsive and worthless as me?
And I wont even ask for advice on "having something to live for" because even once I fix the brain, body, and financial issues I'm drawing a blank. "Human being" is something I have to aspire to currently, I can't imagine anything better than being in a normal loving relationship.